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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Advantages of working at a major grocery chain headquarters 17

I work for a top 3 grocery company's headquarters (if you really want to know, wikipedia the city I live in, and its in there), and you know the biggest advantage? Food vendors.
They come in and start throwing free product around. Sometimes its a smalltime vendor talking to merchandising. For these situations, you just need to know the merchandisers well, and they'll let you in on the stache. For others, like today, a major vendor will arrive to show off something new.
Today was Mars. They were showing off their new 'healthy' chocolate bars and dark chocolate m&ms. But that wasn't what was great. They had the Dove people, there. Dove is my fav chocolate. Suffice to say, I ended up with two (yeah, I went back for a second round later in the afternoon) bags FULL of chocolate everything.
My wife will be very happy with me tonight when I bring home the stache...
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Advantages of working at a major grocery chain headquarters

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  • My biggest expense this summer isn't gas, it's food. I can't seem to prepare "cold" lunches, and I wouldn't trust anything to our fridge, anyway; People leave stuff in there for weeks, and it starts to rot. (And the fridge can't seem to get that cold to begin with.)

    Fortunately, one of my coworkers is now selling Ramen packets for fifty cents a piece.

    In other news...I'm continuing to lose weight. I haven't weighed myself recently, but people keep noticing. And I feel lighter.
  • That is why I moved out. Now Krogers does too. Biggs is much better to show at than Krogers.
  • Snacking on all that food, you'll never know what causes your next "episode". :)

    Bags of chocolate, eh? Maybe I could convince my wife to move to Cinci after all.... :D
    • Had a bug all weekend, and it even caused an episode last night. Not as painful, but definately something wrong (I have to wait until the new health insurance gives me an id number, so I can see if my suggested gastroenterologist is on it, cause its time to go, now). I'd give details, but I didn't preface this article with [MMH&I] so I won't gross anyone out while we are talking chocolate ;)
  • My uncle works there as a controller, I believe (been a while since I've talked to him). It's definitely nice working somewhere that has nice side-benefits like that. I'm with a company in the publishing world now, so have access to books at a very good discount, as well as free magazines on occasion. You'd be amazed at some of the magazines that are out there...

    Before that I worked for a company in more of an engineered-manufacturing industry. Definitely nothing fun to take home there!
    • You'd be amazed at some of the magazines that are out there...

      *shifty glances*

      Nothing in those magazines was illegal... in the countries they were filmed in.
      • Oh, I'm sure some of it is... especially spurious rags like "Rubber Stamp Collector's Quarterly", and "Lighthouse Quarterly". That last is a lifestyle magazine for people who live in lighthouses.
  • That's the most popular grocery store I saw in Cincy. They were everywhere!
  • Our local version of Kroger is called Fred Meyer. It stocks some things not available elsewhere in our area, especially when it comes to gluten-free foods. I end up shopping there once a month or so. Inevitably, I am pulled in by the impulse-buy displays of cheap DVDs, and I usually pick up some old forgotten classic for eight bucks. But about 60-80% of the time, the checker fails to deactivate the anti-theft device in the DVD. It's not for lack of trying, but sometimes that sucker just doesn't want to die.

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