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Submission + - Korora 25 'Gurgle' Fedora-based Linux distribution now available for download (

BrianFagioli writes: If you want to use Fedora but do not want to spend time manually installing packages and repos, there is a solid alternative — Korora. Despite the funny-sounding name, it is a great way to experience Fedora in a more user-friendly way. Today, version 25, code-named 'Gurgle', becomes available for release.

Submission + - Do Your Family Members Have a Right to Your Genetic Code? (

schwit1 writes: When a woman gets her genome sequenced, questions about privacy arise for her identical twin sister.

Patients must give their informed consent before undergoing whole-genome sequencing or any other genetic test. But there are no laws that restrict what patients can do with their own genetic information, or that require patients’ family members to be involved in the consent process. This raises questions about who owns an individual’s genetic code, since family members share many genetic traits and may harbor the same genetic abnormalities associated with certain diseases.

Submission + - Aspartame stops us from getting slimmer (

schwit1 writes: For some time, nutritionists have suspected that artificial sweetener — often used as a substitute for sugar in coffee or added as an essential ingredient in diet sodas — does not help people lose weight. However, scientists have struggled to understand why this is the case.

Now, researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have found a lead. "We found that aspartame blocks a gut enzyme called intestinal alkaline phosphatase (IAP)". IAP is produced in the small intestine. "We previously showed [this enzyme] can prevent obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome [a disease characterized by a combination of obesity, high blood pressure, a metabolic disorder and insulin resistence]. So, we think that aspartame might not work because, even as it is substituting for sugar, it blocks the beneficial aspects of IAP."

The researchers confirmed their suspicions via a variety of tests on mice. In one case, they fed IAP directly to mice, who were also on a high-fat diet. It turned out that the IAP could effectively prevent the emergence of the metabolic syndrome. It also helped relieve symptoms in animals that were already suffering from the obesity-related illness.

Submission + - What to Do When Your Startup Won't Stop Bro-ing Out (

mirandakatz writes: Karen Wickre has survived the highs and lows of Silicon Valley’s kingmakers, and now she's taking her years of tech experience to Backchannel to answer your burning workplace questions. First up: what to do when you're a sole woman on a team of bro developers; how to avoid getting aged out of tech; and how to handle a brown-nosing coworker who keeps taking credit for your work.

Submission + - SPAM: The Risks of Facebook Advertising and Racial Discrimination

Lauren Weinstein writes: There’s a rising controversy right now — I’ve received a couple of dozen queries about this in the last few days — regarding Facebook’s permitting advertisers to block particular ads from specific “ethnic affinity” groups, e.g. African American.

Facebook insists that these aren’t actually racial categories per se since they don’t directly ask users about their race. Rather, Facebook insists that they “merely” assign a kind of racial “score” to users based on user activities.

That’s Facebook double-talk of course. Look at stuff that Facebook figures mainly interests whites, and Facebook sorts you into the white club. Look at materials that Facebook assumes mainly attract blacks, and Facebook relegates you to the black shack. Same idea for Hispanics, and so on.

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Submission + - Do Screen Time Limits Reduce The Likelihood of a Kid Learning to Code?

theodp writes: Following the conventional wisdom that too much screen time is bad for kids, President Obama and First Lady Michelle famously limited their daughters' use of technology to weekends. But new guidelines issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics studies suggest we were wrong about limiting children's screen time, and new Google-Gallup research argues that students deprived of daily use of a computer at home are at a disadvantage when it comes to learning CS. So, could it be that the President's well-intentioned screen time limits contributed to his daughters' failure to take to coding in the way he'd like? And if one wants to raise a coder, might parents actually be better off emulating the Onion's 'Craig Georges' ("I've never once considered monitoring my child’s screen time. I guess I’m a better parent than I realized.") rather than the First Family? Interestingly, Melinda Gates recently blamed the decline of girls in CS since 1984 on video games — Gates argued a move away from gender-neutral games discouraged girls from playing, but that was also around the same time that well-meaning parents started limiting children's joystick time in general, worried that playing video games posed a danger to child development (we were apparently wrong about that one, too). So, how much time did you spend on a computer as a kid and/or how much time do your kids? Do you think screen time limits reduce the likelihood of kids learning to code before they hit college?

Submission + - WikiLeaks Transmits Cryptic Hashes As Assange's Internet Link Is Cut (

MojoKid writes: If you follow WikiLeaks on Twitter, you may have noticed a series of cryptic tweets consisting of strings of numbers and letters. These are hashes that appear to be related to another WikiLeak post on Twitter claiming its co-founder, Julian Assange, is without Internet access after his connection was "intentionally severed by a state party." That action has reportedly activated WikiLeaks' "appropriate contingency plans" in response. The announcement surfaced several hours after the site posted the aforementioned cryptic hash posts, three in all with references to Ecuador, Secretary of State John Kerry, and the UK FCO (United Kingdom Foreign Commonwealth Office). Each tweet contained a 64-character hash, which led to rumors that Assange was dead and that the strings of characters were "dead man's keys" or a "dead man's switch," codes to reveal classified secrets in the event of his death. That doesn't appear to be the case. Instead, those hashes, which are preceded by "pre-commitment" labels, are unique codes that can prove the legitimacy of documents leaked in the future that contain the same hashes. Any changes to the documents would alter the 64-character code assigned to them.

Submission + - SPAM: Google Can't Count (Baseball games anyway)

Glasswire writes: The Google notice about the final score in the Boston-Cleveland ALDS baseball series says it's for "Game 4" — even those Cleveland swept the series in 3 games so there WAS NO 4th GAME. Game 4 was originally scheduled for that day, Oct 10, but the actual 3rd game was postponed from it's original date and was played on the day when the fourth game was scheduled. Then a fourth game became unnecessary and never happened. It's an interesting glimpse into the automation of announcements like this that the game count is obviously being pulled from the schedule as opposed to updated from reality like the score.
Look at this quick, not sure how long it will be before Google fixes that page.

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Comment Thunderbolt 3 dubious for external GPU (Score 2) 296

T3 has only 4 x lanes (x4) of PCIe gen 3.0 ( and 2 slower lanes ), given that most discrete GPU adapters want to be in a x16 slot, it suggests to me that external GPUs will be crippled in PCIe connection bandwidth. However, I assume the beautiful monitor will accept the 4K DP over T3 to give you great performance for on-system GPUs.

Comment Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Port =... (Score 2, Interesting) 209

the following connectors embedded/extensible and accessible with dongles - power, 2 X Display Port 4K , multiple 10GE connections, as many USB 3 as you might want as well as extension of the system PCIe to even allow external graphics adapters (Although I think the internal Core i7 Skylake graphics will be pretty good) and huge amount of direct connect NVMe (direct to processor cache) external SSD drive support. That little USB-C port is why you don't need any other ports.

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