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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Lets have it out... 130

After LG's 'bridge burning', I've been a bit perturbed. A bit mad at some accusations, a bit mad at criticisms on volunteer work, but really mad I didn't get hollared at.

Just as SW said. Its nice when someone gets so perturbed to actually give their real opinion of you. Helps you be better and check yourself to make sure you aren't pissing people off. On the other hand, you shouldn't have to change for others.

So I guess it comes down to what do you hate about me? AC if you must (you won't lose points from me if you don't. I take constructive criticism very well). Anywho, go ahead and lemmie have it.

Feel free to comment on other people too (BTW - a warning. Don't read the comments if you are afraid someone might make a comment on you).

As a psycologist would say: This is a safe place. Don't link to it or anything. Just lets get all this crap out.

BTW - People think the 'mass exodus' that was hinted at in LG's JE means that someone is writing a site that's similar to here where they will go. No, I am not writing the site, and no, I have no idea about it at all. I'm as clueless (or worse) than you. Would I participate? Sure. Would I think it'd succeed? Nope. Adding another site for people to read usually results in about 60-80% dropoff of readership (people forget to go to the new site, eventually). Oh, and, no, I'm not leaving. That should answer all the questions that people are askin of me.
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Lets have it out...

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  • No problems with you. Nope. Nothing at all.

    And for the most part, no problems with anyone. If I avoid the journals of a few "death to all liberal" types, I don't have much in the way of worries, other than one person's "look at us poor persecuted Christians in America" commentary...

  • C'mon, slashdot blows. CmdrTaco writes in his journal, basically writing off all the flaws as if this was still some dopey personal site. There is an active community of trolls and flamers making S:N get out of control. All but one or two of the editors are freaking tools.

    The only reason I'm here at all is people like you, who don't actively post anywhere else (that I know of). And rarely can I find the gumption of get in on a discussion, anyway. And I'll admit, from time to time, the headlines are interes
    • Honestly, I got popular pointing out all the problems with slashdot.

      The only problem is I go elsewhere for the news now-a-days. Making a 'joural like' only site is just a livejournal clone. I don't know what to make of a 'break off' site that would attract the 'FK circle' to another site. I tried it before by making a slash-clone. It failed miserably.

      So what's on your mind about a new site? What would be ideal in your mind?? Perhaps we should make a journal discussion on it and see what we can do?
      • I am working on an application myself that could be used as a /. journal replacement, but that isn't the main purpose of it... What I really want to do is change the way people connect over the web into something like an asynchronos instant messenger. Only that isn't really it either. This idea is difficult to describe in terms most /.ers are used to I'm afraid.

        The application consists of a personal web server that supports a user maintained weblog (which can be hosted elsewhere, but maintained from the pe
    • To be fair, LG suggested the possibility of a "minor exodus" not a mass exodus.
    • C'mon, slashdot blows. CmdrTaco writes in his journal, basically writing off all the flaws as if this was still some dopey personal site. There is an active community of trolls and flamers making S:N get out of control. All but one or two of the editors are freaking tools.

      Be that as it may, Taco and co have still managed to create something that works better than 99% of the blog software, journal sites, or comment systems out there.

      There are some good sites out there run on blogger and Movable Type, how
  • Slashdot, bridges, life in general.

    I think somehow, some people have formed unrealistic expectations of slashdot, or JE's. Whether they wanted entertainment, or just to pass the time, it no longer interests them (Stronger drug, anyone?). On the other hand, I think some people don't take what they do on slashdot seriously enough - everything is frivolous to them... My position? I ignore those who annoy me, I pay attention to those who I care about, and I don't expect slashdot to replace google for all my ne
  • Well, about the only thing I have to add is that if someone here is annoying me, I take it to them directly. At our meetup in DC there were only a couple people that came up as annoying, but that was more of a meatspace "something to bond about" thing.

