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Comment Re:Ah, a "ME" generation kid (Score 1) 241

Well, I do post on google plus using my real name, and I don't know why that should be a problem. I just use something else if I want to remain more or less anonymous.
Google plus is a tool that I use to share information with friends, family and acquaintances who already know my name. I'm relatively careful about the things I post on the Internet, and don't think I would or should be ashamed about anything I ever said online.
I've never seen any compromising pictures pop up on the net (at least not with me on them).

I agree that google knows a lot about me, but as long as they don't share any of this information with third parties and just use it to give me better targeted ads, I'm al for it. Ads are what makes large part of the Internet possible without having to pay for almost everything, so better ads make them more money and are less of a nuisance for me (yes I sometimes see an ad that's interesting yes I tend to click on it if that's the case)

Comment Re:The Android Market (Score 1) 195

CyanogenMod to the rescue (on suported devices). Recent versions allow denying individual permissions to individual apps...
Say you got that nice password protected shopping list app, but you don't need it's internet sync feature and don't completely trust it in case you want to keep passwords and other sensitive data in it. You can then just disable the permissions you don't want it to have.
Some apps crash when you remove certain permissions, so YMMV.

Again, your phone has to be supported. Luckily my Milestone is (kinda).

Comment Re:Gabe, go put your money where your mouth is (Score 1) 374

Well, that has to be one of the most sensible threads in this whole discussion !!
If I had mod points I'd mod you up (twice :-) )

I'm in the same situation (or at least, will be in a few years when my kids are old enough to play games as well), and I think your solutions is at the same time fair for both the customers and the game makers.

Comment Re:Which date? (Score 1) 235

Well, to me, YYYY/MM/DD is the only format that is equally easy to understand for people all over the world. Without knowing where I'm from, it's almost impossible to know which date I'm talking about when I say something will happen on 09/11/2011. On the internet, this gets confusing rather quickly.

The date format is the only one I'm aware of that's commonly used where the largest unit doesn't come first (in writing). Let's try that with two others:
- time: 12 minutes and 13 seconds past 9 --> 13:12:9 for europeans, 12:13:9 for americans
- numbers: one million two thousand and 3 --> 3.002.001 for europeans, 2,003,001 for americans
Seems a bit silly, doesn't it?

Comment Re:But IE9 runs only on bloated Windows... (Score 1) 274

You silly boy, you :-)
Win7 is playing nice with the U4100 in my laptop, which consumes between 5,5 and 8W during light loads, while being quite fast (boot time, application load time, search, ... the U4100 isn't going to be a great performer on CPU intensive tasks, no matter what...).

Light loads can be defined as reading and writing mail, documents, ... surfing the web (no heavy DHTML/flash stuff).

Comment Re:It's open source (Score 1) 325

Well, my milestone is happily running Froyo, with cloud 2 device messaging working smoothly :-)
If you don't mind rooting it, and playing around a little bit, you can get it on your phone quite easily (or at least I would expect you to be able to do it, since you're browsing slashdot...).
It is also more stable than the previous official Motorola versions I had running on it. Only the 3D Gallery app restarts sometimes (I have to look into this...).

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 742

Well, I sometimes go shopping with my 4 kids (5, 3 and twins aged 2) all by myself, and actually it's fun. They know how to behave, and they actually enjoy it, as do I.

They know they don't need to start nagging if they don't get what they want, because that NEVER helps. They don't take things off the shelves, unless I tell them to, and they are generally well behaved. I just give them a lot of positive attention, and encourage them to behave well. When they don't I just raise my voice a little bit, and they get to watch the others have fun with me while they get ignored for a few minutes.

Comment Re:I guess you either live somewhere that's warm (Score 1) 557

As a matter of fact, in the bedroom we have a slow start CCFL (not that the manufacturer put it on the box or anything, but still), and I like that most of the time. In the morning when we switch on the light, it starts after about 2 seconds, and then isn't very bright at all. I guess it takes about a minute or 2 to reach full brightness. In the winter it's a little slower, but since it's even darker then, I don't really mind. The hallway is lit with LED lights activated by a motion sensor, so the kids can see something when they get out of bed to go to the toilet.

When I'm just waking up, that slow start is a nice feature... since I don't like having the full brightness at once when my eyes aren't used to the light. In most of the house however, we got quick start CCFL's, which start in under 0.5s and are immediately at near full brightness (I guess around 80% or so), which is comparable (enough) to incandescents.

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