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Comment Re: The globalists are withholding it, that's why (Score 1) 474

Your mistake was clicking the links on Drudge to infowars.com. Alex Jones isn't worth paying any attention to. I finally fixed that problem by blocking infowars.com at my router, because I was tired of looking up from the nuttiness of the text body to the top of the browser window and seeing I was at *that* site again.

Comment Re: Market (Score 1) 474

There were second source clone 6800s, too.

I would prefer an Intersil 6100, though, or a 6120. That was a 12 bit processor that implemented the PDP-8 instruction set. And it was a static CMOS chip, not one with dynamic registers. It can be underclocked down to 0.5 hertz if you want to single step it to debug (you need to then use it with static ram, of course.)

Comment Re: One word (Score 1) 474

It's not just the marketers. Programmer ego is also part of it. And programmer sloth. Who wants to read and figure out somebody elses code? Just tear it out and insert your code in place of it. It's visible even in a lot of open source code. Sadly, code bases could converge and become continually improved but instead the next generation of young dudes needs to 'leave their mark'.

Comment Re: California government on aqueduct maintenance (Score 2) 237

Actually the lead pipes in Flint Michigan didn't become a serious problem until highly polluted water was run through them. Lead pipes develop a patina that shields the water running through it. The switch to nasty contaminated river water corroded the pipes and introduced the large amount of lead that is the problem now.

Comment Re:$10 for placebo quality (Score 1) 77

I suggest looking at the result of codec comparison in https://tech.ebu.ch/docs/tech/.... The EBU performed A/B comparisons with different lossy codecs for 5.1. They trained people in how to spot the difference in challenging areas to encode, and then evaluated various codecs with challenging pieces.

Keep in mind that FLAC is typically 3x as large as 320kbps, and storage sizes are quite huge now.

Comment Re:$10 for placebo quality (Score 4, Interesting) 77

Last summer I wrote a program to compare two audio files, mostly to get an objective understanding of how sound degrades in a lossless format: http://andrewrondeau.com/blog/2016/07/deconstructing-lossy-audio-the-case-for-lossless

My conclusion is that, even at 320 kbps, formats like MP3 and AAC still screw with the sound. The newer Opus codec at 320 kbps is better than an 8-bit flac, though.

What happens with lossy audio is that it's more about "will someone notice an objectionable artifact" then "can someone notice the difference in an A-B test." Even then, the difference is usually in details that people don't pay close attention to. So, what you pay for in lossless is that the subtle echo in the fadeout sounds perfect, and that the equalization is always perfect, and that the cymbals and clicks of the guitar sound exactly like they do in the studio. Most people will never hear the difference, even in A-B testing.

In my very subjective experience, I find that AC3 has a certain dullness that lossless doesn't have. MP3 has a particular thinness that's noticeable compared to AC3. I personally don't have any opus files in my collection, so I can't comment there.

Comment Re: FINALLY! (Score 1) 281

An AT&T 6300 (made by Olivetti)? That's the only 8086 based PC clone I can think of off-the-cuff. There were relatively few PC clones made that used the 8086 instead of the 8088. Having to incorporate the BIOS rom in a 16 bit wide data path, for one thing, was more costly than it was worth. 16 bit ROMs are exotic and expensive; two 8 bit ROMs was also expensive. It just wasn't worth it for the slight benefit of the 16 bit data bus at the time, and the first gen ISA bus meant there was no advantage for add on cards.

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