    You're not annoying at all. I mean, the things that people would find annoying like blathering about religion, innuendo, boyfriends/girlfriends, etc, if I don't agree, I largely ignore. Who am I to say you're wrong? Or right? I'm happy for the people that se

    • (hubby seems to know enough to check her posts out and so surely knows what goes on here), then why should I open my big, fat mouth?
      Hubby was super-cool when I met him. I think he's ok with it because he know that no matter what, she loves him and would never be with anyone else. I think it's a great sign of trust, and healthy in a relationship. And to bethanie's credit, she is a LITTLE more daring online than off.

      I've found some friends here, and that's cool... I do feel we'd get along well IRL.

      • I think it's a great sign of trust, and healthy in a relationship.

        I'd say as long as there's a limit, then sure. Security is just fine. :)

        Yeah, and I hope we get to hang out sometime.

        Roger that, and you know it. :)

        I'm thinking of getting my guitar back out and trying to write a song for her.

        Good luck with that. I suck at writing "I love you" songs. As Sting said on Oprah, "'I love you, you love me' songs are boring. 'I love you, you love someone else', now there's something to write about." I larg

    • I mean, the things that people would find annoying like blathering about religion, innuendo, boyfriends/girlfriends, etc, if I don't agree, I largely ignore.

      As usual, Sam, you are right on the money. For the record, TL's blathering about his girlfriend is of zero interest to me. When a JE on that subject comes up, I hit delete and move on with my life. Likewise much of Sol's fiction. I don't "get" most of it. I hit delete and move on. I miss Glamkowski's recipes. I like the "news roundups". I'm

      • PS: Sam - do you have a decent recipe for a "holiday" ale for someone still doing malt extract brewing? I'd also like a recipe for a Marzen or Festbier that I can do in the spring with extract and an ale yeast. I don't have the equipment for lager.

        I've never brewed...unfortunately. Talk to gmhowell, or...there's someone else here who's a brewer, but I forget who. Was it bubblegoose? Someone else out there back East. Write to george about it and he'll likely point you in the right direction(s).

        And I agre

        • No editors. No, really, nobody edits this stuff but me, which why it's so full of typos. So PLEASE if you've got things about it that just seem wrong, let me know!

          i honestly had no idea you didn't get it, or gee, sam, i wouldn't have written you into something you didn't care for!

          *shaking head* for the record, most follks aren't willing to be critical with their names attached. How am i supposed to get any better?

          That said, i'm pretty much making up the plot to the latest as i go, which is why it's so

          • Hehe...well, you're enough of a writer that I would say your self-editing skillz are up to par more than most who would dash off fiction.

            I was flattered you wrote me into it! I just...didn't really...get it. I'll check it out again, but my recollections are like reading really loopy script-calligraphy, to the point where you almost can't read what it says. Does that make sense?

            If you want criticism, I'll be happy to do that for you!

            I'll go back over them sometime...hopefully tonight...and see if I can

      • I hit delete and move on with my life

        Amen. I don't get why people find that such a hard idea to grasp. Esp as they have to friend the person in the first place for the JE to even show.

  • Alright here goes! You're polls are terrible. I'm tired of hearing you complain about ATL traffic. You didn't submit a pic to the photo contest. Those Marines stories are terrible. And what's with all those zen-like, listen to the sound of one hand clapping, hippie JEs about!

    Wow, you're right I DO feel better. What's that... oh, this isn't Em's journal? Wow... no, FK, you're pretty kewl. Especially next to Em.

    (Just kidding Em, I'm only picking on you because I know you can take it.) Oh, and FK, how

    • Alright here goes! You're polls are terrible.

      Alright, here goes. Your spelling is terrible! ::grin::

      I wish we had a better granularity to the relationship thing as I find your posts to other JEs interesting, but I got tired of reading what I considered to be OT JEs. I know it's just my opinion, and the journals are for whatever you want to do with them, so that's why I just read what I want to read. Don't take it as a personal statement or nothing, we just see the same thing differently, and that's coo
      • Alright, here goes. Your spelling is terrible! ::grin::
        D'OH! That's my pet peeve, too... I guess I need to slow down and proof read. I've been on here too long, it's affecting (not effecting) me!

