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The movie was cool!  *Thursday November 02, 2000 @05:28PM  1
   attached to Kasparov King No More
Re:Its true I tell you!  *Thursday November 02, 2000 @05:21PM  3
   attached to Do Penguins Topple When Plans Fly Over?
Holy Cow!  *Wednesday November 01, 2000 @07:32PM  2
   attached to Sub-Orbital Skydiving
Quick thoughts  *Friday October 27, 2000 @04:57PM  2
   attached to New Images from Galileo
The best advice  *Wednesday October 25, 2000 @09:52PM  2
   attached to New 3D Cards On Slower PCs
Not to be negative, but  *Saturday October 21, 2000 @10:36PM  2
   attached to Civil Engineering with Atomic Detonations
After hours  *Friday October 20, 2000 @08:30PM  5
   attached to Synthetic Interview with Bill Joy
Re:Not really Moderated  *Friday October 20, 2000 @06:18PM  2
Re:Reminds me of System Shock 2  *Friday October 20, 2000 @06:12PM  2
Yeah, well,  *Friday October 20, 2000 @05:02PM  2
   attached to Freeze Recovery Drug - A Step Towards Suspended Animation?
What a cool....  *Saturday October 21, 2000 @04:36PM  2
   attached to Weather Report From Titan
I can't help it,  *Friday October 20, 2000 @12:41AM  5
   attached to Displays That Harvest Light Instead Of Creating It
I could see it, but  *Thursday October 19, 2000 @08:47PM  1
   attached to The Rise Of QNX
Hate to say it, but  *Monday October 16, 2000 @11:01AM  1
   attached to 20 Ways The World Could End
What??  *Friday October 13, 2000 @08:22PM  1
   attached to CSS for Mobile Devices
I got an idea!  *Thursday October 12, 2000 @11:27PM  4
   attached to Cubicle Blues Blamed on IT
Great Idea!  *Wednesday October 11, 2000 @10:41PM  5
   attached to Online Hardware Swapmeet
Okay, um....  *Wednesday October 11, 2000 @03:58PM  1
   attached to Underwater Computer for Ocean Research
A true robot  *Saturday October 07, 2000 @09:53PM  1
   attached to Mini-Robot Available For Wreaking Havoc At Home
A comparison?  *Friday October 06, 2000 @07:34PM  2
   attached to Time to Re-Evaluate Microsoft's Linux Myths Page?
I used to have one!  *Thursday October 05, 2000 @01:59AM  1
   attached to The Universal Planar Manipulator
Re:*cant wait for a wireless version of this one*  *Thursday October 05, 2000 @12:24AM  1
   attached to The Vanishing Desktop
Consider this....  *Wednesday October 04, 2000 @10:04PM  1
   attached to Embryo Chosen for Its Tissue Type
The ultimate couch potato...  *Thursday September 28, 2000 @05:53PM  5
   attached to Sony Plans To A New Toy: Airboard

Top Ten Things Overheard At The ANSI C Draft Committee Meetings: (3) Ha, ha, I can't believe they're actually going to adopt this sucker.