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Comment Thunderbolt 3 dubious for external GPU (Score 2) 296

T3 has only 4 x lanes (x4) of PCIe gen 3.0 ( and 2 slower lanes ), given that most discrete GPU adapters want to be in a x16 slot, it suggests to me that external GPUs will be crippled in PCIe connection bandwidth. However, I assume the beautiful monitor will accept the 4K DP over T3 to give you great performance for on-system GPUs.

Comment Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Port =... (Score 2, Interesting) 209

the following connectors embedded/extensible and accessible with dongles - power, 2 X Display Port 4K , multiple 10GE connections, as many USB 3 as you might want as well as extension of the system PCIe to even allow external graphics adapters (Although I think the internal Core i7 Skylake graphics will be pretty good) and huge amount of direct connect NVMe (direct to processor cache) external SSD drive support. That little USB-C port is why you don't need any other ports.

Comment "equitable pay based on data in the sheet." (Score 1) 1

No you mean they asked for raises. It's almost certain that some less valuable people were getting paid more than many peers and if everyone honestly asked for equitable pay that would result in some asking for a decrease and I doubt that happened. So, we do not strive for our fair allocation, we strive get that much or our greater unfair share. Reminds me of the proverbial children of Lake Wobegone, who are all above average,

Comment " There seems to be precious little..." (Score 1) 150

"...straightforward information about this on the net." Because it's not straightforward. If you are have enough grasp on your requirements to understand the apps you want to use and you are using commercial CAE / CFD codes, your ISVs should be able to give you some guidance about what typical customers are running (how many cores over how many nodes configured with how much ram and storage with what kind of cluster interconnect and MPI message passing etc) for workloads similar in size to yours. If you're actually considering writing your own, please reconsider unless you have some very particular requirements - but if you do, you'll already have a really good idea of what level of parallelization your cluster architecture requires.

Comment By their logic... (Score 1) 190

... saying "our new car is as fast as a BMW" could be restrained due to the unauthorized use of the BMW trademark. I believe this would fall into the category of "fair use" (if it was copyright, I believe there's a similar doctrine for reasonable use of a Trademarked term)
I assume IMAX (the company which I expect I CAN comment on) is worried about the possibility of pervasive VR taking some seats away from theater attendance.

Comment What Real Drone Racing Would Be... (Score 1) 98

Decades from now, they're going to laugh at any early 21st century definition of a drone that meant a remote controlled aircraft that was just smart enough to keep itself in the air without being directly controlled in real time. Real drones get assigned a task and execute it (flying there is a self-managed task).
So.... drone racing would be a bunch automous units that know when to show up at an invisible, but coordinated starting line at a certain time then lunge into a defined course at scheduled race start trying to get to the finish line first after however many laps or course segments were defined. They'll probably want to avoid contact with other racing drones (unless their AI gets good enough to do sneaky things like bumping or interfering with each others airflow) and any obstacles that are part of the race course.
And of course they'll have have 3d surround cameras so media can switch instantly to the view from any racer.
I'd watch it.

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