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Comment Menus on cameras are terrible (Score 1) 16

Have they made changes to the 1980's menu system for example?

That would be shocking if someone actually fixed that problem. I have yet to run across a camera menu (Canon or otherwise) system that doesn't make my eyes bleed. While I'm not a pro photographer by any means I've handled enough cameras across enough brands to realize the menus are pretty much universally shit. Just horribly designed with terrible interfaces. Buried settings with little rhyme or reason to them, clumsy navigation, poor descriptors, idiotic menu choices, etc. I'm not looking for pretty - just efficient and functional. Haven't found one I like yet. The cameras I've tried haven't nailed the collaboration with smartphones, tablets or PCs either. You can get them to talk but it's super clumsy and annoying. That should be basic by now but they haven't figured it out.

Comment Re:The problem isn't that they're old... (Score 3, Interesting) 133

Even making them less expensive doesn't seem to help. Young people have "upward potential", whereas an older person who is applying for a job that much younger people also applied for clearly is a "loser" with a dead end career... Never mind the years of experience that he brings. And young people "exciting new ideas and insights to the company", whereas old guys are "change-averse". True to some extent, but sometimes that is the benefit of experience as well. I worked in an organisation with a great mix of old and young, and every now and then some young manager would come up with a brilliant new way of doing things. To which the old guys often responded: "yeah, we tried that before, in '86, '95, 2001 and 2007, and it didn't work. How are we going to try this differently this time?"

Comment Re: 315 miles? Getting there! (Score 1) 171

uh, I am guessing that you have never owned a luxury ANYTHING.

I own an A8. It's worth fuck all. It's only a D2, but even the D3s are starting to get cheap now.

That is why the wealthy buy them.

No. The wealthy buy them because they are better while they last. They don't give a fuck about resale value. They dump them while they're still young and fresh.

Comment Re:Who would have guessed? (Score 3, Interesting) 225

Government procurement contracts pretty much preclude the government obtaining goods and services on the open market. Instead it must rely to a large degree on contractors and vendors who have the capability of handling all the special paperwork and requirements.

So if you're on a procurement committee you don't have much choice. Once you discard the vendors who (a) can't absorb the amount of money to be spent on schedule and (b) jump through the statutory federal contractor hoops, what you're left with is a rogues gallery of usual suspects.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 2) 79

Doesn't this embarrass you, America? Don't you feel ashamed that this is what you've become?

Absolutely, but only in that we've become like everyone else. History seems to just be a series of different groups coming to power, acting like dicks, using up their resources and then being surpassed by someone else who hasn't used theirs up yet. The USA is the country which was in the right place at the right time to dominate everything for the last couple hundred years. Before that, it's been other countries.

Comment Apple support (Score 2) 200

I see someone's dealt with Apple's "support". It's never Apple's problem. It's always "you're doing it wrong".

Hogwash. I've had two iPhones replaced by Apple in the last 5 years. One for cracked screen - small crack in upper right corner they indicated was a known design issue, replaced for free. The other was for a camera that wouldn't focus for some reason, also replaced for free under warranty. I'm under no illusions that if I threw my phone on the ground or dropped it in the toilet that they would replace it for free (that would be my fault) but they've been nothing but courteous and helpful when I've needed it. They asked if I had dropped the phone but when I answered no they did not pursue the matter further. I've never once heard an Apple representative tell anyone "you're doing it wrong" *in person* and I'm quite confident you haven't either.

That alone is why I'm done trying to deal with Apple. The high prices and poor quality just further cement that decision.

High prices? Sure. Poor quality? There are a lot of things I could critique about Apple's but as a general proposition hardware quality is not among them. They are well made and widely acknowledged even by their competition to be well made.

Comment The common denominator (Score 4, Insightful) 200

And soon to be a fifth, all in under two years. This last one only lasted about three weeks.

If indeed that is true I think the problem is most likely you, or more accurately something you are doing. While Apple does have issues with devices from time to time, the probability of a single person have 5 failed iPhones in two years due to (conveniently unspecified) quality problems is remote to say the least. I've known of people to break that many phones in a similarly short time span but that was a user error problem. If there was evidence of Apple having widespread quality issues I'd be the first to pile on but I just don't see the evidence for it here.

Comment Re:Input on a Windows tablet? (Score 1) 118

Sony also announced today a USB dongle for Mac and Windows that permits wireless DS4 connections. Assuming the tablet has a USB port you could presumably use that (although as of yet there is no word if it requires any special drivers or not).

This is actually the most interesting thing they've had to say, then. Sony has always made excellent controllers.

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