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Comment Re:Excel can kiss my 5" wide anus! (Score 3, Funny) 348

The VisiCalc Song
[ala' "Let's Get Physical", made popular by Olivia Newton-John]
I'm savin' all of those back issues of "Byte"
Making the micro conversion
I gotta handle text just right
Ya know what I mean?
I took you to a local computer store
Then to a compu-fair shopping spree
There's nothing left to purchase now
'less it's, programmability...
[BEGIN Chorus (invoked later)]
Let's get VisiCalc*, VisiCalc
I wanna get Visi-Calc, let's invoke VisiCalc
Let me hear your modem talk, your floppies squawk
Let me hear your I/O rock...
[END Chorus]
I've used paper, I've used wood
Tried to keep my pen on the table
It's getting hard, this hardware stuff
Ya know what I mean?
I'm sure you understand what eleven's* do
You know the software intimately
You gotta know, you're bringing out
the VisiPlot* for me...
[Invoke Chorus]

Comment Console Interface? (Score 3, Insightful) 157

That's kind of funny, I picked this up for PS4 and immediately lamented that it was not a proper consolized interface.

Why do either of us have to hold to confirm? Why am I dragging around a mouse cursor with an analog stick instead of being able to D-pad around the menus?

Maybe it's just a 'bad' interface.

Enjoying the game so far but I'm not so sure that the novelty isn't going to wear off soon. It feels like Minecraft which was equally pointless, but at least had group interaction and allowed me to make some impact on the cold infinite world around me.

Submission + - Getty Sued For $1 Billion For Selling Publicly Donated Photos

An anonymous reader writes: Online stock media library Getty Images is facing a $1 billion lawsuit from an American photographer for illegally selling copyright for thousands of photos. The Seattle-based company has been sued by documentary photographer Carol Highsmith for ‘gross misuse’, after it sold more than 18,000 of her photos despite having already donated them for public use. Highsmith’s photos which were sold via Getty Images had been available for free via the Library of Congress. Getty has now been accused of selling unauthorised licenses of the images, not crediting the author, and for also sending threatening warnings and fines to those who had used the pictures without paying for the falsely imposed copyright.

Comment What is the appeal of these things? (Score 4, Insightful) 129

These always struck me as a fad waiting to die, but I'm not trying to be the usual Slashdot curmudgeon, so I'll ask: what are the killer features of a smart watch?

The best my buddy could come up with who bought an Android one was some mumbling about how its more socially acceptable to glance at texts on your wrist, than to take your phone out.

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