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Journal FortKnox's Journal: [UPDATED] Father's Day 20

Happy father's day to all you other dad's.

I got a nice Motorolla Razr from my wife. I was upset she spent all that money... but only a little ;)
So the day was just church, then a nice lunch at Max and Erma's (their new potato salad is great, with sour cream and stuff... and their 'fire and ice' salad is pretty rockin... its a standard tomato-cucumber-onion salad, but the dressing is loaded with chili peppers, so its got a pretty heavy kick to it)
Now everyone is sleeping while I'm figuring out how to upload ringer tones to my phone (and writing this entry). The rest of the day will be dedicated to hanging curtains and weeding my garden (so far I have 5 tomato plants (cherry, jelly bean, and meateater styles), 5 green beans, and about 10 basil plants. The peppers haven't even come through, so I'm about to call them a failure. I already have some tomato's growing, so I need to run out and grab some cages to give them some support...

So all you other father's... how's your day going?

Update: Suck... looks like the only way I can get mp3s and stuff to my cell is buy it off a website, or buy the $45 usb cable for the phone. Email and stuff doesn't work. I don't suppose anyone knows workarounds for this??
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[UPDATED] Father's Day

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  • There's software called Phone Tools that lets you do a lot with the phone. It's a $30 download. I'll find the link if you're interested. You have to edit the config file, though, to get it to work with Verizon models. Which carrier do you have? I have Verizon. I'm not wild about them just now, because they've crippled a lot of the phone's capabilities. Like the Bluetooth profiles. The phone should be able to transfer pictures and ringtones over bluetooth, but that profile is turned off on my phone (
    • thanks for the info on the cables. Not verizon, but the local company cincinnati bell. I think all the functionality is there, right now. Don't have any bluetooth devices to send the data to the phone, unfortunately.
      • If it's like mine, it will charge from a USB port on the computer, but you have to have the right driver. It comes with the PhoneTools software, but you might be able to wheedle it out of the company, particularly since they're local.
      • Not verizon, but the local company cincinnati bell. I think all the functionality is there, right now. Don't have any bluetooth devices to send the data to the phone, unfortunately.

        Bluetooth dongles are relatively cheap now...big question is whether your phone supports it, but I'm guessing it wouldn't have been brought up if it didn't. If your phone supports Bluetooth and your carrier hasn't crippled it, you should be able to move files on/off the phone fairly easily. With my current phone (a Treo 650

    • How do you increase the resolution?
      Also, your mini-USB cable didn't need a Motorola edge connector?
      I don't have a RAZR, just a 551.
      Cingular hasn't blocked anything, I can move MP3s and my photos back and forth over BT just fine on my Mac. but Cingular itself sucks :)
      I'm going back to T-Mobile as soon as my contract is up or they try to modify it, giving me an out.
      (I wish I hadn't given up my free bandwidth grandfathering :( )
      Oh, and the capture resolution on the 551 sucks :( I have a Canon 1.3MP camera from
      • On the Razr, there's a setting in Options off the camera view. The default is 640x480, but I have it at 1280x1024. The connector on the Razr is a standard USB mini-device plug, though it requires a driver to actually connect.

        I'd love that BT capability. I'd even pop for a BT dongle for my desktop, if the phone would work with it.

        The Razr camera is decent, not great. It does not handle intense brightness all that well (lots of bloom), but it's very convenient for most normal photos. Probably has some pe
  • The cable for my Razr (a V3c) is just a USB mini-device cable. I already had a couple of them - for my camera and my MP3 player. $14 at the most at any computer store.
    • I remember there being a "so cool I'll give free advertising" side bar on a while ago about a $5 service that'd let your transfer whatever you want. I don't remember the name and I don't think it's up there anymore, but maybe you can find it somehow.

  • My 5 day old daughter gave me a nice pic of her holding my little finger in a nice frame. :)

    re: your phone problem. I had the same thing with my Telus (.ca provider). Had to buy the USB cable but from there used a program called BitPim (free, on sourceforge IIRC) which let me put my own MP3s, pics, etc onto the phone.

    good luck!
  • So far I've had breakfast in bed, and that's about all I expect to "get" from my family. With money tight, we don't need to give gifts for these "holidays". And we're okay with that. Unintentionally lowering our consumerism. ;)

    I've gotten a haircut, exchanged a bum porchlight, just had lunch. May have some more lunch, then empty the dishwasher, pay some bills, get my clothes together for my conference this week, get the packages I have to mail ready to go and...uh...yeah. Hopefully set some time aside tonig
  • She got you the pink one, right? :^P
  • do you have a Mac or other laptop with bluetooth built in? or someone whose mac you could borrow?
  • Plants are pretty resilient...some bulbs I planted ages ago that I swear should be up by now were showing some activity when I dug down to see if they were actually putting up shoots. I've never gardened before, but the only failure so far is one of the Washingtonia filifera which looks very sickly (the other looks OK).

    But of course the weeds all grow three times faster than anything else. Even my jalapeno plants (which are indoors, in the bathroom since that gets really warm on a sunny day) had a stinger g
  • Hey FK.. Long time no talk, but I've been lurking on occasion. I saw you got the Razr, just thought I'd post on that real quick. I have a razr from Verizon as well, and it has been a royal pain.

    Before you shell out anything for the MP tools, don't do it- you won't be able to download ring tones, pictures, or basically anything unless you go through their lame-o pay service. They disabled OBEX in the later firmwares- anything above .03.

    There is a work around, but it involves a SEEM edit which basically inval
    • Oops, I just realized you didn't have verizon after reading a few more comments (well maybe that will help others that do).

      If you get the Motorolla phone tools you will probably be able to download/upload. Otherwise, try BitPim- great utility and I got it to work with a generic Motorolla modem driver (in the link above). It's a little on the hacky side, but I was able to get a few things off my phone with it even when MPT could not(Such as the videos)-- [].

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