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Comment Re:Shocking. (Score 1) 120

I bought my Pebble Steel when the FitBit that I bought (new, in sealed packaging) for $20 at a thrift store died. It probably died early because it sat in somebody's home long enough before I bought it and actually used it. I started looking at the alternatives to the FitBit (a FitBit One) when I discovered it was dead and wanted to start being a little bit more healthy with exercise.

It turned out that a Pebble Steel is about the same cost as a FitBit and it does additional things that I like. It's got timer and stopwatch functions that are real and practical on a wristwatch. Every other watch I have had with functions like that, the timer/stopwatch functions were sort of a joke.

There is also an SDK I can download, that I will be doing sometime soon. Pebbles aren't Android or Apple, they have their own operating system and host as bluetooth devices on Android or iOS, and are general purpose bluetooth devices and probably mate-able to Linux and other open OSes.

And at $99 they are relatively cheap. Not as cheap as the Casio watch that it replaced, but it's entirely waterproof, has a metal and gorilla glass case, and is pretty tough.

It's not jewelry by any stretch of the imagination. Slashdot isn't really a fashion site.

Comment Re:Was Obvious from the Start (Score 1) 120

You don't really *want* that in an electronic smart-watch. You want to use it now, and for the next several years. It's not jewelry, it's not a collectible.

I didn't think Slashdot was so fashion-crazy.

I thought this was sort of nerd-central. Nerds wear watches with useful functions.

This isn't, or wasn't, an 'IT' site.

Comment Re:Was Obvious from the Start (Score 1) 120

I am not certain about two or five years from now, but I like having my Pebble Steel right now. It was only $99 and it's pretty nice. So far I have worn it about three months nearly 24/7 and the gorilla glass isn't scratched or marred at all. It needs to be charged about once a week and reminds me of that on the day when it wants to be charged 'this night.'

Comment Re:The consumer market needs military-grade securi (Score 1) 419

(2): A convenient, easy to trigger yet unlikely to be accidentally triggered mechanism to locally wipe the hardware. Factory reset plus cache clear should do the trick.

So if the police see you filming them at the scene, they can simply take your phone and trigger the wipe?

Comment Re:Hold down power button and ... (Score 1) 419

I hope Apple cares as much about privacy as they claim to,

You'd better hope, since you've chosen them as the singular wardens of your privacy. However, they've proven to have a rather strong political drive to support one ideology. Make sure you support the right ideas and candidates, at least in public.

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