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Comment Re:snowden gives me some hope (Score 5, Insightful) 51

The "secret" spy programs were only a secret to those who have not been paying a bit of attention...

We now have mainstream acceptance of things that were previously tinfoil-hat-only territory.

All he accomplished was to give Putin a propaganda victory...

The US revoked his visa. He happened to be in Russia at the time. There he stays.

OMG you just keep going on and on. Let's sum it up.
The US was (is) violating its own laws and Snowden made that public.
Rather than fixing the problems thus exposed, the US has chosen to try to persecute him for exposing gov't malfeasance.
Lets not call this something other than what it is.

Comment Re:Save often, make backups (Score 1) 465

doesn't Google have millisecond backups... wondering if his lost data could be restored from one of those.

Almost certainly it could, but just try getting the support number to the engineer who could do it. For being such a high-tech company, their contact page is remarkably bereft of any way to, you know, actually contact someone who works there.

Comment Re:pen and paper (Score 1) 286

...transcribe my notes to electronic format...

If you use OneNote and sync your "notes" notebook on OneDrive, you can take a picture of your notes with Office Lens (free) and save it straight into your notebook. I've been surprised how well searching for text in a picture works with this method.

Somewhat OT but if your organize your notebook with year labeled tabs, month labeled pages and a subpage for each day your notes become really easy to browse through.

Comment Re: Why is Obama more like to pardon? (Score 1, Insightful) 383

I really don't grasp why people think that Obama wants to pardon Snowden in any fashion.

Because it's the right thing to do and this is his best opportunity to do it with the fewest repercussions?
And the argument about pissing off the TLA's, maybe they cold follow the spirit (and letter) of the law in the first place!
They made their bed, they should be made to lie in it.

Comment Re:BACKUPS PEOPLE! (Score 4, Insightful) 58

But... But... There was a backup! The files were on the laptop, and on the cloud (everything's safe and secure in the cloud, just ask a cloud services provider salesman), and on everyone else's computer that used that Dropbox account.

All snark aside, you wanna know what's really awesome? If just ONE computer that used that Dropbox account had good backups going, they could have restored the whole mess from there. Restore for only $500? They should have offered to take those scammers out to dinner as well.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 621

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

As I understand it, when they seize the money / valuables (yeah, they're not constrained to just cash) they then charge they money / stuff that was seized. While this leads to amusing case names (US vs. diamond ring and $35) it seems the items being sued generally have no rights at all and are terrible at representing themselves. If you can't prove you deserve to have them, they become no longer yours.

Comment Re:Millions of Apps that don't do much (Score 1) 278

what is it we need?

At the risk of everyone telling me how I'm doing it wrong, here's my list:
Camera, SMS app, Podcast app, calendar app, Reminders, flashlight, alarm/timer/stopwatch clock (all probably built in already)
Office Lens. Great doc. scanning utility to just get things done. Pairs wonderfully with
OneNote. I don't know if we're worshiping / hating MS ATM but I love OneNote. There. I said it.
Kindle. 'Cause it's awesome to never not have your book with you.
Map app (any). I can't navigate myself out of a shallow indentation in the ground.
Audio recorder app. Sometimes you just can't write it down. I last used it to record the lic. plate no. of a hit and run driver.
GoodReader (iOS). Sync your WIP and reference files locations from your laptop and you have your info. even in airplane mode.
Remote administration app (VNC / RD / ARD / whatever protocol). When you need into that server NOW, but you're on the freeway. Never sudo and drive!
Netflix. See Kindle above.
Clash Royale. Strangely I can enjoy losing at that game.


BlackBerry Really Struggling In Android Market ( 92

Once an icon in the smartphone business, BlackBerry is having a hard time transitioning to Android. According to a report on CNET, the company's BlackBerry Priv Android smartphone, citing a high-level executive at AT&T, is really struggling. From the report: AT&T offered a more detailed account of why the Priv has disappointed. BlackBerry and the carrier expected to see demand for an Android phone with a physical keyboard. Instead, most of the buyers were BlackBerry loyalists, the executive said. Those faithful, however, struggled with the transition from the BlackBerry operating system to the Android operating system, leading to a higher-than-expected rate of return. BlackBerry's decision to market the phone as a high-end device also hurt its prospects, the executive said. The Priv initially sold unlocked for $699, above the starting price of the iPhone 6S, which sells for $650. Few premium phones have fared well beyond devices from Apple and Samsung.

Comment Re: RAID (Score 1) 229

Well, sort of, yeah you're mostly incorrect. While raid 10 gives you an effective raid of raids, it's still made of active disks with too much in common with each other.
What if the power supply releases its magic smoke and takes most of the hardware it powered with it? What if your wife accidentally deletes your family photos directory? Kid spills water inside the cabinet? FSM smites you with a noodly appendage?
While your data is very redundantly stored with raid 10, you'd be much better off buying a monster HDD (or two) and making monthly / weekly / whatever snapshots. Let's face it, your home network data probably doesn't change that often and a decent raid 5 may well be overkill for uptime as well as speed. If you're really gonzo, make a yearly snapshot and send the disk (well labeled with your name and the word archive!) to a buddy where it can gather dust safe from anything including the destruction of your house.

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