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Journal GMontag's Journal: My response to Dr. Blix 7

With the 'logic' Dr. Blix uses one wonders why anybody can believe that anything he did "was working". He has a poor memory too.

The whole article is at the link. I am only quoting portions of the story here:
War planned 'long in advance'
09/04/2003 21:25 - (SA)

"There is evidence that this war was planned well in advance. Sometimes this raises doubts about their attitude to the (weapons) inspections," Blix told Spanish daily El Pais.

Well, yea, dumbass! The war was planned and looks like it was planned very well. How the hell does that impact on weapons inspections? Sounds like you are seeking yet another excuse for your own incompetence.

Oh yes, Hans old boy, stop it with the bad arguement technique. It might work for a PhD in a Liberal Arts field, it might work on the stage of an ANSWER rally, it works great for Michael Moore movies, but it does not fly with normal, sane, thinking people.

One can easily plan a war while they wait for an inspection to be completed. I am not sure if you are just incapable of this (seems that way from your 'inspection' show) or if you are just bad at expressing yourself or if you are just shamelessly trying to undermine the Iraqi people and future victims of Saddam.

"I now believe that finding weapons of mass destruction has been relegated, I would say, to fourth place, which is why the United States and Britain are now waging war on Iraq.

Fourth place? That is at least ten places higher than where you had it. Now we have to secure the whole freaking country and actually LOOK for them. So far our troops have tripped over more illegal delivery systems, by accident, than your crew found on purpose.

Today the main aim is to change the dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein," he said, according to the Spanish text of the interview.

Umm, yes. Sorry to awaken you from your slumber. Now we have to change the regime that you and your buddies were propping up by turning your head while Saddam continued starving and murdering and building NBC capabilities. People like you were distracting the rest of the world from what he was doing. You, Scott Ritter, etc.

But he said he knew at the time "there were people within the Bush administration who were sceptical and who were working on engineering regime change". By the start of March the hawks in both Washington and London were getting impatient, he added.

Guess what? There are plenty of us BEYOND the Bush Administration that have to look at the sky when you say it is cloudy. Thank goodness the real professionals see you for what you are, a sideshow from the NYC debating society.

"I think the Americans started the war thinking there were some. I think they now believe less in that possibility.

Say what?

But I don't know - you ask yourself a lot of questions when you see the things they did to try and demonstrate that the Iraqis had nuclear weapons, like the fake contract with Niger," he explained.

That was a reference to US allegations - later denied - that Iraq had sought to purchase uranium from the west African state of Niger.

Humm, you call it fake, the US denied they made the allegation. I do not need to flip a coin to decide whom to believe. I saw your UN oral presentation, then I saw your written reports. Should I ask if you and Scott Ritter get your checks from the same bank account? Shall I ask if you guys check out chicks on the same playgrounds? Those pointless questions surve the same purpose as your baseless statements.

You kept trying to demonstrate that Saddam had no material breeches during the big TV show but they turned up in your report. Was that faked by the US too?

"I'm very curious to see if they do find any (weapons)," he said.

Hey Hans! YOU FOUND BANNED ITEMS YOURSELF REMEMBER? Your crew found mustard gas munitions, that were supposed to have been destroyed a decade ago. Your team found ballistic missiles that exceed the allowed ranges. Your team found and reported many other things that you just blew off.

Blix said the war, which on Wednesday entered its 21st day, was "a very high price to pay in terms of human lives and the destruction of a country" when the threat of weapons proliferation could have been contained by UN inspections.

Yes, a high price that YOU are partly responsible for. If you were doing your damn job instead of being a PR guy for Saddam/france/Germany/Russia, etc. we might have been able to get the butcher and his cronies out of there.

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My response to Dr. Blix

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  • ... the Coalition had no troops in the region, no plans, had not begun staging logistics operations, and Blix had discovered WMDs? What happens then? Blix tells the UN, even if the UN could decide what to do (a BIG if) they have no troops in the region, and Saddam at that point has nothing to lose, so he can just attack Israel, Iran, Kuwait, whoever he wants, and threaten to nuke Saudi Arabia if anyone tries a repeat of Desert Shield.

    Oh, wait, let's pass Resolution 1442, calling on Saddam to disarm! That'l
  • I think blix's wondering through the desert on 'inspections' comes down to more of it being a vacation for him. Think about it, if he really wanted to find wmd's, he could have, and if he really wanted to enforce the resolutions, he could have. The longer this is dragged out by his sight-seeing in iraq, the longer he has a job and a title. The man's a joke. This is what happens when people are given meaningless titles.
    • He just has to drag it out for a couple more months when he retires.

      I truly believe he is one of those wacky 'peacenicks' that would otherwise be manking $100,000 as a professor of 'peace studies'. Somehow he got the UN gig instead.
      • Would you give up that kind of a job? You get to see yourself on TV every night, everybody wants to talk to you, fabulous dinners, maybe next year somebody invites you to come stay at their chalet in Davos...

        ... or admit that it's a total fraud, and promptly find yourself squarely on the B list?

  • Blix conveniently ignores the fact that if the U.S. hadn't been making 'War Preparations' for all this time, Hussein would never have let Blix and co. back into Iraq last year in the first place...

    We are so tired of this Clouseau. This nation of Clouseaus. Is there nobody rational remaining in France? Is there no opposition even? It is beyond parody at this point.

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