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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Slashdot Photo Contest Poll [Updated] 41

OK, I got a ton of pics (still waiting on Em), but haven't had time to really do anything I want out of the contest (like a nice system for voting and stuff). So, I ask you all what you want:
A.) I just get the pics up (like the old contest, perhaps whipping up some photo gallery or something), and do voting in the JE like the old contest.

B.) Wait until I have time to put together my idea of a site (could be done by the weekend, but I'm out of town during the weekend, so I can't work over the weekend. Therefore, it'll be a week, maybe longer).

C.) You're idea here.

Updated: D.) SW's idea. Put up the pictures, and let you check them out while I work on the system in the background. Gives you time to think them out.
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Slashdot Photo Contest Poll [Updated]

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  • Make a crappy system.

    Hack it up forget all this JSP crap, forget planning... just hack something up in Perl, PHP or ASP. who cares about performance or stability.
    • I do agree with "put up a automated system". Mainly because a 2000++ comment journal takes a lot of time to load after a while ;-)
      However, considering the amount of pictures FortKnox got, it might be wise to care at least a big about performance and stability.
      • We could take an existing gallery package, one that is not bloated: SPGM []

        And add our voting funtionality.

        The problem with this is that we can not associate slashdot accounts with who voted what, maybe taco would help us out by letting us authenticate against the /. user database? hmm not likely but worth a try.

        • Sure you can... Anyone that want to take part in voting has to register himself with FortKnox. He gives you a password. Problem solved. After all, he knows your email by now if you participate.
          Or if you want to keep is simple: use the email address together with the slashdot UID. Not perfect, but I don't know your email address, so it will be pretty hard to impersonate you ;-)
  • You can give us a week to mull over the pictures, and then we can vote when you get a system up. So, in essence, I choose all of the above. Yeah. I'm greedy like that.
  • I choose B. A is fine, but, hey, BTDT.

  • You could start by putting them all into an mail with the following letter:

    Attached are all the photos for the FortKnox/Slashdot Photo Challenge 2. Please vote for each one, then:

    copy each photo 4 times

    add $1 with each group of photos

    use the following 5 names on 5 envelopes

    remove the top name in the list of 5 people below.

    add your name to the bottom of the list

    send the pictures, a copy of thios letter (with the updated list) and the $1 to each of the people addressed on

    • Your pic looks like you? That's good, mine doesn't look very much like me. I figured with the media attention my picture got last time that I should find a different look for me in a picture.
  • I ran into a problem working on my system. It works but my host is being a bitch, and I have to talk to them to allow me to accept http uploads. (I would go with simpi hosting, except that I am lazy and I am cheap). Once this is worked out, the system should be ready to go. Then you can take a look at it and let me know if it will work for what you want.

    Tis not pritty, but it's functional. What more does a geek need? :)
    • forget the http uploads... just put them directly on there through emails.... that's what I was planning on doing.
    • Hey! Go with us and we'll help you transfer your domain for free. And... as an added bonus... I'll even MARK YOU AS A FRIEND!!! :D

      (Actually, I've already marked you as a friend. Oh well.)

      Anyway, message 'simplisales' on AIM and we'll get you all set up. :)
  • i have to confess that i was reluctant to submit a photo, because i have a friend whose photo got pasted onto other people's websites, and eventually used by someone for nefarious purposes, including but not limited to using it as their own photo in a profile, and using it to post personal ads. i'd never though twice about it until she was crying over seeing her photo someplace else. But Fortknox is pretty convincing, so i allowed my soul to be captured by the shutter and sent through that 'interweb' thing.
    • But... what the heck are we voting on? Did i miss something? maybe we vote on who a person is, so i should just pick somebody interesting-looking and vote that i look like them??

      Yeah, I think we're doing something more along the lines of "guessing". But it won't be hard to guess you... unless there's another female firebreathing dragon in the FK /. photo contest?
    • Are you submitting one for each of you?
      • They're identical. So FK will probably either select one, or compile the two identical pictures into one picture (that looks just like either) so that people don't just look for the woman appearing twice and know it's us.

        we're Wicked and Evil, not stooooooooopid. :)

  • I'm with SW. Pics now! Pics now! Pics now! Pics now!

    We want pics! pics! pics! pics!

    some of us have been waiting to see what Sol looks like but err...*eyes move from side to side* ... that wouldn't be me no .... not me... *looking out window, pretending to be uninterested*

  • What is the rush? I'm not planning on kicking the bucket any time soon! Is anyone else?

    Take your time to make it fun, educational, and a bit scary.
    Fun = a cool app you & volunteers get to write
    educational = a cool app you & volunteers get to write (source code for the rest of us?)
    scary = people have to find out what I look like (well actually what I looked like 2 years ago)
    • What is the rush? I'm not planning on kicking the bucket any time soon! Is anyone else?

      why yes, according to death clock I have 13sec ... no 9 se... 4, 3, 2 ... #$%(*!@$*@#$ [NO CARRIER]
  • I slapped some wireframes up []. I'll even try throwing some code together this week. If I can get a working WAR by friday pm, then I'll mail it and the source to you.

    Do you have your schema set yet? If so, post it.

    I propose putting up the pictures first, letting everyone vote, then displaying the results after everyone gets a shot (or gets bored, whichever comes first <g>).

  • still haven't sent any pics...

    so i agree with SW about getting pics up early, but i say there should be an actual system for voting. JtS is right about comments getting too big and page load times growing exponentially.

    if it holds off until this weekend, i promise i'll send at least one pic in. really, i mean it this time. ;)

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