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Journal FortKnox's Journal: KoC: New Strategy I'm Trying 30

Now that I have over 300 attack turns and nearly 300k defense (along with my battlements), I think its time I went on the offensive... but I'm going to try something different.

The money I earn overnight goes to my offense all day. I'll load up as best I can in the morning, grab some early cash and keep on buying new offensive crap.

In the afternoon (if I have enough) I'll sell all my offense and get the next siege technology. Again, building my offense throughout the day.

When night comes (or whenever I 'stop for the day'), I'll sell all my offense and put EVERYTHING into defense to try and make it through the night (plus selling all my offense will drop my ranking dramatically, so I -will- be able to survive the evening).
This 'new defensive items' don't get put back into O... instead when I get enough it'll go into the next type of fortification.

The key is... as soon as rankings come out, buy offense and attack people that 'should be' around your ranking. Since they are so much lower than you, you should get mad cash. Then at night, you drop all your offense (and push yourself way too high in the rankings), so it'll be easier to defend the 'overnight raiders.'

Whatcha think?
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KoC: New Strategy I'm Trying

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  • I was using a modified version of that strategy for a bit.

    The only modification I'd do might be to save your attacks for night- and right before you sell your swords, whack some punks. then cash in and buy seige tech.
  • I could be wrong, but I think that all the seige improvements of defensive improvements do is raise your offensive and defensive ratings by the stated percentage. They basically change the multiplier on your weapons. My multiplier for offensive weapons with a trained soldier is 9.75.

    Basically, you can get out a calculator and figure out when it makes sense to updrage your seige tech. Selling everything and them ugrading will leave you with crap offense.

    Secondly, you should probably spend some on spy

  • there is one major flaw in that (and basically all of our strategies) that i've been experimenting with the last few days.

    False Premise: You get more for attacking people around or above your ranking
    True Premise: You get more for attacking (and beating) people around or above your army size

    1. I attacked a person with a defense 1/13 of what I had (~65,000 vs ~5,000)who was 24 spots below me in the ranking. He had 190,000 treasury. I attacked with all 15 attacks and decimated him. I got 8
    • I will repeat my question from above:

      Is it the ratio is size between the attacking army and the defending army that matters? Or is it total numbers? ie Do my trained defensive soldiers matter when I am attacking?

      • I don't know for sure. I would postulate total army size (because I had only 4 offense that entire time (just bought some more)). I had a guy who was 6000 above me whack me for 90,000 of my 172,000 the other day. I had 0 defensive soldiers and the ratings were 7,500 (him) to 220 (me). But he only had 55 soldiers total and I had 115. So I am very inclined to say it is total army size.

        • I just blew through 120K making a bunch of my soldiers defensive specialists and it didn't seem to help. I attacked someone that I had attacked a few hours ago and came away with bascially the same thing. An AC later in the discussion is suggesting that spies don't count.
    • Nice find. So, basically, I'm screwed cause I have around 700 guys in my army?
      • We need to test my question to know the answer to that.
      • No, I don't think you are screwed, you just have limited targets. I think you might be well served to save your money and just build up siege and fortifications and a few big weapons (like 5-10 of all the big ones) then convert a TON of people to spies (spies don't count towards your army size).

        But as always, I my not be 100% right. It is possible that as ranking increases, army size plays less of a part. This is not an end-all proof. What I wouldn't do to get my hands on that source code ;)

        • What I wouldn't do to get my hands on that source code

          You realize the code is written by a buncha high school seniors, right? (Check the 'about us' link). I would rather take a rusty spoon to the eye than read 12th graders PHP code.
          • you said it! ;)
          • As somone that's had several eye surgeries, 1 from having metal shards embedded in my corneas, I'll take the 12 graders code anyday. Though, never underestimate the ability on an eyepatch to get you the chicks in college. :)

          • There are serious flaws with it as well. I tried running several attacks simultaneously and simply "lost" some of them. No record of the battle exists and my turns were just gone.

            That said, I am really impressed that high school kids came up with this and can keep it running at all.

      • If you want, when I get some turns, I can attack you and try to kill your guys... however I'm not sure I can pierce your defense!
    • BOOYAKKA! This is the breakthrough I've been waiting for!!!!

      I'll report my findings tonight.

      Spies, eh? who knew?!
    • I found someone above me with 251 guys (I have 251 guys)- I hit him HARD; 70k damage to his 700 defense. He had 80k gold; I took 42k. Decent haul. In fact, thats the most gold I've ever stolen.
      • I took 98k yesterday on 11 turns from someone with 330 soldiers. The key is to use spys to find someone with a defense action lower than your strike action and a ton of gold. Not too hard to do.

        The hard part is saving up the turns after finding so many good targets.

        • eh, I don't use spies. I just attack for 1 turn and if all goes well, I'll re-attack for 15.

          Given that I'm now suffering from soldier bloat, this is a pretty decent idea (even if I lose I gain by losing soldiers, too.
          • spies are pretty good in that you can see exactly what someone's defensive action is. It it is lower than yours then you can beat them regardless of number of soldiers, ranking, etc. Attack turns are too precious to waste.
  • Geez, dude, get a life!
  • First of all, this is an alias. My FOC name is the same as my usual Slashdot name. I don't think it would be wise to post all of the details that I'm about to give under that regular login because any FOC player who happens to wander onto Slashdot (or enter my name and the text "FOC" into a Google search) could find out more than I'd want them to know.

    Also, to save those non-FOC players who read my journal from being bored to death by FOC-related entries, I'm going to make most of my FOC posts any FOC JEs
    • There's a lot of truth here.
      FK, you may want to keep some Offense handy.
      I've been trying to keep my D above my current rank, but I've been getting so slammed, that did Van Halen say it?
      Someone said, "Fair warning Lord,
      The young man gone to town.
      Turned from hunted into hunter...
      Gone to hunt somebody down."

      I swear I can't go 6 hours without getting hit.
      You have to be careful if you increase production. You get more cash, but you become a fatter target.

      Also, I try to hit armies of similar size.
    • Similarly, if you're about to hit someone and expect a big payout, have other browser tabs/windows open with your Armory, Training, etc pages. As soon as you get that gold, you've become the big, fat juicy target, so the quicker you spend that gold the better.

      Aint that the truth! I was going for a flaming arrow (elves highest attack weapon), and immediately (and I mean immediately) after I hit someone for 60,000g and sold off 2 steeds (2nd highest attack) I got hit by "Seck" who took that 60k right back
  • As everyone rushes out to get spies to improve their ratios by training spies please note that spies won't bring you income.

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