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Comment Re:Universities create high salaries in the market (Score 1) 412

Unfortunately, the Universities are deceptive, in that the main subject being taught is Pedagogy, yet all those pupils' degrees are in subjects matter they're tacitly encouraged to avoid, so as to do as well as possible on the "assignments, projects, tests, grades..."

80-98% of University Students should have their 'Major' defined as Pedagogy. The schools are producing brown-noses, and may as well be honest about it.

Comment Re:We are the bad guys (Score 1) 412

Hell -- the US created the banana republics!

Banana consumers created the banana republics.

Just like drug consumers create the hell-on-earth in border regions of Mexico.

How many more wars will the US start for oil?

Oil consumers produce the high demand for oil. The war Obama fanned the flames of in Syria, that precipitated the refugee crisis, was over a pipeline western interests want strung over Syrian land.

Comment Re:And THIS Is Why Trump Won! (Score 1) 165

FYI, the white voter is losing the demographic race; unless the GOP manages to continue their rather diligent voter suppression, several of the Solid South will be swing states in a decade.

FYI, Hispanics are not 'naturally leftist' and it's racist to make that kind of assumption. As the Hispanic demographic is welcomed into the fold of Americans (USians??) they will settle down and their natural conservatism will manifest. It already does in many regards.

Significant parts of the Hispanic demographic are 'culturally conservative.' Give them time to settle in and become part of the country, and they won't be the lockstep demographic the Democrats hope for.

Unless, of course, the Democrats can find a way to lock them into a 'ghetto of dependency.' I don't see that happening, but with enough screeching from those striving to 'protect' them, it is possible 'the liberals' can cause them to identify as victims who need to be rescued by the State.

Comment Re:Russia Hacked the GOP too (Score 1) 165

You can keep throwing fuel in the Hillary Fever fire if you wish. The flames will die out in a few weeks.

Prolong your pain, it's like wiggling that loose tooth to experience that mysteriously appealing little twinge of pain.

If you and your kind insist on fanning those flames, don't be surprised if you're pushed into the fire to fucking burn. Most of the rest of us will feel bad that it happened to you afterwards, but we won't let you burn down the whole place.

Comment Re:Greed and stupidity (Score 1) 165

In order to qualify as "genius" in modern times and be able to actually contribute to society, as opposed destroying wealth (as so many of those that amassed personal riches routinely do), a PhD in your chosen field is about the minimum.

The whole 'PhD' thing is locked down in thick layers of conformity. You need to 'play well with others' in order to work your way through post-graduate studies. And that whole mess is locked up by climbers who've made academia an insular elite network.

Sure, to make a large amount of money

Are you resentful because you chose the academic track and instead of leaving the campus to live a life after graduating, you stayed within the insular ranks? Too bad.

Comment Re: No mention of the internet architecture of cou (Score 1, Troll) 87

Using an unsecured and unlicensed C compiler will become illegal. Hexadecimal op codes will become propritary trade secrets. Owning a binary editor will be a felony. Use this cuckgadget from Apple or Google, not that scary open device. You aren't one of those unmutual terrorists, are you?

Comment Re: Politics vs. Reality (Score 0) 87

The target of the regulations is anybody who isn't a multinational corporation with a 30+ employee staff in their Regulatory Affairs department.

The target is us nerds and geeks. We won't be able to afford to ask their permission, so they won't have to deal with people who dabble in that messy freedom stuff.

Comment Re: I think this whole idea stinks (Score 2) 87

They want to regulate all the endpoints, rather than just beef security at the transition points. It's ludicrous! Anybody can push whatever firmware they want into a microcontroller, except not (!!!) with this kind of regulatory burden. Will I need a jtag license? Will operating a compiler without a license become illegal, or too dangerous to contemplate because of the liability risk?

Umm, the hell with that. Protect your network at it's routing points. It's not YOUR network until it passes through your demarcation point.

If well defined boundaries are established, freedom can still flourish in the places where tight-assed security is not necessary.

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