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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Photo Contest Stuff, Football, etc... 23

As far as the photo contest, I only got a few pictures, but it does include multiple female pics (two very nice ones, might I add), and a troll has sent me a pic. You can send me up to five pictures, and if you participated in the old contest just send a different picture (grow a beard or something to disguise). I didn't have time this weekend to setup a nice tomcat/struts website for them, so I'll do it this week or weekend. I'd like to end the contest this friday, but I'll need extra time. So, I guess what I'm saying is:
Again, the email address is

How about the football this week? We all learned a buncha things! I'll help those that missed the games out:
Arizona isn't as bad as you expected, but detroit is already stellar on offense!
There is life in Atlanta after Vick.
The Rams aren't back to their old form (unless you mean last years 'old form').
The bears CAN get worse (hello kordell!).
Jacksonville still has SOME life left in it.
The Saints still know how to choke.
Drew Bledsoe FINALLY got himself some revenge! Buffalo is looking like a superbowl contender this year.
New England is looking crippled.
Clevelands young inexperienced D isn't all that bad.
Clevelands anticipated 'explosive' offense isn't as expected.
Indy's offense went from boring yet effective to just plain boring.
Houston went out to prove they aren't a pathetic newcoming, and succeeded.
Miami has realized that Wannested is worthless. He's had his last season as a head coach for the NFL.
Baltimore hasn't (and won't) returned to its superbowl defensive form.
Baltimore ISN'T a contender.
Ray Lewis' return was four tackles... that's it.
Tommy Maddox still has the gun of an arm.
Pittsburgh is alone on top of the North, already.
Plummer isn't the Broncos answer to the loss of Elway.
Portis is.
Oakland isn't out for the count, but they are starting to lose steam.
San Diego's young defense needs time to learn the system.
Priest Holmes has fully recovered from knee surgery.
Did I miss anything?
This list will be updated after tonights game.
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Photo Contest Stuff, Football, etc...

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  • by Otter ( 3800 )
    Did I miss anything?

    I watched very little NFL yesterday, but that Florida-Miami game Saturday was superb, marred only by those two idiotic penalties for celebrating on Miami, either of which could easily have cost them the game. (Idiotic for drawing them, especially the second, and idiotic to call them in those situations for what seemed like some mild high-stepping.)

    I also liked the guy holding up an "Ich bin ein Berliner" sign. ;-)

    My brother's comment, with which I concur: "Why would any top recruit not

    • Florida GAVE that game to Miami. If they woulda stopped rotating QBs (and put the third stringer in to win it?!?!?!?!), they woulda had the game. Just be glad Berlin came through at the end.
  • Even Bill Parcells (overrated?) can't make players perform consistently on the field.
  • The Lions are pretty damn good. Scarey good. Packers and Vikes need to worry. With Mariucci (sp) I think the Lions are 2 years from making the Super Bowl.

    I disagree about Arizona. I think they're still a terrible program and Smith is not going to give them 1300 yards this season.

    The Rams suck as long as Warner is leading them. Time for Kurt to step down.

    Kordell... Kordell... WHY!? I hope this is rock bottom for the Bears. The Bears defense SUCKED yesterday. Why is god punishing me?

    Aaron Brooks
    • You are absolutely right about the Bills. Damn they looked good yesterday.

      No kidding. As I watched my FF team get hammered yesterday, all I could think was "Wow, the Bills look like the best team in the NFL?!?"

    • The Rams suck as long as Warner is leading them. Time for Kurt to step down.

      I've been saying this for the past year, but as a former LA resident and former Rams fan, I'm happy to see them lose and struggle. They had a good run there for a couple years. Warner is what he is. A pretty good arm on a pretty good body. They had a year that was struck by lighning. Let it go.

      Patriots suck. Long season for those folks (although they have a pretty stadium from which to watch the games).

      Unless you (meaning I) d

  • and a troll has sent me a pic.

    No, really, the pic I sent you, that's my REAL pic... don't hate me and call me a troll just because I'm beautiful! ;)

    Oh...I bet your talking about someone else... nevermind.

  • The Lions are pretty damn good. Scarey good. Packers and Vikes need to worry. With Mariucci (sp) I think the Lions are 2 years from making the Super Bowl.

    You used the terms 'Lions' and 'Super Bowl' in the same sentence. I believe that this is a severe grammatical error, no matter what language you are speaking.

    DISCLAIMER: I am from Detroit. ;)
  • Ehh... I have a feeling that this game was a fluke (i.e. the D isn't this good and the O isn't that bad). How the hell do you have two first downs within 3 yards of the endzone and not get at least one TD? Would've won the game. Holcomb started hot but then played conservative down in the second half when the Browns needed him most.

    And don't forget: the Browns O-line lost starter Ross Verba in the last week of preseason. The reshuffle that followed easily leads to yesterday's results.

    And I love the y
  • The bears looked shitty. the 49ers aren't that damned good. The D was most definitely not Scottish. (if it's not Scottish....It's CRAAAAP!!!)

    The offense would have been run smoother if they had plucked a random Junior High kid out of the crowd and put him in. Kordell overthrew about 10^450 receivers.

    They sucked so bad, in fact, I stopped watching and went outside and sat on the patio.

    yes, it's only one game in a new season. I have felt enough pain over the last 18 years though. WTF changed in 2 yea
  • I don't think anything we saw this week in Football can be ANY indication of how any one team will do for the whole year. Lets give it 4 or 5 weeks to weed out the cellar dwellers from the rest.

    The Lions beat the Cardinals, now there a Contender for the Super Bowl in 2 years???? ROFLFAO
  • The Titians are going to do some major damage this year. The are now the second most exciting team to watch next to KC. But KC vs TEN will make a great AFC championship game.
  • It's called, "Let's give away our good players!!!"

    Step 1: Trade away Bledsoe.

    Step 2: Continue the trading, giving players to teams that they're about to face on-field

    Step 3: Watch morale of remaining players crumble!!

    Step 4: Oh, wait, this was a bad idea! Well, it's too late now, that's for sure!!!!

    Step five: Oh, well- what can we do?? Watch former players fight one another for super bowl. Bet heavily on former players.

    Step 6: Profit!!!

    Seriously, did they promise someone they'd take a dive or so

  • Sorry, I've been out of town for a while and I lost a ton of /. messages, are we doing a new contest for something?
    • New photo contest (because so many more people have joined the ranks). New opportunity to lick your acquaintances.
      • " New photo contest (because so many more people have joined the ranks). New opportunity to lick your acquaintances."

        And that, in turn, is a new excuse to clean your monitor.
      • Shit, I chose a rather poor photo of myself to sent to Josh. Well, if needs be I could always re-send a sexier one :-)
  • I hope to have a picture or two to send you later in the week. This time I will try to not look so excited about the prospect! ;-)
  • but it does include multiple female pics (two very nice ones, might I add)

    So, how many female pics in total?

  • Good god, what was last nights game about? They looked horrible! I'm hoping it was first ("real")game jitters, or maybe they were shaken up by the fireworks and show before the game :)

    The new line has to protect McNabb a hell of a lot better than they did yesterday. Ugh hell, even Sapp got a catch thru the defense! LOL

  • Let me see if I can dig up a decent picture of me, and if so, I'll gladly join in this one. If not, well, that's the way it goes...

"Look! There! Evil!.. pure and simple, total evil from the Eighth Dimension!" -- Buckaroo Banzai