        I wish we had a better granularity to the relationship thing as I find your posts to other JEs interesting,
        I know how you feel, I have several people on my friends list that I delete the JE messages without reading because I don't have time, and it never interests me, but I like their comments enough to fri

  • You know my feelings. I think that LG was venting some RL stress and felt comfortable in unleashing on her /. friends. I think it was immature of her to insult you, SafetyCap, and Bethanie.

    I don't think she really cares what anyone (outside of her core /. friends) think. She's taken her ball and gone home.

    As far as what's wrong with you? Or /. Journals? Nothing. We all have our own lives and opinions and agendas and honestly if there is something you don't like or don't want to read, then you can DE
    • I think it was immature of her to insult you, SafetyCap, and Bethanie

      That's the thing. I wasn't insulted (that I could find). That's why I'm asking for insults... I feel left out ;-)
      • That's why I'm asking for insults... I feel left out

        You're ugly. And... you have a bad hair cut. And... your website is horrible. And... you have bad breath. And... you write funny. And... no one on /. likes you. And... you can't spell good. And... I hate your name.

        Feel better? ;)

        Honestly, I have NO problem with you.
        • Honestly, I have NO problem with you.

          But I have a problem with you.

          I don't remember what for, exactly. Can you give me some suggestions?

          Mind you, I know that my nose hair bugs the snot out of most people here. My NoseHairCam(TM) didn't go down too well, I fear. But I don't care! I love my nose hair and have learned to feel good about it.



          • I think you don't like me because:

            1. My nose hair is LONGER & THICKER(TM) than yours.
            2. In the third grade, I took your milk money.
            3. I was the guy whose shopping cart left the ding in your driver's side door.
            4. I'm too damn opinionated.
            5. I secretly love you.
            6.... seriously after #5, do you need anymore reasons? ;)
      • Your father was a hamster and your mother smelled of elderberries.

        Otherwise, I can't think of anything.

    • Thanks man.

      When I read what she wrote, I got hot for a minute (well, more like 5 minutes). It hurt. Not because I know the site is butt ugly - I've never made any pretentions about being a graphic artist - but because she could neither know nor apprciate the effort that both FK and I put into getting it done; about the folks who supplied suggestions; or about everyone who participated.

      What's unfortunate is that she chose to take the unhappiness in her own life and "spread it around" to everyone in her circl

      • What!? heck, even one day FK will go


        Say it ain't so, Joe!

        FK will NEVER leave /. He's like the Dread Pirate Roberts, he'll just pass it on down the line. ;)
        • Re:FK! (Score:3, Funny)

          by Safety Cap ( 253500 )

          Okay, you can be the next one:

          Good night DaytonCIM. Good work. I'll most likely kill you in the morning.
          Are you ready for four years of THAT? :)
          • Ummmm, good point. No I am not and the thought of living with FK scares the BeJesus out of me. I'm going away to find a nice quiet place to hide now.
            • And a sig is born (only 4 more years of comments to go) ;-)
              • NOOOOOOO! Oh please gawd noooooo! I can't take 4 years of FK.


                That's it. I'm jumping off the boat.

                • (this is a reply to your latest JE since you turned comments off):

                  Just an FYI - kids won't really look into your eyes after they are born... that doesn't come for a few days (sometimes weeks) and a smile won't come for almost a month, possibly longer. And the eyes will almost be completely black with a deep deep shade of dark blue around the edges. The true color doesn't come in for a couple days.

                  Just some stuff I was expecting that came about differently.
                  • Just an FYI, I don't expect everything right away and I don't want her to grow up overnight. My JE was only a reference for what I was feeling today. Specifically, I am excited about the future - not just the near future - the whole future.

                    Her first breath. Cry. Arm lift. Kick. Sleep. Snore. Cough. Smile. Feeding. Wiggle. Sniffle.

                    And her first diaper. And bath. And 3am feeding. And scream.

