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Submission + - Programming on the Chrome Laptop through the Web (appfeeds.com)

GWBasic writes: "Last night I managed to get my hands on a free Google Chrome laptop during an HTML5 session on Google’s Campus. The famous Cr-48 to be exact. (Google called it their “Oprah” moment.) One topic often brought up when Google gave away these laptops is the inability to use a Chrome laptop to program. I’ve solved this issue with ObjectCloud, my open-source web server designed like an operating system."

Submission + - 3 Tesla Employees Dead in Plane Crash (sfgate.com)

GWBasic writes: "This morning I woke up at 8AM when my CPAP turned off due to a power outage; and I couldn't go back to sleep due to all the sirens going off. It turns out that 3 Tesla employees died in a plane crash when they accidentally flew into an electric transmission line. "All those killed aboard the twin-engine plane worked at Tesla Motors Inc., and the plane was owned by a lead engineer at the Palo Alto electric car company, the firm said." The crash resulted in most of Palo Alto, CA being without power for most of the day. This affected the headquarters of many major Silicon Valley companies, including Facebook and VMware. The irony is that the power outage extended to right before Tesla's dealership. The stoplight right before their dealship was working, but the stoplight immediately before them was out due to the outage."

Submission + - Where are you hosting your open-source projects (andrewrondeau.com) 1

GWBasic writes: "Where are you hosting your open-source projects? Are you happy with your open-source's project's web site? Which open-source hosting site do you prefer? There are so many new ones popping up (github, Google Code, CodePlex,) that I'd like to understand which new ones the Slashdot community prefers.

Specifically, I'm currently trying to find a good site to host my open-source project. Ideally, I'd like a web site that has both a message board and bug tracker. I'm very flexible on the actual program / protocol used for source control, although I have a strong preference for source code control systems that have an easy-to-learn GUI on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Most of my experience is with Perforce, so a protocol with a GUI that's about as easy-to-learn (or hard-to-learn,) is what I'm looking for. Perforce's Open-Source program is an option, although I'd rather not administer my own server.

For the past few days I've been experimenting with github after listing to Linus Torvalds talk about git. Although I agree that it sounds like git is theoretically better, I'm finding git's learning curve to be so steep that it's just getting in my way from actually getting work done."


Submission + - What Web Authentication Protocol Should I Support? (andrewrondeau.com) 2

GWBasic writes: "The recent article OpenID Fan Club Is Shrinking implies that OpenID is failing in the marketplace. Are there any alternatives that are gaining support? I'm currently building a web development tool and I'd like to build in support for a distributed authentication system like OpenID. My requirement is that the protocol has to be so simple that a technical person can fully understand how the protocol works by reading a single web page. An additional requirement is that the protocol needs to be simple enough that an average programmer can write a client or server in an afternoon without resorting to an API.

Furthermore; as I believe that part of HTTP's success has to do with the fact that any programmer who can access a socket can make a program web-accessible; I would prefer a protocol that's so simple that a programmer who only has access to a socket can still work with the system.

For example, about a year ago, over the course of a few evenings, I put together a simple distributed authentication system that could be implemented in either PHP or ASP. The total amount of code written in either platform was only slightly more complicated then stereotypical username / password code. Is there an existing standard that is as simple as mine?"


Submission + - Silicon Valley Startup ships $1 / Watt solar panel (andrewrondeau.com)

GWBasic writes: "At $1 per Watt, the iTunes of Solar Energy Has Arrived A Silicon Valley start-up called Nanosolar shipped its first solar panels — priced at $1 a watt. That's the price at which solar energy gets cheaper than coal. While other companies have been focusing their efforts on increasing the efficiency of solar panels, Nanosolar took a different approach. It focused on manufacturing."

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