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Comment Re: You can own it, only if you can build it. (Score 1) 111

The plans for the first computer I wanted to build used 2N3055 transistors for the flip-flops. Yes. Big power transistors. No way in hell could I afford enough of those in the early 70s. If the author of the book in question had a clue, they would have used 2N2907s, I might have been able to make the thing. With a telephone dial as the input device and everything else.

Comment Re: FINALLY! (Score 0) 178

Competition is good.

Can AMD compete, though? One would hope so, but they will need more than a product. They will need motherboard vendors to provide sockets, and developers to write code that takes advantage of the edge their processor gives.

Fanboys can tag along, like the dudes who put racing additive stickers on their rusty Hondas.

Comment Re: Lack of talent my ass!!! (Score 1) 318

No, America is not 'lucky'with their oil. They just have the domestic freedom and the progressive culture to do something with the oil. Compare this to Saudi Arabia. S.A. represses their population outside of a small elite, and they just sell off their oil instead of using it.

America was definitely NOT the Saudi of the early 20th Century.

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