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Submission + - Life Hacking Becoming an Antiproductivity Vortex (

jjp9999 writes: "Life hacking is becoming the same time-suck it sent out to destroy, as readers fruitlessly search for a non-existent Holy Grail they believe will suddenly make them organized. 'Eventually you’re just reading about productivity and how to be productive, instead of actually doing anything productive,' Joey Daoud, director and producer of life hacking documentary “You 2.0,” told The Epoch Times. Daoud called for a new approach to life hacking (or a return to the basics, depending how you look at it), saying that a return of the art could come down to learning when to just turn things off—close your email for a few hours, power off your phone, or turn off your RSS reader, and in that newfound block of distraction-free time, work on something you'd like to get done."

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