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Comment Re:At least they are doing one thing right... (Score 1) 335

I fly over 250,000+ miles a year. I refuse to go through those damn porno scanners on the grounds that they're 1) a giant waste of money 2) provide little to no additional security. So while the Fly By program may work to speed things up, we wouldn't need them it if we didn't have ridiculous security theater to go through.

Comment The best at blocking legitimate email (Score 1) 182

Like everyone else has posted, if you block everything, you're not going to get spam. Just as bad as yahoo in terms of blocking legitimate email, and just like yahoo, somehow spam actually makes it through MORE than legit email. Not sure why gmail can seem to get the whole spam/ham thing correct relatively quickly even with no recipients, and you don't have to jump through nearly as many crazy hoops as a mail provider to get your emails through

Comment Re:Social symbol? (Score 0) 566

You seem to have a hard time differentiating between blind loyalty and brand loyalty due to past performance and experience. Please do us all a favor and toss your fanboy / anti-fanboy rhetoric to the side; it will make your life infinitely better since you will spending less time arguing about pointless specs and more time using the tools you choose.

And seriously, if I have to explain why tech superiority does not automatically equal a superior user experience, you really need to grow up a bit before you start having adult conversations.

Comment Re:Social symbol? (Score 0) 566

You're pretty much the typical example of a techie who doesn't get usability and functional design, and instead pushes technological talking points above all else (and usually AT the expense of all else). If you spit out those points to a typical person, none of that would matter, or even make sense to them. Products more technologically advanced does not equal superior. It just means they have better tech. When you realize the difference and what how technology ENABLES superiority but does not just blindly grant it, you'll take that brave first step into the real world.

Comment Re:This one wins the prize (Score 1) 664

Uh, if you actually knew anything about the products they make, you'd realize Denon's at the top of their game; their preamps, for example, are often considered on the high end of things (though with terrible UIs). The reason they made that cable (and the similar HDMI one) is because they also know idiots will buy something like that; read up on the history of the AK-DL1 and you'll see the whole thing was basically a joke that some people actually are dumb enough to buy into.

Fortunately their other products are quite serious and they don't do silly things with quality and price on that end.

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