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Comment Re:It will work, but not how you think (Score 2) 30

People doing it for the challenge probably will continue to do it, then. I can sympathize with them. Many times defeating the copy protection on an 'entertainment' device or game is more fun for nerds than playing the actual game.

So it's not a lose-lose for the hacker having their fun finding and refining the exploits.

Comment Re:Don't help them until they support homebrew (Score 1) 30

Unless you add a bluetooth controller, there is no comparison between smartphone games and actual handheld games like the 3DS. Kneading your fingers against flat glass will never be a replacement for a handheld with real buttons.

The fragmentation of the bluetooth controller market, along with the iOS/Android separation, keeps mobile gaming fragmented and weak.

Just mho, of course.

Comment Re:Do they really have a piracy problem? (Score 1) 30

Considering you can download an entire collection of every Nintendo DS game ever produced and run any of them off of flash in an R4 cartridge, they probably want to prevent that from coming to be for the 3DS.

There is nearly zero incentive, except for collecting purposes, to search out old DS cartridges to play. An R4 cartridge costs less than a vintage DS Pokemon cart and can hold the entire Pokemon DS collection.

Comment Re:fitbit sucks (Score 1) 164

FitBit products die wether you charge them or not.

They produce very poor quality devices.

I bought my Pebble Steel after my FitBit died. Now the bastards have chased after me to fuck me over some more. It was only $99 so I am not out that much. They had better not pull the app from the Play Store, but I suspect they will as soon as they can.

FitBit is the new Sony in my world. Or the new Iomega.

Comment Re:They should release the keys / apis (Score 1) 164

What FitBit bought was a collection of enemies. If I see a FitBit product that has fallen on the floor at a store, I will step on it in a fashion to damage it, if possible. Oops, sorry.

Not that you have to actively do anything to damage FitBit products. They have an abysmal quality record and die on customers all the time.

They're kind of the Iomega of wearables.

Comment Re:Init alternatives (Score 1) 321

That's updated concrete chemistry. Not really updated cinder blocks.

The xterm code that ran on a SparcStation 1 is essentially the same code as the xterm I can run on a modern 64 bit Intel box. The 'cement' is updated but the design of the 'binary' remains nearly the same.

My 'ignorance of technological progress'?

The Windows NT registry repurposed as a binary registry to blight Linux is 'technological progress?? I think this whole discussion topic would only have two or three comments on it if that were true.

Comment Re: When will people wake up to the truth? (Score 1) 321

I ran Slackware for years, and tried Red Hat at 4.3. It was fairly good. Then they released 5.0. I started using NetBSD shortly thereafter and really haven't looked back. Slackware is a good way to learn enough unix to bootstrap up into a BSD.

I don't hate Red Hat, nor do I hate Microsoft. They are both companies, with a product or two they sell.

I first ran Linux on a computer in my apartment in 1994. A '486 with a 300MB ESDI drive.

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