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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Fantasy Football: League is (almost) set up 13

This is who I have for the players:
Keith Russell

We need one more person to even things out. Got a shout out to STB for him to reconsider.

I'm emailing out the passwords for the yahoo ID to everyone I have an email for.
[*] - These are people I have no emails for (I'm at work). Email marotti _at_ and I'll give you the password.

For 10 teams (once we get the last players), it will cost $12.50 per team to get the yahoo "Plus" team thing going. Everyone up for that??

We also need to pick a time EST for the draft between now and sept 8th. I had to pick a time, just to setup the league (I'm hoping I can change it once the league is setup), so I chose Sat, Sept 4th at 5:30pm EST (so you west coasters don't have to wake up). Like I said, I'm hoping to change it to whatever we decide. I'm up for anything between 6pm EST and 10pm EST during the week (can't log into the system at work), and anytime over the weekend. Lets try to nail down an exact time to do this. It should take at least an hour, more like 2 hours, to run the draft. If you can't come to the draft, there is prerankings to have the computer draft for you, so you aren't at a total loss.

Update: Due to time conflicts with Daoine, I changed the time to Thurs Sept 2nd at 6:00pm EDT. Any problems with that time??
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Fantasy Football: League is (almost) set up

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