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Comment Suuure, That's a Great Idea! (Score 1) 74

When the autonomous killbots show up on my doorstep, I'm sure they'll ask me if I ever donated to protect people from autonomous killbots, and I'll be all like "No! I welcome our robot overlords! It would be inefficient to waste your precious ammunition on me! Why not check with Mr. Hoffman, next door?"

Comment Mostly When Interviewing (Score 1) 218

Pretty much every place I've ever interviewed has asked about it, but their teams usually just use well-optimized library calls when they need to do something. I usually realize my biggest performance increases from optimizing IO and adjusting database indexes and queries. I recall a few years back I was writing some test code for some billing integration one of the other developers had written. He was using spring and hibernate, pulling in two separate tables and then joining them in memory. His code wasn't able to process more than about 30,000 records before his program crashed, and took neighborhood of half an hour to run. The little SQL join I wrote to test it could process a million records in 20-30 seconds. That's more the sort of problem that I usually encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Comment Re:I'm sure there's a reason... (Score 1) 192

I'm on a comparatively tiny 15" laptop screen that's 4K, and the difference between 4K and 1080p is astounding to me. It's significantly sharper, and I'm quite keen to upgrade to a large 4K screen on my desktop machine. Unfortunately, that would require upgrading the entire machine, which I don't want to pay for just yet, but I will at the first opportunity.

I've also started shooting my skydiving videos with a 4K GoPro, and even when viewing the videos at 1080, the difference is pretty amazing. You can actually see air traffic (Canopies, wingsuit guys, nearby planes, etc) that would not have been visible with the old GoPro. There have been several cases in the past where I'd be flying my wingsuit and spotted planes or tracking groups below me that didn't show up on the video with the old GoPro, and you can actually see the things that I saw on the jump with the new one.

Comment Re:This is what you get with low cost manufacturin (Score 1) 166

I remember when they used to talk that way about the smog in New York City and LA, back in the 70's. Nixon had just created the EPA and they were just ramping up to deal with that sort of thing. By the mid '80's, people had largely forgotten about that sort of thing in much of the USA. If you want to see what the USA would (will) look like without an EPA, go visit China.

Comment Re:Ubuntu makes to much decisions for me... (Score 1) 137

Oh God, I remember years of frustration with AMD drivers, on both Windows, Linux and OSX systems. On the OSX box (2005 or 2006 Mac Pro Desktop,) the card wouldn't spin its fans up when it was overheating, causing it to literally self-destruct with Apple's stock configuration. Their graphics cards have been on my do-not-purchase list for a solid decade! If I blamed every OS because of the experience provided by AMD's shitty drivers, I'd still be running CP/M! Nvidia may be a bunch of cocks, but at least they seem to be able to build some frustration-free drivers!

Comment Dell Precision (Score 1) 288

I got a precision with a touch screen and a Linux preinstall (No windows) a couple months ago and the thing works great. The default wireless doesn't connect so well, though. I found I get much faster wireless if I use wicd-gtk. Touch screen works with Ubuntu, as well!

Comment Re:Has the lord and savior told you (Score 2) 332

I did a contract with Sun, just before they went under. The employees were quick to tell stories about how they used to hire magicians to come and entertain on the campus. There was this one guy, sat a cube over from me. Near as I could tell, his job was to sit on the phone all day boasting about whatever next conference he was going to and how he was a certified black belt. That was the only time I'd ever heard anyone talking about it. At Sun. Just before they went under.

Comment Re:government regulations (Score 1) 333

Damn straight! I'm sitting on a warehouse full of dioxin and DDT here and could have an "All Natural Aloe Vera" company started up in a matter of days if it weren't for those pesky regulations! It's totally a win-win! People pay you a fuck ton of money to take this stuff off your hands and after you've mixed it with a bit of corn starch, they'll pay top dollar for my "Dave's All Natural Organic Aloe Vera!" The FDA ought not to even complain as long as I put some things on the label in sarcastic quote marks!

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