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Comment Re:Edge to edge screen hard for me to use (Score 2) 77

Haven't tried any of those - they any good?
Typing out words lets me make sure that some "intelligent software" doesn't try to wrongly guess what I'm typing, and constantly requiring me to change dictionary depending on what language I'm using - if things got beyond the stage of constant obstruction, I'd be willing to give it a go.

Comment Re:Only English speaking country? (Score 1) 442

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory, meaning it "belongs" to the British monarchy, and is protected by the British, but they govern themselves.
They could try to leave, but they aren't really equipped to be a sovereign nation, and they've twice rejected returning to Spain.

If/when UK finally #breaksshit, they'd be likely to leave as well, but there is theoretical room for them to remain in the EU, by severing ties with the brits.

Comment Re:Rape by fraud? (Score 1) 215

Allow me to ask a question or two, since I see people talking in circles (1 requests definition of fraud, answers are all that fraud => rape)

If a woman on a "casting couch" performs sex, with consent, under the understanding that it'll lead to a job in pornography, and then learns that there is no job, is this the level of fraud that makes it rape?
What other kinds of fraud exists that can negate consent? Promises of living-standards? Promises of being STD-free or infertility? Others?
Is the woman engaging in a quid-pro-quo exchange of sex for financial gains (a job), and is this prostitution?

I am not saying that the person being charged shouldn't have the book(s) thrown at him, I'm merely confused why people asking how it is fraud are exclusively being answered with "Fraud => Rape", and zero explanation on the fraud part.

Comment Re:What does this have to do with tech? (Score 1) 120

You have an economic system that requires a constant increase in population - countries all over the place start panicking when fertility-rates start to approach the minimum required for sustaining the population (replacement birth rate), which is 2.1 in Western countries, 2.33 globally.

Yes, several are below that rate, and many specifically take steps to try and increase it, though some manage to offset the difference via immigration.

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