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Journal Gideon Fubar's Journal: Thoughts on the US constitution, by a well-meaning 3rd party 4

I know i'll get a bit of flack for this, but i really think it's time for a rewrite, in keeping with the spirit of the original doc..

It's just that, with language drift, new technologies and a radically changed political landscape, it seems terribly difficult to uphold the constitution as the founders intended.

also, something about services being for the greater good mightn't go astray..
Seriously, as a 3rd party watching the election roll on, i can't help but noticed that two of the biggest problems in America today (education and healthcare) are completely absent from the debates.. I just can't quite figure out why.. I also can't work out why socialism gets such a bad rap, since it seems that most countries with capitalist style trade and socially oriented welfare and healthcare are doing alright (less poor, smaller divide between rich and poor, etc.. note that this is totally anecdotal.).

It also seems that there is a strong sense that, at any given time, at least half the government is absolutely evil.. While i don't necessarily disagree, i do feel that the rabid political jingoism is actually detrimental to the nation as a whole, and the very fact that the two party system is so heavily ingrained in the minds of voters and also in the system makes the whole process somewhat farcical.. Not, of course, that i can see anything better in practice..

Nb, this is a work in progress. Feel free to critique, call me a fag, enemy of freedom, etc, etc..
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Thoughts on the US constitution, by a well-meaning 3rd party

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  • I just can't quite figure out why

    Easy. That's the way the big corps want it.
    • Sure, but why do they want it that way? does it personally make them feel better that their employees are basically indentured servants who they can discard at will?

      Is there perhaps a perception that people are just replaceable?
      • Is there perhaps a perception that people are just replaceable?

        Have you never interviewed for a job? Worked for a living? Been laid off? Unemployed?

        Guess not. You'll learn it soon enough.
        • Hah..
          1) i don't live in the US.. i won't learn anything there..
          2) i'm a Systems Admin with a large academic institution, in a country where education is (theoretically) respected.
          I have actually worked for people like you have described, and i decided that their rabid desire for cold currency wasn't to my liking (that is to say, i got ill and quit). That doesn't mean i'm not interested in the mentality (else i wouldn't be asking about it..), just that i don't want it for myself.

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