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Journal FortKnox's Journal: My weekend... complete with poll! 20

Went to my parents this weekend, which makes for a great weekend (of course, they just want to see Joey, which means I don't have to worry about him or keep track of him or anything.... relaxing weekend).

It started off good. Wife and my mom and sister went to the pool with Joey. Dad & I fished. Now my folks live in a fancy-schmancy country club (4th hole is my dad's back yard), and it comes complete with lakes and such... but there is a little area off the course (its like 2 lots between some houses) near my dad's house that has a nice sized pond. It was going to hell and the club didn't want to do anything with it, so my dad took the liberty to stock it himself last year. Bass and Bluegill. He overstocked it. Its crystal clear right now, and you can see all the fish inside. We were, literally, dropping our hooks in the water and pulling out fish. If you weren't getting bites within 5 seconds of cast, they already took the bait from the hook. Sure, most of them were just 1lb'er bluegills, but it was a total blast. We even got a few breeders that were pretty hefty.

Then things got bad... (FYI - if you are squeemish, just stop reading the journal). Sunday night after dinner, I felt a VERY PAINFUL stabbing pain in my stomach (not my abdomen... right were your ribs meet... were your stomach is). Happened around 10pm (was in the middle of watching the movie 'Midway,' which is a great war flick, btw). It hurt bad. I tried some tums and zantac... did nothing. So I did what I do when I have gut pain. Go to bed and try to sleep it off. Except this wasn't gut pain. I couldn't find a position where the pain stopped. The pain didn't subside. I got about 1 hour of sleep broken into 60 1-minute intervals throughout the night. Eventually broke down at 6am, woke up my mother and asked directions to the hospital. My mother and wife tagged along and we went to the ER. Nice thing about 6am? The ER is empty... talked to the triage nurse right away, then to registration, then back to the room. Doctor eventually saw me, poked at my stomach (poking didn't make the pain any worse or less, and I was STILL in a great deal of pain). Eventually the nurse gave me a 'GI cocktail' (since I'm the only guy there and the nurses were talking loud, I heard what it is.... pepto, milk of magnesia, etc... just a buncha stuff all mixed into one cup). Tasted like ass, but I felt it coat as it went down. In about 10 seconds I started feeling better........
for about 30 seconds...
Then it got worse... worse than before. My wife describes it as I was WRITHING in pain. Literally shifting constantly to try to find a position that wasn't the sheer pain I was feeling. Now it started ratiating to my back. It was like someone was stabbing me with a knife, then it started burning... and stabing, and burning....
After about an hour or so of sheer pain, my body kinda gaveout... I stopped shifting... no sleep... no energy... still hurt, but I didnt have any juice to try to make it stop. I dozed off for about 1, maybe 2 minutes (as per my wife). Woke up feeling much better. Not 100%... my stomach was sore.... but I felt my gut working. Whatever was causing pain in my stomach musta passed into my intestines? I dunno, but it didn't bother my intestines. Doc eventually came back (it was well after 9am) with my blood and urine results. No infection, gall bladder was fine, liver was fine, pancreas was fine... the only thing that looked kinda wierd was something (Eosin for you medical types) that indicates allergy (though its usually higher for allergies) or worms (yet no other blood value indicated a worm infection). I guess the wierd part was the fact that I wasn't naseaous at all... didn't throw up or anything... just stabbing pain. Since I was feeling better he didn't want to put me on any medications or stuff, so he just gave me a copy of all the tests and told me to talk it over with my doctor. He also suggested I talk to my doctor about a procedure to stick a tube down my throat so they can see my esophagus and stomach and check for stuff. Sounds like fun. Oh, and when I got home I found out that I had some bleeding in my upper GI track or stomach (don't ask how... if you follow StB's journals, you'll have an idea.. but its upperGI bleeding, not lower).
So yesterday was all about me just being sore, and eventually driving home. My stomach was really 'achy' and 'sore' all day and night, but eventually recovered today. I'm feeling much better, but really checking what I eat.

Last night I played TERRIBLE games of Desert Combat, but got to see VisorGuy in action. All I can say is... THAT GUY RULES THE SKY! Holy crap.... he's the type of guy that if you are playing against him, you try to keep him away from heli's cause he WILL wreak havok to any vehicles anywhere near him. And he flys those heli's DAMN GOOD, too. Circling the enemy and all. Especially painful in small servers, too. Visor... I'll try to get back 'in my zone' tonight if you are up for a game (or did you say you are only up for games on monday and friday nights?).

So.. the Poll.... (this is for shits and giggles, folks... no need to get uptight or anything):
What do I have?
A.) Ulcer
B.) Just IBS pain near stomach (it was a lot worse pain than any I've had from the IBS)
C.) Worms... ewwww...
D.) Food Allergy
E.) Somethin REAL bad (like stomach cancer)
F.) A really bad case of indigestion
G.) You're just Psychosamatic (it was all in my head)
H.) Really bad reflux/heartburn... just lower
I.) Soemthing to do with the muscles near there (diaphram)
J.) Something to do with another organ nearby (spleen?).
K.) Just a freak thing that won't happen again.
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My weekend... complete with poll!

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  • And I've had one of the camera down the throat things done, it's not bad at all... just have a sore throat for a while afterwards.
    • And I've had one of the camera down the throat things done, it's not bad at all... just have a sore throat for a while afterwards.

      I've had a gastroscopy done several times, and ended up being a coward. I ask for a painkiller each time.

