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Comment Re:NEXT! (Score 1) 71

I've gotten people reaching out via LinkedIn about job-offers at various times.
Admittedly recently it's been for jobs working with my last employer's SCM system, and there's no way in hell I'll subject myself to that shit again*

*: Both their system, and the employer, who'd likely be a supplier to these companies.

Comment Re:Anyone surprised? (Score 1) 338

About half of Congressional Republicans hate him with passion — and would rather collude with the opposition than with him.

If this were the case the House Intelligence Committee Republicans wouldn't be dragging their feet on the Russia investigation.

I'd suspect at least some of them worry that getting rid of Trumpy results in President Pence - lesser of two evils and all that...

Comment Re:But DID give a timeframe. (Score 1) 47

Am in Belgium, there's less content with Flemmish/Dutch options (60% of population, generally better off financially) than French, and in many cases there's French as the only subtitles - for some reason, they don't offer English subtitles on a lot of content, despite Brussels being capitol of Europe and NATO+UN offices (LOTS of foreigners)

Comment Re:NO! (Score 1) 140

That will remove a greatly competitive feature of Uber. That's gonna jack up the prices by 15%.

Let's not forget: driving for Uber is 100% volunteer.

Odd, I'd think it would go the other way - Uber would assume drivers in NYC are being tipped, and therefore reduce their pay and consequently fare. ... OK, it's Uber, they'd prolly not reduce the fare, but the pay? hell yes.

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