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Comment Re: My Fingers Have An Alternative... (Score 2) 366

But what WINE can do is convince publishers they don't need to work on native ports for anything but Windows. If a 'good enough' approximate Windows application runs on WINE there is less motivation to produce anything more.

They learned this lesson the hard way at OS/2. It had great Windows 16 bit interoperability, in fact it was the "better Windows than Windows." So nobody published native OS/2 versions of their products. Then 32 bit Windows happened along and OS/2 users found themselves marooned with only the old versions of the applications they needed.

Comment Re: Thanks to (Score 1) 353

The mobile site has a lot of quirks. It's much easier just to say "the hell with it" and post as AC on mobile. I usually completely shut down the browser and reload after non-anon comments on mobile, because reading it logged on is near impossible. And you always have to log on anyways, each time you navigate to slashdon on your phone.

There is just a combination of all the worst possible states there could be for mobile slashdot.

Comment Re:Unforseen? (Score 1) 108

The AR component of Pokemon Go isn't really a key feature. It doesn't even work on phones that don't have a hardware gyroscope, and that means a majority of the Android phones. It's actually easier to 'catch' a pokemon with the AR feature disabled, and many people play the game that way.

The key features of Pokemon Go is the GPS, that objectives are hard physical locations in the real world, and that logging kilometers of walking is one of the objectives in gameplay.

The AR part is, kinda, just a shiney bit.

Comment Re: No Thanks (Score 0) 80

If somebody else is having a conversation that you are not a part of, you cannot simply barge in and disrupt their conversation.

We have the freedom of association in the US. We are free to choose who we associate with. Racist skinheads are not permitted to disrupt church services at Black churches. This is no different.

Comment Re: Can't wait (Score 1) 415

The fact that it's a weed that grows nearly anywhere is a barrier to approval. The government likes to tax euphoric agents heavily. They've heavily loaded pot sales with taxes where it's been legalized. The busybodies traditionally use taxes as a throttle to control access.

This goes back to the 19th century when the gin taxes were imposed. When the processes were discovered to make alcohol in the form of gin, it was suddenly so cheap and plentiful that even the poorest could stay drunk all of the time. The goverment elected to artificially raise the price as the "solution."

Comment Re: Just what the world needs (Score 1, Flamebait) 268

Indeed. The seething hatred of people who don't conform to the prescribed viewpoint is certainly detrimental. For instance all the hatred directed toward, for instance, Thiel, for not toeing the line of the Gay Liberation agenda. The hatred of jeering protesters at political rallies and events.

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