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Comment Re:It would go broke in a day (Score 1) 609

Science can quickly and easily prove that "economics" such as they are today, are a failure by design, and the idea of monetizing everything in the world is flawed from the beginning. Such a system would be the first casualty of a scientific governance. Immediately and assuredly, destroyed. And we should not look back with anything but disdain.

Comment Yes (Score 1) 609

If you would instead want to rule with an iron fist or blind ignorance or artificial scarcity or racist psychopathic militarized police or subversive secret agents or broken social constructs, depressing environments, and copious supplies of impure mind altering substances prohibited and delivered by black ops and black markets, then yes, allowing the population to be well informed, implement plans that have merit, and using scientific proofs to rule themselves without your "guidance" and "protection" is a horrible, terrible idea.

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