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Comment Re:What videos exactly? (Score 1) 218

Hmm, not sure I agree. Walmart is a retail store, and won't really care whether they're advertising on YouTube or not. There are plenty of other advertisement avenues for them.

However, Google's billions are made almost *entirely* from online advertising. I'm not saying they'll necessarily take a significant hit from this, but you can bet that this is *much* more concerning to them, as it's affecting the reputation of their most important service, financially speaking. I'd bet we'll see some sort of proactive response from them concerning this fairly shortly. There's no way they're going to risk their primary revenue source.

Comment Re:What videos exactly? (Score 3, Insightful) 218

Perhaps also an effort to encourage Google to come back and offer these advertisers some discounted rates? It's unlikely that these advertisers will stay away for long. But why not pull out of a deal temporarily and see if things look more favorable for the next contract?

I don't think there's a lot of love for the dominant position Google has in internet advertising, so of course other companies will take any opportunity they can get to stick it too them just a bit. This just seems like an excuse to do that.

Comment Re:Everyone is underpaid. (Score 2) 132

Yeah, I've never talked about it in those terms, but we all know bullshit marketing-speak when we see it. On the other hand, I've often said "thank God for Stack Overflow" after finding a quick and informative answer to a technical question I had.

It's an incredibly valuable resource. I often find it useful when I'm first digging into a new language or technology. Nearly every basic or even advanced question I tend to ask has been asked and answered already, and I can just reap the benefits.

But the *real* payoff, in my opinion, is when you find answers to incredibly obscure issues for which you might have to work days or even *weeks* to figure out, and some kind soul who has already gone through that pain shares knowledge for the good of everyone else, even though doing so is even more work for them.

Comment FCC says wha? (Score 1) 76

I'm kinda dumbfounded this consumer freindly move wasn't squelched yet. After all the logic for the FCC nixing net neutrality and consumer privacy was because this stifles innovative revenue streams for productizing consumers. Actually I think they just said "bussiness innovation" for short. In anycase stopping robocalls seems like it will hurt someones revenue stream. You should write your congessman and demand to be productized more! Seriously, what's the angle here. My guess is that maybe the carrier's and google and all the rest want to prevent all the free robo calls and create a partner channel for authorized, paid, robocalls.

Comment Re:Can't see the forest for all the trees (Score 1) 387

Batman vs Superman was an okay one time movie, not worth the popcorn and soda that a theater experience requires, but watchable one time movie, just to see WonderWoman and Aquaman.

Certain actors shouldn't fill certain roles. It would have been much better to find an unknown to play Batman than put Ben Affleck in that role. He doesn't have the ability to pull it off. Being behind the mask, requires greater acting ability than normal, because you have to convey more with movement. It doesn't work for Ben as Batman. Though He works in "The Accountant" because his acting ability is fairly wooden, like the character, it works.

Henry Cavill sort of works for Superman, mainly because he "looks" the part.

Comment Re:Dictionary attack? (Score 1) 44

If this is true then why hasn't apple sent me a password reset notice? In this particular case I agree with them not paying the ransom as there's no way to verify the passwords would be deleted.

verifying 50 is not a convincer they have millions. turning over 5 to 10% of the number would be. The fact they could easily have done that and didn't tells me they don't have this.

Of course that didn't stop me from changing my password just in case.

Comment Re:Rotten Tomatoes is getting self-important (Score 5, Funny) 387

Bateman vs super man was a mediocre movie at best.

I would pay good money to see Jason Bateman versus Superman. Should there be an Arrested Development tie-in?

If they had done a Bateman movie alone with Ben affalac

I didn't know the duck's name was Ben. But if AFLAC reconciled with Gilbert Gottfried and got him to do the voice, I would be waiting in line to see that one as well.

Comment Re: Or... (Score 1) 387

The alternative hypothesis is that Rotten Tomatoes is encouraging Hollywood to produce reboots and sequels. By aggregating reviews, Rotton Tomatoes rewards movies that appeal to the broadest cross section of society and, unfortunately, remaking a successful hit is a safe bet. I agree with his point that the Rotten Tomatoes effect is driving away the population of people who would otherwise like the movie.

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