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Comment Re:Potential Damages? (Score 1) 318

At which point you have to consider the value of the missile vs. the value of the material...

The problem, he said, wasn't effectiveness... the issue is economics.

Let's posit that the "ally" doesn't care how much the missile cost to make because they didn't pay for it. Its cost at that point is very low (it still has to be manned and maintained). From the allies' perspective then, they are comparing that low cost (and maybe opportunity cost) to the value of taking out the drone.
Sometimes things get much simpler if you just don't give a shit.

Comment Re:Yeah... (Score -1, Troll) 374

No, you post is just bland stupidity.

At least I made an argument. Your. You're welcome.

It's not enough to invoke hugely strong emotions.

I'm not trying to start shit, just express my opinion.

The best you'll get is a very mildly despairing (sic) sigh...

Stricken to the quick, I am! That was sarcasm, I'm not really upset. Also, it appears I offended you enough you made a response telling me how inoffensive my post was. You just couldn't resist, could you? In a very small way, I'm going to call that a win.

Comment Re:Yeah... (Score -1, Troll) 374

Feels good eh? Being all right and righteous?

Well, you tell us. I think there's a legitimate point there. OTOH, your victimhood makes me cringe. People not knowing your job title = discrimination? Get over yourself, you may not be as special as you think you are.

Because I have a friend who runs a crane with a construction crew.

So your friend has a job where she doesn't fit in and she has a hard time. These things happen. Maybe she could find another company or different line of work? I'd also like to point out your anecdote does not constitute data.

I will now wait for you to strike down upon me with great vengeance and furious anger, the type usually triggered when a man in our society dares speak to a woman with a high opinion of herself. Knock yourself out, my karma can take it!

Comment Re:Security focused (Score 1) 133

Isn't that an example of security measures working as expected?

Security measures working properly is only good in the proper context.

Car analogy: Your alarm goes off and locks both your steering and brakes. This is good for anti-theft. This is bad if it happens as you're cruising down the freeway.

Comment Re:Hmm, marketing dept confusion on the value add? (Score 1) 81

I'd bet data mining a business would be different from data mining an individual. Imagine what you'd get if you data mined email to a company that made commercials. How about a reseller or an importer? Then comes the question of how do you know who in a company to advertise to. And of course you've just shit all over your own brand by abusing it. I'm not saying it couldn't be done and I'm by no means defending MS, but wouldn't it be easier for them to just charge a reasonable price for their service and leave all the data mining to the free / nearly free stuff?

Comment Missed something important (Score 3, Insightful) 150

For example, law enforcement could host properly signed DRM-protected files on sites pretending to host child pornography.

Apparently it's no longer even worth noting that representatives of the US government will run a child porn site offering downloads!
Yes, "pretending". So a honeypot without honey. That'll get real far now won't it?

Comment Re:secret rules (Score 1) 189

In a healthy democracy there shouldn't be such a thing as "secret rules".

This. A thousand times this. If the voters don't know what's going on how are we supposed to make reasonable and informed decisions? A vote from an uninformed electorate is like participating in a kayak race without a kayak. You're just pretending to go through the motions.

Comment Re:So who do we blame (Score 1) 189

Assuming you're one of the class of "voters", do you recall when you approved of this? I don't think I do. Does the fact that they were classified so the public can't see them mean anything to you? Click on the "heavily redacted form" link in TFA if you haven't already. Does that look like an agency that's interested in coming clean to the public about what they're doing?
You can blame "voters" all you want, but in the interest of being fair about this, consider exactly how much effort has gone into keeping the voters ignorant of what's going on.

Comment Re:OK, help me out... (Score 2) 834

"A good faith effort is the same as keeping their campaign promises,..." Except that in one case the promise is kept and fulfilled while in the other it is not kept and not fulfilled. Before you explain to me again that he can't unilaterally make changes (see: executive order), I have a question for you. Was he really unaware of the situation he might be facing when it came time to make good on his promises? Surely someone who has attained the political rank of "President" should know he may get pushback on the things he wants to do. We may even expect him to have the foresight to take that resistance into account and keep his promises in spite of it.

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