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Comment Re:one word to describe the events unfolding (Score 1) 86

For balance, remember Ann Wojcicki, semi-detached from a Google founder through no fault of her own, who co-founded cheery '23andMe' for web-friendly genetic testing, got hit by the full might of the US's 'FDA' and came out smiling with a new-style offering that is compliant. As one North American school says in its motto 'Girls CAN do anything' (maybe only some of them).

Comment Re:FreeBSD, Hackingtosh, or Linux (Score 1) 281

I put most of my cousins on Win10, tweaked to look like XP and with all the nonsense removed. I check everyone routinely with TeamViewer, and the only disasters I've had to fix have been on the NON-Win10 machines. Of course I added Mint, but no-one uses that because they like to see the screens they're used to. Their only complaint is 'Office' getting chargeable, which is when LibreOffice mysteriously appears.

Comment Re:Only the earthworks are visible (Score 1) 147

One hypothesis was that these (Brit) structures were seen as 'stairway to the underworld' / ' the stars' or omphalos-like as navel of the universe, a point where the world turned inside-out. So it made sense to defend against things that might emerge if the spells worked.

Comment Evolutionary? (Score 1, Interesting) 152

I get furious just when eating. (This tendency is well-constrained by a vanishing tradition called 'table manners'). My theory (watch wildlife) is that creatures are most vulnerable while preoccupied with eating/drinking, so paranoia and watchfulness naturally rises then. If so, objecting to others audibly too close alongside is probably a simple displacement of an instinctive trait.

Comment Not exactly (Score 1) 143

What the Tribunal found was that the two drivers involved were effectively employees. Uber's attempts to have every party sign disclaimers had had no effect on the substance of the employment relationship, judged on quite traditional criteria. It is entirely possible that people who drive with Uber introductions in different circumstances do not have employee rights.

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