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Submission + - Losing Faith in Today's Hackers, Where's Romney's Tax Returns ( 2

Daniel_Stuckey writes: "It seems like all we can do is wait it out and see if these guys are as clever as earlier this month they claimed to be. Now that it’s September 28th, only further speculations can be made. While this looks like its turning out to be a forgettably weak hoax, I won’t completely dismiss it the end-of-day. That’s because the ransom-collection cum schadenfreude-auction note on Pastebin addressed to PwC reads that a, “Failure to do this before September 28” (pay a $1,000,000 ransom via bitcoin) “the entire world will be allowed to view the documents with a publicly released key to unlock everything.” So, what are we waiting for dudes?"

Submission + - UK Banks Attempt to Censor Academic Publication (

An anonymous reader writes: Representatives of the UK banking industry have sent a take-down notice (PDF link) to Cambridge University, demanding that they censor a student's webpage as well as his masters thesis. The banks' objection is that the information contained in the report might be used to exploit a vulnerability Chip and PIN system, used throughout Europe and Canada for credit and debit card payments. The system was revealed to be fundamentally flawed earlier this year, as it allowed criminals to use a stolen card with any PIN. Cambridge University has resisted the demands and has sent a response to the bankers explaining why they will keep the page online.

Submission + - Transport ticketing system as job creation (

MichaelSmith writes: Screw ups in the new Melbourne ticketing system are so common they aren't really funny any more but this one almost had me ROFLing.
Staff at the firm making myki have had to manually add one cent to 87,261 cards so that they can be used on Sundays, when seniors are entitled to free travel. The myki system requires all users — even those getting a free ride — to have a positive balance on their card. 'This exercise took several weeks and was carried out by existing myki customer service staff...."

Geez guys write a loop. Learn some perl. Or fix the original requirement.

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