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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark 20

(My wife's B-Day gift to me was the Indiana Jones Box Set I've been drooling over since it came out).

Now Raiders came out when I was a young kid. I was young enough I never really soaked in the story. Sure, people getting their faces melted off was cool, but I never really took the whole story in. I got temple of doom, and the 'maybe a little over-hollywooded' Last Crusade (the reason I say "over-hollywooded" is if you compare the ending of it to raiders.... it seems a little 'too good')... but not Raiders. True, its been on TNT and TNN enough that I should caught it, but I only got bits and pieces. This past weekend I actually sat down and let the whole movie soak in. It is, by far, one of the greatest adventure movies to date. I was truely amazed at how well it stood the test of time, and how great the indiana jones character was (can you imagine if they cast Tom Selleck?).
I can't think of anything bad about the movie (maybe the effects, but they are good for the day). The best part? The ending... the warehouse. Talking to the government officals about it... Man does that just cap the movie off!

Seriously, a movie worthy of being watched every once and a while. If you haven't seen it in a few years, dust it off and watch it again.

I think I may have to dig out old 'great' movies and rewatch them with a more critical eye. I glazed over too much of the stories as a kid (cause I was more enamoured by effects and making sure the good guy won).
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Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

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  • You mean to tell me that RotLA is _better_ than

    Hell Goes To Frog Town? [imdb.com]
  • Just don't re-watch "The Goonies". It most assuredly does NOT stand the test of time. It's best left as a good memory from youth.

    As for Indiana Jones, my friends and I still refer to Harrison Ford by his "real" name, either Han Solo or Indiana Jones depending on which one of us you talk to.
  • I recently picked up the Back to the Future trilogy and really enjoyed it. Although the 2nd (especially the 2nd) and 3rd movies in the trilogy haven't aged as well as the 2nd/3rd Raiders movies IMHO, they are still pretty good.

    Hoping to get the Raiders trilogy for Christmas. Maybe my wife will read this.......

    • The first one was great, and, IMHO, stands up. The others... I don't know.

    • Is the "FAQ" (bonus part 3), or the "Secrets of BTTF starting Cheesy-Poof Kirt Cameron":

      Apparently, shortly after BTTF 2, Robert Zemeckis (director) joked during an interview that hoverboards were real.

      Enough gullible kiddies clamored for such fantasmagorical toys that there was finally an Official Statment that anti-gravity toys don't exist, yet (but watch the TeeVee show and ask your parents to buy the fine products from our sponsors!).

  • There are some Bond movies that are derivative of other Bond movies (View to a Kill) or are just plain shit (Moonraker. Bond... with lasers... IN SPACE) that I still love because I have fond memories of them as a kid. Heavy nostagia there. Ahhh the Roger Moore era.

    Babysitting films. The movies my parents would leave the babysitter to sit me in front of and keep me entertained. The whole 80's sports movie. Rad, North Beach, Karate Kid were totally my ish.

    Then you get into the entire John Hughes catal
    • I just remember them more vividly.

      Except for fux0ring the Ferris quote. IIRC, it's more like "If you have the means, I highly recommend it." Geez. I thought you were some sort of pop culture god, then you fucked up a Ferris-fucking-Bueller quote.

      Do you run?

      Only when chased.

  • I think I may have to dig out old 'great' movies and rewatch them with a more critical eye.

    Star Wars, in particular really hurt to watch in the theatrical re-releases. Not that it stopped me from going back to see all three, but the original in particular was just a whiney kid with delusions of grandeur. Bleah.

  • I bought that DVD on eBay after seeing 'They Live'. I couldn't even finish watching it because it was so bad.
    • Wait, I replied to the wrong thing!!!! STUPID!! I meant to reply to ellem's post. Disregard my nonsense this time.
  • Did you notice the sound effects sounded familiar... like you heard them in another movie, like i dunno... STAR WARS. I saw the movie a couple of weeks ago and didn't realize the nazis sounded like stormtroopers when they die, or the lasers during the face-melting scene.

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