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Comment Re:Might be controversial but its not bad at all (Score 1) 403

Windows 10 might still be more productive, but it is less productive than Windows 7. With Windows 10 I've actually lost work due to it's surprise update and reboot policy (twice!). So no bathroom breaks for me during debugging sessions, and save my work like I'm working in MS Word 95 on Windows Me.

Comment So Oracle won (Score 3, Insightful) 113

> Oregon ultimately accepted a package that included $35 million in cash payments and software licensing agreements and technical support with an estimated upfront worth of $60 million.

Software licensing which will probably cost them more than $95 in the next few year(s) because they are not using the software according to the license.

Comment .nl rules are more strict (as they should) (Score 4, Interesting) 66

Luckily the Dutch rules around neutrality are more strict. The Dutch also tried to push these same rules to be applied to the whole EU. But the corporate world convinced these "politicians" otherwise.

In the Netherlands "zero rating" is strictly prohibited:

Comment No-code is bullshit (Score 1) 163

Just because you are not writing C or Java code does not mean your are not programming. Low-code/No-code is just new buzzwords for high level programming environments which have existed for 20+ years.
And yes, a not of problems can be fixed by non-devs in these kind of environment basically because these problems are not really that complex but there is an enormous problem trying to explain the problem from the "business" environment to the dev environment. These low-code/no-code environment simply provide a formal method of defining the problem. And as every dev knows, a formal definition of a problem is executable (i.e. a program).

Comment Unfair to bash nuclear (Score 0, Troll) 254

The author of the article seems to have an issue with Hinkley Point, which is understandable, but to use it as 'proof' that nuclear is not viable, here's a counter-article, also from the Telegraph:

"Until now, the absurd story of Hinkley has been as vivid an example of the self-deluding power of groupthink as could be imagined. All those ministers swept along by it, such as Ed Miliband, Chris Huhne and Ed Davey, should hang their heads in shame. This culminated in that humiliating spectacle last year (as also noted by Mr Timothy in April) when David Cameron and George Osborne invited the President of China to London, to beg him to lend us billions of pounds towards buying a reactor design so flawed that it could almost certainly never be built.

Nothing should have brought this home more forcefully, as I noted last year, than the contrast between the Hinkley project and the way South Korea is building four nuclear reactors for the United Arab Emirates, to an already proven design and at only a fraction of the cost.

Although the UAE only began talks with Korea in 2009, the year we began negotiating with EDF for its two 1600 megawatt (MW) reactors at Hinkley, the four 1400MW reactors for the UAE (hence their name APR1400s) are already under construction, with the first due onstream next year and the rest to follow by 2020. For £15 billion, they will thus supply 5600MW of electricity, much more than Hinkleyâ(TM)s 3200MW, so grotesquely subsidised that even Decc admits its cost could eventually be £37 billion."

Saved in the Nick of time from the worldâ(TM)s most expensive power station

To then bet on power storage to save solar and wind (both white elephants in their own right), seems rather comical.

Comment Re:I was really looking forward to it too. (Score 2) 157

I haven't read any reviews, hardly followed the development of this game at all. The premise of the game seemed very interesting. So I bought it a few days before launch and played it yesterday evening for 5 hours straight without a single hitch.
So I think that if you do no participate in the hype you will get a working game.

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