                    All of it. And I don't expect it all to happen in the first day or month or even year. ;)
    • by ces ( 119879 )
      Personally, I have had people in the past ask that I not post multiple JEs per day, because they are unable to read so many JEs in one day and wish to give everyone a fair reading. I have made an effort to condense my JEs in order that those people may continue to read my JE and other's. Constructive criticism is ALWAYS a good thing and for me always positive.

      Well I don't really care one way or another. In fact if someone is posting multiple entries per day I'm more likely to see them.

      At this point I've
  • But I don't have much bad to say about anyone except myself. I could say good things about people if you want.

    Anyway, it's kinda sad that LG left, but I can see why. A lot of people were treating her cam set up like some kind of demented strip show, and that combined with some RL stress is enough to make anyone want to leave.

    It's a loss, but I trust that she knows what's best for her.

  • post the answers in the damn PC2. that is all.

    Now, i'm no one to talk, and i'll admit that i flinch at the things people must have stored up to say about me. Yes, i'm opinionated, vain, self-centred, and pretentious. I'm also stubborn, liberal, lonely, and whine a lot without making the things that i whine about my number-one-top-priority to change.

    All that aside, where's me freaking photo contest answers????

    Is it too much to ask? *sigh*

    I want to know to whom i'm yelling. I want to know who LG is so i know who's go

    • it's possible that i'm really a sentient chihuahua who's hitting the keyboard with her cold, wet nose,
      You speak well for a chihuahua when I call you, though... :-)
    • All that aside, where's me freaking photo contest answers????

      Indeed. I nominate FK & Co. for Greatest Putzes of the Known Universe, pending their non-release of the answers.

      Other complaints: 43 % of sol says, "Not enough funny," 89% of sol says, "Not enough photo contest results,"

      Currently FK's poll ratings seem to be at about -10% and falling. However, when asked about the effect that releasing the photo contest answers would have on FK's approval rating, Ethelred Unraed was quoted as saying, "W

      • by turg ( 19864 ) *
        C'mon FK. Hit the reply button, paste the answers into the textbox, press submit, and it's all over.
        • I didn't use the #1 rule of computing...

          I wrote the answers down on a piece of paper on my desk. So you have to wait until I get home, then I need a reminder to type'm all in.... I'll get to it tonight.
      • Ethelraed, do i owe you a prize or something? I'm pretty sure i must. If i didn't before, it's now overdue anyway...


        • Ethelraed, do i owe you a prize or something? I'm pretty sure i must. If i didn't before, it's now overdue anyway...

          Oh, er, yeah, actually you do owe me a prize...ah! Now I have someone to rant about, befitting this JE!

          'Twas something about a poem...but my memory is had to do with my commentary on your poem about life, death and the Universe and everything. Or the one about White Castle burgers.



          • ...cause i can't eat hamburger rolls. Hang on.

            i thought i was afraid of what was coming
            i thought i was afraid of what i'd see,
            but not like this. No light, no Dark,
            not anything between myself and me-
            the arc unbroken, the circle unimpeded,
            turning in and in and in and through
            into half and then a fourth of who i was:
            in this place i explode like a broken star,
            outwards in a thousand bits of me-

            copyright me, some thirteen years ago. I couldn't have been past my freshman year in high school.


  • I have no fucking idea what's going on.

    I don't know who LG is. I don't know why anyone wouldn't like FK.

    I have been around /. for a while. I used to have a cool 4 digit number but lost access to the email address the password was linked to... anyway:


    /. has always had bad authors, horrendous Trolls and a S/N ratio that mostly eq noise. So what? It's a pretty good site as far as this type of site goes.

    Anyway, do I need to care about this LG thing or can I just move along?
    • Here's the journal entry [] of interest.

      She seems perfectly fine with FK, but believes that the community has deteriorated to the point where she no longer wishes to be a part of it.
      • She seems perfectly fine with FK, but believes that the community has deteriorated to the point where she no longer wishes to be a part of it.

        Unfortunately this happens with most such communities. Over time they change, grow, evolve. Just as in "real life", new people come into the group, old people leave and those who remain change in time too. It's just life.

