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The Courts

Submission + - Comcast vs FCC, courts ruling on net Neutrality? (

Globally Mobile writes: No decision has been made yet, but, if Friday's arguments before the U.S. Court of Appeals in DC are any indication, it doesn't appear that the FCC will prevail in exerting its authority over Comcast. Losing this battle may be just what the FCC needs to move forward with its efforts to formalize net neutrality guidelines.
Comcast v. FCC The case before the court is an appeal from Comcast related to sanctions imposed on it by the FCC for discriminating against peer-to-peer networking file traffic in an effort to throttle bandwidth demand on its broadband network. Comcast's challenge claims the FCC has no such authority.
Where do you think this case is going? Who knows, the slashdot effect could have political ramifications, it certainly has other serious effects on other matters...

Submission + - 'Control Your Info' Facebook hack. (

Globally Mobile writes: The site Mashable talks about a facebook hack that reminds me a lot of IRC channel takeovers, if I understand the article correctly. A site called Control Your Info sets out tools for users to take over groups left behind by previous administrators. Seems it could be put to some evil, as is written about here.

Submission + - Hacker refused extradition appeal ( 1

Globally Mobile writes: According to the BBC, Computer hacker Gary McKinnon has been refused permission to appeal to the UK Supreme Court against his extradition to the US.

The High Court ruled the case was not of "general public importance" to go to the UK's highest court.

Glasgow-born Mr McKinnon, 43, of Wood Green, London, is accused of breaking into the US's military computer system.

Mr Mickinnon, who has Asperger's syndrome, insists he was just seeking evidence of UFOs.

In July he lost a High Court bid to avoid extradition.

Submission + - GE: 1Tb micro Hologram Disc Readable by a Modified 1

Globally Mobile writes: "The Register has this article concerning GE announcement that it has been developing a 1 Terabyte DVD size disk that can be read by a modified Blu-ray player. Peter Lorraine, GE's lab manager, talking at an Emerging Tech conference last week, said that license announcements could be expected soon. He also mentioned the notion of disks having the capacity of 100 Blu-ray disks, implying a 2.5TB or even 5TB capacity, gained by increasing the number of layers used for recording. The discs will be used for high-end commercial niches initially and then migrate to consumer markets in 2012-2015.
Also here is a video of the technology explained.
.Wish we could see this sooner! Reminds me of the technology that Bowies charecter came up with in 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' Thanks to"

Submission + - Seeking opinions on the best network hosts on the

Globally Mobile writes: "It has been quite a while sense I registered a domain name, and I am looking for the best hosting solution for the least amount of money (preferably free, although a trial period would also be great). Quite embarrassingly I spent everything I had left for the rest of this week on the actual domain name, after finding that it was available, and getting a fairly good deal on the registration. But now I am stuck with a domain name, a few great ideas, and nowhere yet to host my pages. I am hoping to utilize PHP & SQL as well as modern web technologies. I would love to be able to find a host that allows me the ability to ssh in, set things up the way I would like, and might also be interested in utilizing my own portal management, such as Joomla!, as well as group project management software like egroupware, virtualzation software like vmware, and possibly a solution like packetfence, though that might be a bit more then I need, at the current time. I want to be able to set all of these things up myself, and have a pretty good amount of freedom as well. I suppose the first question to ./ would be suggestions for free/virtually free (aka cheap) or free trial hosting solutions. I also would love to have suggestions on software that might serve me the best in these various areas. Thanks for any help you can give me in advance!"

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