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Wouldja like to take survey?

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  • Norm!

    I thought he was entertaining on Cheers, but haven't seen anything else with him. I do like beans, especially in Mexican cooking.

    A movie with him eating beans might be good, but there might be a need for more plot...

  • No. No. And very no.

    Is that the right answer?

  • Why do I get the feeling this is going to lead to a YouTube link?
    • I wish... I went searching for it and came up with bubkis.
      One of the rare animaniacs I can remember (along with good idea, bad idea:
      Good idea: Stopping to smell the roses.
      Bad idea: Stopping to feel the roses.)

  • I remember that episode. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot popping out from everywhere because people wouldn't finish their survey... sigh. I miss the Animaniacs.
    • Me too!
      • As do I :(

        • Wouldja like to take a survey?

          What i remember most about that sketch was that one of the stores in the mall was called, "Freudian Slips."

          I love animaniacs.

          It's available on DVD.

          Who else would run an entire episode in french just for the heck of it?

          Oui, oui, monseur homme, je t'aime, au revoir!
        • You know... I MIGHT be persuaded to bring the 5 disc DVD set that StalinsNotDead sent me when I come out tomorrow. How many drinks is it worth to you? ;-)
          • It's worth a shot of Stoly Crystall.

            • Geez... didn't take you that long to get into that California lifestyle, did it?
              • Cali lifestyle? That there's from my New York playbook my friend.

                I have no clue where I can even find Stoly Crystall around here, but for 5 disks of Animaniacs, I'll sure find out.

                Planning a trip to come join us? =)

                • Heh, I'm going from 'getting a salary twice a month' to 'getting a salary once a month'. I have to live this whole month on two weeks pay. I don't want to touch savings (saving up to get my wife a laptop for christmas), so a trip to Cali will have to wait a long time. Not to mention leaving my family to go meet strangers from the net ;)
                  • I'm still not understanding why you're not on a plane right now...

                    And if we all chip in I'm sure we can get LG to fly out too ;)

                    That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

                    • Because...

                      wait for it...


                      And FK, I'm not a stranger, you've met me twice now. And your wife waved at me from the passenger seat the last time.

                    • And your wife waved at me from the passenger seat the last time.

                      That's cause she's female and unable to control herself when in the "TL Aura of Mojo" ;)

                  • What, we're strangers?
                    • Well, I guess I can see that. Internet correspondence does not familiarity make.

                      Maybe I could meet you guys, if you'd meet anywhere near Grand Rapids.
        • Me too...

          I also miss "The Tick".

          Occasionally I'll yell the "SPOOOOOON!!!" war-cry out of the blue.
  • Yes, I like beans, especially these []. No, I don't like watching people eat, usually.

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