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Comment Re:Free wifi (Score 1) 187

Fine, but require AT&T to disclose (in large font) that it's not an internet connection, since the content is being modified en route.

Back in the day, quite often I'd have to explain the difference between AOL being an 'online service provider' and Mindspring/MediaOne/whoever being an 'internet service provider'.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How do I handle people posting really hardcore material to my site

Snausagez writes: I have an idea for a website where people can post things (images, audio, etc) all over a map. It just dawned on me that people might (ok, let's change that to "would") post X rated material all over this thing as well as gory stuff. Since it's going to be crowdsourced, how do I handle such a thing? I don't necessarily mind softer stuff, but I'd have to filter it for younger users somehow..

Comment Re:OK....... (Score 1) 181

Do you also plan to pay for food with money that turns to shit within a day?

See, the thing about analogies ...

I skip multiple steps altogether. Just gather all the items in your grocery cart and dump them in the toilet at the store. Don't pay, don't digest, and don't shit!! Its going to end up in the toilet anyway. This way you eliminate at least two middle men!

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