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Journal FortKnox's Journal: NSYNC in Space...??? 11

Yeah, following the footsteps of Dennis Tito, using the Russian Space Agency to get into space as a tourist will be 'NSYNC member, Lance Bass. Sad, but true, this teen idol will very likely be in space this November. What is the world coming to??

Addendum: I reworded it TWICE, and got rejected both times?! Honestly, how can this not be slashdot worthy? Everyone will wanna bitch about this one! It paves the way for all hollywood superstars (even one-hit-wonders) to get into space. Bah!
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NSYNC in Space...???

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  • ...if we can figure out some way to leave him there. ;-)
  • I'm sure at some point this will make the front page. Right now they have they are too busy working on that apple.slashdot.org . Gotta pay the bills somehow...

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