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Submission + - NextLight Internet Service Fastest In US

Greyfox writes: According to this Times Call story, Longmont Colorado's municipal NextLight service is the fastest in the US, beating Google Fiber and Washington-based iFiber Communications. Just one more reason to move to Colorado (Also: Gay marriage is legal and you can grow your own pot.)

Submission + - Harold Camping: World to End Friday ( 1

Greyfox writes: Oh noes! Harold Camping says the world is going to end Friday! And I'm all out of Kool Aid from the last one! Guy's got to give us more warning! Ok! You guys know the drill! Give away your worldly belongings and get ready to be whisked away to Heaven! Unless you're a heathen, then you can just go about your business!

Submission + - Detergent Phospate Ban Leads to Dirtier Dishes (

Greyfox writes: A couple months ago I moved into a new house, and almost immediately noticed that the dishwasher was not working as well as the one in my last place. I thought I might have to replace it, but it turns out that the problem is a quiet phosphate ban for dishwasher detergent in 17 states. Rather than mix two formulas, the detergent manufacturers just switched over to phosphate-free detergent for everyone. No phosphates for you! The lady in the story mixes her own detergent now, but I'm finding that a quarter cup of vinegar every now and then seems to do the trick. Glad I didn't replace that washer.

Submission + - USA Authorizes Killing of US Citizen in Yemen (

Greyfox writes: According to this bit at the ACLU (Among other places,) the Obama administration has authorized the killing of Anwar al-Alwaki, a Muslim cleric who has allegedly been up to all sorts of shenanigans. The ACLU glosses over those shenanigans and waves their hands vaguely, but they do raise an important question, exactly how many and what sorts of shenanigans must you be up to before someone puts you on a list of people who should be killed?

Submission + - Specter Jumps Ship!

Greyfox writes: Arlen Specter announced yesterday that he has become a Democrat, giving the Democrats a fillibuster-proof majority in the Senate. I can't wait to hear the wailing from Fox!
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - The Environmental Impact of Printing an Email?

Greyfox writes: Lately I've been seeing the obnoxiously smug "Please consider the environmental impact before printing this Email" in the signature of a number of people who send me email far too regularly. This really makes me want to print their email, cut out the signature, and start making a "Please consider the environmental impact before printing this Email" rug out of signatures and tape. But it got me wondering, what exactly IS the environmental impact of printing their email? And what is the environmental impact of their sending me their generally useless trivia at all? I googled around a bit but couldn't find anything useful. Could someone point me to a study on this?

Submission + - New Hitman Scam Hits Internet (

Greyfox writes: "According to This CNN Story, a new "Hitman" scam is circulating around the Internet. In a nutshell the scammer says that the person being email has a contract on his life but offers to spare him if he pays the scammer a large sum of money. Investigations are difficult because most of the scammers are believed to be in a different country."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Student Suspended for Pastafarian Practices

Greyfox writes: "According to the metro news, a student in North Carolina has been suspended for his religious beliefs. Those beliefs? That global warming is caused by the decline in the number of pirates and therefore followers of the religion should wear full 'full pirate regalia' to combat global warming. The school insists that the student's suspension had 'nothing to do with religion and everything to do with his refusal to heed warnings about wearing pirate costumes to school.' But isn't that like saying that suspending a student for praying at lunch had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with praying at lunch?

I'm sure this is just another case of the Administration attempting to suppress global warming-related speech!"

Submission + - EVE Online to Come to Intel OSX

Greyfox writes: According to this Macworld article, EVE Online is to be ported to Intel OSX. CCP will be using Transgaming technology to make it happen and the game will have full parity with the PC version when released.
Linux Business

Submission + - What Ever Happened to the Linux Beer Walk?

Greyfox writes: A few years back I tried to sell my manager at IBM on the idea of sending me to the Linux Beer Walk on the company dime. Well he wasn't particularly keen on the idea for some reason but I'm working at a new company now and am set to try again! However... there doesn't seem to be a Linux Beer Walk that I can pitch anymore! Whatever happened to that event and will there ever be another?

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