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Comment Not exactly (Score 1) 143

What the Tribunal found was that the two drivers involved were effectively employees. Uber's attempts to have every party sign disclaimers had had no effect on the substance of the employment relationship, judged on quite traditional criteria. It is entirely possible that people who drive with Uber introductions in different circumstances do not have employee rights.

Comment Re:No no no. (Score 1) 275

In my youthful years of building valve-audio, with the faithful Mullard book, the biggest issue was usually mains hum. Rectifying heater current was not a total solution, and the big AC around seemed to jump any gaps however careful the wiring. Anyone remember 'humdingers'? Does the best valve kit nowadays really not hum when no-input is turned to full volume?

Comment Re: Rationale aside... (Score 4, Insightful) 1592

There was an attempt to write a 'Constitution', which the UK vetoed as an attack on natonal Sovereignty generally. But most of the words in the big draft were then imported into the Lisbon Treaty with its 'ever-closer union' ambition on page 1. (I know because in the job I had then I had to compare the two texts word-for-word, then get on Eurostar). This time, Cameron got the promise of a derogation on the 'Union' bit, but it wasn't enough to persuade us Brits who only had ever voted for a 'Single Market' (and didn't get even that, at least in my sector). Today we're celebrating with (French) champagne.

Comment Re:What's wrong with using COBOL? (Score 1) 217

I wrote COBOL direct to punched cards. You agreed the flowchart with the client, and provided you were disciplined about data-names (and modules), the whole thing was self-documenting in plain English. Keep the big flowchart, and a print of the finally-debugged source, and what could possibly go wrong? Spent a whole career looking for an object-language that was as tidy.

Comment Re:Opinions on upgrade...potentially off topic. (Score 1) 407

I keep a dozen cousins' kit clean via TeamViewer. It takes me ten minutes each a month to sort out the messes they've made, on XPpos, 7 and 8. Of course I locked out the Win10 nags, but having tried 10 myself, and found I could make it look just like XP and kill telemetry, I no longer recommend against 'upgrade' to 10. Seems big daddy Microsoft will keep them all a bit tidier with 10, whether they like it or not, and what do I care? Sure, Mint is on their HDDs as dual-boot, but they won't use it because it doesn't run their heap of ancient programs (tell me about OED full-install?)

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