      Why go through the discomfort when you can have better living through chemistry? ;-)



      • I've had more than my fair share of gastroscopies too. Each time I was given a general anaesthetic, so I was out for the entire procedure. Didn't have much of a sore throat afterwards, though YMMV I guess.

        FK's symptoms sound almost exactly like what I used to go through. I would be doubled over in pain for hours (sometimes days) at a time and not much seemed to help. The doctor went through a series of tests, ruling out everything from appendicitis, kidney stones, and so on. In the end, the gastroscopy rev
  • L) Alien.

    Sorry, having just seen Shrek 2, the bit with Puss-in-Boots doing the alien thing on Shrek has me goin'.

    Otherwise, I bet a combo of IBS and something you shouldna been eatin'. Or even Crohn's. Welcome to the club. ;-)

    Get well soon.

    What? You are well? Well, I take it back then! Pshee!



    PS: Really, get well soon and hope it ain't anything serious.

  • You're just pregnant and were experiencing contractions.

    What? It could happen!

    • Yeah. I was just thinking that he was going through labor.

      Sorry, FK. You poor baby. I sure hope you find out what's wrong soon, and that's it relatively easily fixable. Are you keeping a food diary? I think that would be one place to start, and would help you track down any number of these possible afflictions.

      Hope you feel better, sweetheart.

    • Isn't that a little high for contractions?

  • Especially for you:

    Truly gone fishing.
    They must have taken my marbles away.
    (crazy. toys in the attic, he is crazy.)

    Bonus points if you know where it's from...

    By the way, I only chose this option because I wanted to correct your spelling error . It's "Pschosomatic". And don't blame it on a typo: the 'a' and 'o' are far away from each other on the keyboard.

    • By the way, I only chose this option because I wanted to correct your spelling error . It's "Pschosomatic". And don't blame it on a typo: the 'a' and 'o' are far away from each other on the keyboard.

      Ah, the irony. :)

      Dunno, FK. Get yourself checked and you may want to look into the SCD a bit more if you haven't already. I feel ya, bro. But I don't know how many people I've read about on the diet say they were first diagnosed with IBS and then it developed into CD or UC.

      I hope it's not, and I hope you c

      • Aaaaaw... Fuck! That "preview" button is there for something. I could kick myself, but I don't like pain, so I won't ;-)
        On the other hand: mine *can* be a typo... I mean, missing out a letter is not uncommon, eh?



      • I'm nervous about SCD. Last time I tried it, it caused pain (veggies seem to go real rough on my system).. and this is stomach, not intestinal pain, I'm almost sure of it.

        Once I go to the dr's and find out what he says, I'll see about going on the SCD.
        • Cool. Raw veggies or cooked? I've stayed away from celery and raw onions ever since I found the doc who saved my life the first time. I can do other veggies, though, and especially cooked.

          Unfortunately, if you're starting down this road, you'll have to do a lot of trial & error. What had you eaten that day?

          • My family pasta (which I've had a lot throughout my childhood... can't be that), veggies and dip (red peppers... one of my fav, and cauliflour).
            Then came the raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries in heavy cream. Ugh, that was fantastic.

            But, like I said, my gut really didn't have much trouble with it... just the stomach. Oh, and I think its raw veggies that do it, not cooked/steamed.

            Oh, and your blood is red, right? Black is upper, right? (just need verification).

            I did fish a lot and got all
            • (which I've had a lot throughout my childhood... can't be that)

              Unfortunately, and what you don't want to hear, is that it could very well be that. Did I quote to you that I read somewhere that IBS is somewhere around 20% in developed nations now? Getting kind of scary, but hopefully a critical mass that will get some research attention.

              Yes, black would be upper. And yes, armed with that info, that's sounding more like an ulcer. But with all that cream and dip, I wonder if it could be a lactose intoleran

  • it was gas.

    From the 3 alarm chile you ate at the fair.

    Wait, that was me, not you. :)

    I've had that pain before. It feels like someone is squeezing the (pardon the pun) shit out of your stomach. In my case, it's turned out to be gas every time. Lucky for me, some tums and Gas-x ends it fairly quickly.

    • Dude... I have IBS. I know gas pain... I know all its forms... I keep extra strength gas pills in my pocket.

      It wasn't gas.
      • I know, I know. Was being my typical smart-assed self.

        It's what I do.

        Doctors who worked on the wife's dad keep saying his diet doesn't have anything to do with all the problems he had.

        To this I say bullshit. I just think too many people are having problems for it not to be.
  • And an upper endoscopy isn't bad at all. Really. I've been through it. It wasn't even painful- i had a sore throat after mine. It wasn't traumatic, it wasn't bad, it is a simple, basic procedure that you should absolutely have done. You should also have the blood tests for celiac, if you haven't already, and i was just thinking thank god you weren't having a heart attack, that's all.
  • Thanks for the props, bro...
    What can I say but "I told ya so". If you really want to have some heli fun, ride with me as gunner in the Apache some time... We'll kick ass and take names! I usually try my best to position the nose such that the gunner can be most effective and not just riding along.

    I'm typically up for a game any night, but I usually get on later than you since we're a few hours apart with the time zones. Probably Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays will work best to game with you.

  • From your description, I was going to guess kidney stones. The type of pain you were in, and how quickly it went away sound a bit like my rather fun experiences with them. However, unless your organs are in very nonstandard locations, the pain would have been much much lower (say, near the kidneys).

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