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Journal FortKnox's Journal: [MM&I] Setback.... 3

Had an 'episode' last night. Pretty bad one. Really sorry I ate that spicy chicken for dinner, too. Ouch.
Towards the end, I was expelling stomach acid (smelled like puke), so I think now may be the time to go to the GI doc. Never had that before (liquid napalm... youch).
To make matters worse, I was up into the wee hours of the morning but have to train a class this week (java... on lunch break atm). I'm going to eat dinner tonight, then hit the frickin sack... I'm exhausted!

Only advantage was I was able to finish starship troopers in one 'sitting' (heh... toilet humor). Man I love that ending... "Rico's Roughnecks ready for drop"... man, almost puts a tear in your eye......
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[MM&I] Setback....

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  • Back in TN, the floating bar I used to go to had hot wings. They had 3 flavors: Pussy, Little Balls, and AssFire. I always ate the AssFire wings. They live up to the name!
  • Sorry you have to suffer through that all the time, I've been dealing with intestinal issues since I was 13 and had a severe case of gastroenteritis rip me to shreds; salmonella poisoning three years later sealed my fate. I feel your pain, too literally most days.

    The worst is the often sudden onset when you've had a good few days in a row.
    Take care and tell the GI doc to be gentle, again.
  • always a good read.

    I'm sorry you're hurting today. I hope it gets better for you. My wife had GI issues for years and the specialists never could figure it out (eventually she got a fibromyalgia diagnosis), so I know they're no fun.

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