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Journal FortKnox's Journal: I'm a Viking! Updated! 19

I'm a viking! And I've come to take your land, oh yes! I've come to take your land, and I've come to burn your crops and steal your horses. And I've come to ... step on your chickens! And soil your quilts!

That would be the 'full' version of my sig, but slashdot has its lameo limit. Only very few will actually know what its from (my guess? Technolust will probably get it, otherwise someone with kids... maybe glh). I'm in a crazy-wierd mood... happens all the time, but usually doesn't spill into my online persona... guess its one of those rare cases.

Update: WOW! I'm surprised at how many people knew it! And grats to slothdog for actually finding the wavs of it for any that wish to hear the song. Its quite silly.

Well, I dunno if I mentioned it before (too lazy to look), but I have a fracture on one of my teeth. It hurts when I bite on something solid, but stops hurting when I stop biting. It needs to be crowned (Aparently, teeth, although bones, do not heal from fractures), so I'll be getting my tooth ground for that tomorrow. Supposedly painless, so we'll see.

What's the deal with people (yeah, I've read 4 journals about it just today) having crapfits about gmail scripts reading your mail for ads? Umm... this is what spam filters do... read your mail to determine if it is spam. So, odds are, the email you recieve RIGHT NOW is being read by some script or bot. In fact, simply read Talinom's response and construct your OWN conspiracy theories! Now quit whining or simply get your money back.

In IBS news, I had two episodes the past few days. Friday during work was TERRIBLE. I was just in agony... I can't remember why I stayed until 4... but I paid for it yesterday (did some REALLY bad coding that caused a big bug in something that I caught minutes before it went into production). Had another last Sunday. Wasn't nearly as bad, and lasted only a few hours (thank god), so I was able to sleep. FYI - if you read STB... its not nearly as bad as his condition... doesn't mean its not comfortable for me, though. has been a source of great useless fun. When you have all the excess invites that we all have, its fun to make people do stupid stuff for one. I learned how to levitate (is REALLY stupid and not as fun as it sounds), someone is trying to put my initials on all the arcades they can in salt lake city, a non-religious guy is reading a chapter in the bible for one (matthew chapter 5... told him if he's interested, he could go all the way to 7.... what would you choose if it was you?)... but then daoine showed everyone the site '' where you can give some soldiers gmail accounts.

Sounds like some of you are having crappy days. I'm too lazy to change it around for ya... sorry.
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I'm a Viking! Updated!

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  • I am a Vi - i - king
    I'll walk all over you
    words words words

    25 minute solo

    I am a vi - i - king...
    • by Tet ( 2721 ) *
      My first thoughts exactly.

      I am a Viking. I'm going out to war
      And I've got death upon my mind
      As I was leaving, oh yesterday
      I've got no fear in my heart

      As the shores of my home disappear
      I sail over the sea without fear
      Dragon ships are charging through the waves
      Just want to sail away, far away, into the sea, yeah yeah

      I am a warrior my mind is set to kill
      Life or death is on the line
      I am a slayer and you will taste my steel
      I've got your life right in my hand


      You are a loser and it is such

  • Makes me think of "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything". Who you should be familiar with, as well. :)
  • you need to make up your mind.
  • They are for Santa

    but you may have one...

    Because it's Christmas!

  • Wow, we actually have that video, and I've seen it within the past 6 months. That's pretty impressive. (This coming from someone that hasn't set foot inside a movie theater for over a year now and doesn't have a TV.) Matter of fact whenever we take the kids to the grocery store and get the obligatory free cookies from the bakery, half the family walks away singing, "Cookies....yummy cookies...."

    Hey, you can even download it []. Spiffy.
  • My wife had this awesome vintage ringer tee with a picture of a viking ship and three vikings on it that said "Take a liking to a viking"- 70's wegian pride at its finest.

    When it finally fell apart I wept on the inside (because Boys don't cry!)
  • I've got one of the original Sony DVD players, and this DVD really craps out on it. I knew there was an Easter egg in there somewhere and started going through title by title until I found it. Unfortunately I had to subject myself to the "Puppies" song from Esther on the way...
  • have you ever seen your masters, the Viking Cats []!
  • I know a 50 year old guy at church. He's an ex-paratrooper and has a bunch of kids. He LOVES Veggie Tales. He knows all the songs.
    • Meh, I'm 23, not religious in the least, hate children, and I love Veggie Tales. I've got the sing alongs and a whole bunch of the tapes. I think that's slightly more impressive than a 50 year old churchgoer who obviously likes kids enough to have a bunch of them and put up with their silly songs.

      Hey, they're fun, funny, well animated, and well thought out. What can I say?

  • by turg ( 19864 ) *
    (my guess? Technolust will probably get it, otherwise someone with kids... maybe glh).

    This alone told me that it was from veggietales

  • OK, now I know what DVD to rip & encode and stick on my PDA's 512MB SD card next. ;)
    • shucks... I've tried a few times to transcode the DVD, but the audio gets really bad out of sync and the file size does not meet the target (either way too big or way to small depending on settings)... I think it has something to do with the deinterlacing. I'll try some more without that enabled (I've never tried using it before this).

      I wish it didn't take 3+ hours to transcode! I need a beowulf cluster! :-P

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