        It is a shame to see LG go, but she has shown signs of change over the past few months, and it is time for her to move on and become something oth
  • Like *mumble, mumble, the AC* said, you, personally aren't around much anymore. But that's no big thing. Participation ebbs and flows depending on RL. As far as friending/foeing and annoying each other... Here is a list of people who have pissed me off []. If you haven't pissed me off, you're not likely to be interesting enough to be on that list.

    Cyrano annoys me more than others (and on at least a few occasions, vice versa) but even when he's wrong, he makes me think. Brent is a nut with opinions reminiscent
  • No problems to report here. I've been a lurker of your journal for a while, and generally enjoy the what you post. While JE's don't provide any real indepth insight into who anyone is, I figure you're a good egg :-)

    As for LG... I have no idea who that was until all this hub bub, but good grief... I love being told off like that "The rest of you can, in the great /. tradition, go fuck cowboy neal." Hey thanks! But hey, that was the intended reaction she had in mind... its a "fuck off" in the grandest tradit
  • Techno, I don't know why you feel the need to be Mr. goodie two shoes, and yet talk about the hotties and babes the way you do... I've noticed that your opinion of yourself is extreamly high. You think your all that, and sweetie, your just a very bright flash in your own pan. I don't want to speak for the rest of the group, but they are afraid to do it, and I'm tired of reading/hearing about it. Now that I'm in the new place, I have more time to read JEs. Why don't you work one or two up about xbox, or
  • I'm kind of sick of slashdot myself. I think it was Keith Russel [] who summed it up quite well in his latest JE.

    It kind of reminds me of "groundhog day". The same old stuff keeps happening over and over again. Hey, I'm as guilty as the next guy, I looked at some of my JE's and a bunch of them were the same old stuff with a different date stamped on them.

    Regardless, I've had many good discussions with people on slashdot, and it's really fun to catch up and see what is going on in other people's lives when
  • You can't please everybody, and if you try, you'll just wear yourself out in the process. I, for one, like the blog-style, story-telling entries. I confess that I skip over the techie entries that don't incorporate large chunks of chemistry. Others would prefer that you stick to rants about Linux Kernel and the occasional SciFi flick. All you can do is make your journal pleasing to you. If people like 'em, they'll read; if not, they won't.

    If you don't like idealist, self-indulgen
  • That robi guy has finally pushed all my buttons in the wrong order. I can only ignore him for so long before I finally want to punch him in the junk. Assuming he even has junk to punch and is a guy, and not some monkey at the keyboard pretending to be some guy. And what is with all that gun crap? Is he trying to replace Mr. Heston or Moses? Or both? I think someone needs a sedative, shrink, and a book by someone besides Ted Nugent.

    Oh wait . . you didn't mean
    vent about ourselves...

  • seeing as i usually don't have anything bad to say about anyone, and you are really looking for something bad about yourself, here goes:

    tired of wasting time on the stupid lameness filter, so you're missing the first part.

    **** THE PROOF THAT FortKnox IS EVIL **** []


    Thus, "FortKnox" is 5495.

    Multiply the number by 002 - this is the symbol of greed, from right to left. It gives 10990.

    Add 69, the symbol of perversion and pleasue in sin - the result is 11059.

    Turn the number backwards, subtract 1986 -
    • do you have a program that does all that crap? if not, how did you bring yourself to spend so much time on that?
      • do you have a program that does all that crap? if not, how did you bring yourself to spend so much time on that?

        follow the link in my post.

        sorry to be short, but i thought it was blindingly obvious. you could also read about how NeMon'ess is evil [].
  • If /. is no longer interesing, cruise other sites. That's what I do on slow days (i.e. Sunday at around 10am). There are a lot of net communities out there.

    I think it's a cabin fever thing: if you stay stuck in this one house you'll go bananers. And I'm not saying go outside and read a book because I realize that webbrowsing is a nice catharsis during work (which going out for a walk isn't). I read a lot of Janes [] if I'm sick of /.

