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Comment Re: oh no (Score 1) 416

Yup, I am, and remember gopher, ircII, usenet, etc before all this shity 2.0 and surveillance from every TLA and government in the world and fast lane and everything.

We old farts should build our own internet, or it's time to bring back the BBS.

Comment Re:Oath (Score 1) 106

I'm on the internet since about 1990, saw WWW and Mosaic and all, I went on Yahoo! a few times because it was a search engine, then I went to Lycos and Excite and Altavista and finally Google. As a European I never went on AOL and have not went on yahoo for more than 20 years.

I too take an oath to never go to that site!

Submission + - Would you microchip yourself for your employer? Are you ready to be a cyborg? ( 1

jasonbrown writes: At the Swedish startup hub Epicenter, it has become routine to be have a microchip implanted in the fleshy part of your thumb. The tiny device is injected with a syringe and another cyborg is created. It replaces other devices such as keys and credit cards. Doors open magically and coffee is purchased with the wave of a hand. Many people would never put a tracking device in their body for a job. Would you?

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