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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Apple Pays Slashdot (assumption) 23

Yeah, my title is an assumption, but someone look at some of the facts:
What's interesting about the slashdot topics page??
I'll give you a hint: Look at the following
  • Desktops
  • Media
  • Portables
  • Technology (number 2?)
  • Utilities
  • Wireless

Ok, those are all (all of a sudden) iMac/Apple related icons??
Not to mention the already Apple & iMac topics, now there is OS9 and OSX!

Somethin' screwy's going on...

Maybe VA Lin^H^H^HSoftware is going to change their name to VA Machintosh???

Let the conspiracy theories commense!!

Addendum: Looks like a new apple site is up for slashdot for the "large apple population." What about the "large MS population"? Isn't Apple just as big and bad a corporation as MS?
Wait, I forgot, we are against MS, even if it means supporting a company that won't let "clones" of their machines exist.
Proprietary means one thing if its MS than other stuff...

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Apple Pays Slashdot (assumption)

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  • Apple (Score:2, Interesting)

    by bigdreamer ( 465083 )
    I'm assuming you haven't visited Slashdot lately. There is a LOT of excitement about OS X, the new Macs, iMac stores among geeks. I don't blame them. Apple is coming up with some really great stuff. OS X has a lot of potential, and the iMac is not only a technological feat (look at its small footprint!) but it's a work of art. Most importantly, unlike most open source companies, Apple has been making a lot of profit lately, despite the US recession.

    Apple is cool now. Get with the program.
    • Small foot print or no, putting the monitor and PC in the same case is a Bad Thing(TM). Monitors die or get fuzzy, or you decide they're too small. Want a new one? Buy a whole new PC. I'll give you that they are artsy, but so are the new Dell's that are black and silver. As for a small footprint, if you are really hurting for desk space, get a flat panel LCD, put your desktop under the desk and boom! your footprint the size of your favorite keyboard.

      The only thing that is making me even CONSIDER buying an Apple is OS X.

      • Not hurting for space. The iMacs are just really cool! Makes my PC look like an inefficient hulk in comparison.

        I personally would get the new Power Macs [], though. Much more expandable and powerful.

        Now OS X has tons of potential, but I'm waiting for the bugs to be fixed and more compatible software.
      • Small foot print or no, putting the monitor and PC in the same case is a Bad Thing(TM). Monitors die or get fuzzy, or you decide they're too small.

        If this is a serious problem for you, then don't buy a flippin' iMac. Combining monitor and CPU into a single unit is not universally, intrinsically bad: It carries some benefits, and some risks. If the tradeoff doesn't work for you, that's fine, but it does work for a lot of people.

  • by daeley ( 126313 )
    You say that like it's a *bad* thing. ;-)
  • Apple is the only one with a Registered Trademark (®) even though I believe MS's internet explorer "e" is registered. Caldera is the only one with a TM.

    Oh, and the gimp's eyes move. Freaky.

  • by Foochar ( 129133 ) <foochar@gma i l . com> on Wednesday February 13, 2002 @06:27PM (#3003469) Journal
    Something really screwy is going on here. Either Apple just bought off a nice chunk of slashdot, or someone hacked the topics database. Here is a list of topic numbers:


    Apple stuff starts here

    Utilities: 182
    Wireless: 183

    Given the Slashdot editors extreme aversion to creating new topics it seems really strange that they would all of a sudden add 10 new topics.
    How many users screamed for a Lord of the Rings topic, and we never saw one.

    10 topics getting created all at once is very strange. Ximian is over a year old, between now and then Journals, Security and HP have been added. And now 10 new topics.

    Another tidbit of information is that all the new icons have names in the form of topic ap wireless, the old topics are things like topicwine.

    This is all very unusual...
  • Can someone tell me why there are two technology topics? Whats this [] one for? It has nothing in it.

    Why did Slashdot change the Spam icon? Did Spam [] not pay them enough?

    Now that Slashdot includes Mac OS 9 and OS X, why don't they include Win9x, WinNT, and WinXP? Fucking bastards. I bet they can't wait until Apple releases a PDA so they can replace the Palm icon.

    What's with that Netscape icon? Looks like a piece of crap to me.
    • "Why did Slashdot change the Spam icon? Did Spam not pay them enough?"

      because hormel threatened suit.
  • How 'bout this?

    Since Taco's new "wife-to-be" designs a boatload [] of the icons for Slashdot, and since she designs them on a Mac (if I recall), perhaps that has something to do with it?

    Damn! No conspiracy!


  • Thanks for pointing that out! Ten brand new Apple icons, all in numerical order. Hmm... Sounds like this should be made a meta discussion.
  • At the begining I was sure that /. was hacked - I didn't know there are other subdomains, like, and the change of was so unusual.

    Anyway, if it helps them get money, I don't care. Anyone who gets annoyed by this can filter all the apple topics.

    Btw: nice journal! And BigDreamer's journal is interesting too.

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