    Really, this is only a website. Nothing here save a nice little bit of
  • As Jesse James once said:
    You know what I'd say to you if I didn't like you? Nothin'. Absolutely nothin'.

    If I HAD to pick something ... it'd be that you don't live in Pittsburgh ... that that's my general beef with everyone. :)

  • You know, FK, there's something I've been meaning to say for a long time and I just have to get it off my... ahem... chest.

    You're just too squeaky clean. You need to get a little naughtier... you know, loosen up a little and engage a bit of innuendo yourself. 'Cause you just come off as this really uptight Christian family guy afraid of being misconstrued as a dirty-minded pervert.

    You need to hang out around me more. :-)

    This was mostly meant in jest. You can guess which parts. :-)
  • 83 comments, as of this posting. And how fast is the slashdot community going downhill? Apparently, not as fast as y'all can post!

    And FK, if you didn't have LG's undying envy, you will when she sees how many more people replied to YOUR entry about her departure than to hers.... *shaking head*

    • You know, I *do* hope she's gone and has had it with the 'dot, and it isn't some psychological exercise like the ones JtS has done. I don't think she would, but I didn't think he would either.

      It is interesting, though, how many people have written about it today. I never thought it would take the direction it has, but it has generated a lot of posting here in the circle. Over a couple hundred (few hundred? More?) posts related to the whole thing.

      So, for LG's leaving... +1, Interesting.

      I'm hoping it's

      • You know, I *do* hope she's gone and has had it with the 'dot, and it isn't some psychological exercise like the ones JtS has done. I don't think she would, but I didn't think he would either.

        Well, Jorg just dropped out of sight for a couple of weeks, whereas LG decided to fire a parting shot. In a way, Jorg's approach made it easier to return, whereas LG will find it easier to stay away (at least for a bit longer than JtS's stint) because if (when?) she has an urge to pop her head back in, she will think
  • You have a life, or something, so you can't be a slave to ./ and keep the JEs coming.

    Oh, and you still haven't provided me with the names for the #$(& photo contest... or the extra picture for that guy (#31?? I forget).

    Well, I take it back, because I never finished writing the "answers" part of the code; it is just hanging there, and if you said, "Okay SC, here's the answers," then I'd actually have to write it, but I have like a billion other things I'm supposed to do, so I write it when I'm home, bu

  • And that's basically it:


    There, I said it... ;o)

  • I go home for the weekend and the place explodes!

    Whatever. People are people -- if you wanna be here, great. If you don't, see ya later. Parting shots aren't really necessary, although they're totally interesting to read.

    In the end, I *so* don't care what people do here, so long as they're happy with it.

  • Man, I'm gone for like a week and all of the sudden the earth is ending. I've been catching up all morning trying to figure out what this exodus people were talking about was.

    Again, I would never have posted this unless you asked, so I figured I'd give it a shot. First, let me say that I would never say to "hate" you or even dislike you. But I do have some criticisms of you as a Christian. It looks like you and I have fairly different views regarding how a Christian should be acting in the world, so

    • So I'm in the clear 'cause I'm a heathen, right?

      Just think what a good example I make for you to sermonize against!!

      See? I *do* serve a useful purpose around here!!!

      • So I'm in the clear 'cause I'm a heathen, right?

        What do you mean by that exactly? As a Christian, I'm not a relativist in the moral sense, so I believe that morality, for the most part, applies to all, whether they agree or not. However, because the Bible tells me not to judge those outside of the faith, I don't. So, you are "clear" in the sense that you won't see me "sermonizing against" you.

        FK asked for criticism, and I gave him some. As a Christian, I'm sure he is aware of the verses in the

        • the Bible tells me not to judge those outside of the faith, I don't

          Wow, being a HUGE believer in this I'm really glad you pointed it out. This is where evangalists really go overboard. Telling people they are going to hell and such. You can explain what you know and what you've been taught, but the judging should be left out. You and I are very similar (except the whole I'm trying to hard to fit in).

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