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Comment Re:Who said what? (Score 1) 391

Said 'Hate Meter' can even have a tattooing unit built into the inner surface where it meets the skin of the forehead.

Then it can be simply placed on the candidate and it will automatically brand 'hater' on their forehead after the measurement cycle is complete, and can be moved to the head of the next candidate.

Because, that's what people who use the phrase 'hater' to label other people want.

Comment Re:Totally untrue (Score 1) 91

My tactic was to upgrade my Bag to the max as soon as possible, and I don't spend real $$ on anything else. I am not a 'free' player but I will never spend any $$ again on the game. My philosophy is that app developers and publishers need to be 'rewarded' by paying something for their efforts, esp. when the app is not ad-supported, like Pokemon Go. So early on I spend about $40 on coins, which is the equivalent any other DS-based Pokemon game costs the player. Now, I usually am sitting on ~500 regular pokeballs at all times.

As to Hatching Eggs. I am still kind of angry about aspects of that. When I started playing I got very enthusiastic about walking and excercize, which was new for me and a good trend. I went out and bough a pair of good walking shoes, etc. I also bought a Pebble to use as a tracking device for non-PokeGo walking. I've discovered that the Kilometer measure of the Pokemon Go app is very, very inaccurate. When I track 5km on a good Pebble App, PGo tells me I've roughly walked 3km. The first time I used it, the Pebble App said I had walked almost 5km and I carried a 2km egg that didn't hatch for most of the distance.

Pokemon Go tracks walking distance very poorly, based on GPS coordinates. The GPS is pinged very infrequently and travel distances are calculated by triangulating. So it always rounds down the distance you've walked, especially if you walk in a very corner-defined location with lots of turns. When I discovered this I was very disappointed and quit even paying much attention to the 'distance traveled' part of the App and the egg hatching deal.

Comment Re:More than a Dozen! (Score 1) 294

To clarify on the topic of 'bush league' mentioned above:

In Horowitz & Hill they refer to the use of black electrical tape in electronics assemblies as 'bush league'. No credible technician has black electrical tape in their tool drawer or on their bench. Black electrical tape is an indication that you've screwed up and didn't use heat shrink tube before you soldered the leads together. Tape is gummy and a sign that somebody didn't have their shit together. Or they were a 'computer operator' grade of person.

Black electrical tape is okay for covering up LEDs because it's opaque and does a good job. But it leaves a gummy residue on the panel nonetheless.

Comment More than a Dozen! (Score 2) 294

More than a Dozen sys-admins (we used to call them computer operators in the 80's) have put black electrical tape over some LEDs.

Definitely worthy of an article on Slashdot.

We should discuss the relative merits of different varieties of black electrical tape. It's called 'bush league' in Horowitz & Hill and I agree. But that's topic drift, and we mustn't have that, because this is an IMPORTANT and interesting discussion of sys-admins (we used to call them computer operators) covering up the LED indicators on equipment.

Comment Re: Performance (Score 1) 324

Actually, developers can code native code that isn't bytecode to run on Android devices. It isn't as portable, and obviously isn't something you can just toss in an App Store and collect the $$, but it's doable and the tools to write such code are readily available.

You don't even need to own a Mac to develop for Android. You can use your Linux or Windows box.

Comment Re:3GB? Quaint (Score 1) 324

I can buy an 8GB MicroSD card at Walgreens for $4.99 at the corner drugstore.

And, actually.... hmmm, With a MicoSD card I can have a whole SD card wallet full of them with different movies and music on each and plug them in as I wish on my phone. Because it has an external SD slot. So my phone is easily expandable to half a terabyte and the total cost is still less than the cheapest iPhone.

I know that it isn't the same thing at all as having 4 or 6 GB of RAM for the SOC. But I'm not sure the commenter I am replying to knows that.

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