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Submission + - Microsoft to Sell It's Own Windows RT Tablet

Glasswire writes: "ComputerWorld reports that Microsoft will announce a Microsoft-branded tablet on Monday running the Win RT (ARM-based ) subset version of Win 8. MSFT choose not to offer a x86 Win 8 version, which could have given them a performance advantage over ARM-based Apple iPads. A PCMag opinion piece titled "A Microsoft Tablet Would Be Dumb" said "The only real reason to introduce a Microsoft-branded tablet is because Microsoft couldn't get anyone else to make a Windows RT tablet." No reaction yet from Microsoft's system OEM customers that it will now be competing with."

Submission + - Intel Develops Revolutionary 3D Transistor (

Glasswire writes: "Intel announced a major technical breakthrough with the world's first 3-D transistors, called Tri-Gate, in a production technology which provides performance improvement and power reduction. It was demonstrated on upcoming 22nm "Ivy Bridge" microprocessor which will be the first high-volume chip to use 3-D Tri-Gate transistors. Informative article on this at Anandtech too."

Submission + - ZDNet Says AMD Posts Blatantly Deceptive Benchmark

Glasswire writes: "George Ou, in ZDNet's Real World IT blog accuses AMD of comparing processors the company will not be shipping for months (2.6GHz Barcelona quad core) with older Intel Xeon quad cores rather than currently shipping ones which would beat the (hypothetical) score AMD claims for the future Barcelona. I guess while even the much slower 2.0GHz Barcelona is due soon (but STILL not shipping yet) AMD didn't think results from the 2.0 would look good enough -even against the slower Xeons they picked.
Maybe the right comparison should be either best cpu against best cpu -OR compare ones at the same price — and only shipping products."
Operating Systems

Submission + - How to best measure datacenter computing units

Glasswire writes: "As more corporate and governmental datacenters are consolidating, IT management in these organizations is often trying to keep individual departments or business units from buying their own servers/storage and instead 'buy' computing capacity units from a central pool of IT resources. At least that's the theory behind the 'Utility Computing' model.
My questions to the mob are:
1) What models of measurement for computing units ("cpu-time/storage-utilized/RAM-used" to get a unit of work done) have been proposed and work?
2) And what tools (ideally architecture/OS independent) are there to count the units and facilitate chargebacks across multiple dissimilar systems?"

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