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Comment Re:motion of stars (Score 1) 77

AUUUGGH! I was waiting for someone to mention this! I'd like to offer, and believe whole-heartedly that there is NO such thing as the "Big Bang" (I even hate the sound of that!) Space is infinite insofar as the human race can understand. To even think that we can grasp this concept with our very limited five senses (look at what band of wavelength we can "sense" compared to how much we've been able to detect with instruments) would be extremely inane! To try and think that everything started as one gigantic clump of matter and at a single moment, exploded with such force, expelling fragments to far reaches of space... It just sounds so stupid! What was in space before the matter "ball" exploded? Something had to occupy it, otherwise it wouldn't exist, correct? No, there's just too much error in that theory to support. I'm sorry, but to me, space has always been there and will always be there, stars and galaxies in a never-ending dance, birthing and dying in million year cycles, minute life forms on tiny planets living a ten thousand year evolution to finally die off, either to be replaced after a few hundred thousand years with new species, or the planet finally giving in to the pull of it's parent star or stars and plunging into the fiery mass, only to be reborn again after a million years... -but the human race think they have it all figured out! The usual attitude that everything is made for their existence.... Sorry, had to vent, I just get so pissed when I hear or see those two "B" words. Thanks for letting me bend your eyes.

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