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Journal FortKnox's Journal: This is a sad moment of patriotism 9

I'm 29 and for the first time in my life, I just voted in a primary election...
In Ohio, you do not declare a party when you register to vote. You become a party member when you vote in a primary. Well, I've been a reformist, just not 'officially' in Ohio. Since I really wanted to vote on a school levy, and I usually vote conservative, I went ahead and made the plunge and now am a full fledged member of the GOP...
So I got to vote on the school levy (that passed, thankfully), and now I voted against my current rep, Jean Schmidt. She's a firecracker, which I like, but she's also a bit too looney toones for my liking (looks like she's the GOP candidate, but just barely).
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This is a sad moment of patriotism

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  • my parents and my dad's parents are Republicans. But they are registered as Democrats as far as the primary elections. They go to the Democratic Primary and vote for the most conservative Dem, so if they lose the big one, at least the Dem that wins isn't as bad as the other Dems that were running. :-)
    • Wait...there's still a risk of that happening down there? :^)

    • I wish more people would do that. I remember back in the 2000 presidential primaries, people were voting for the candidate in the other party who their man could beat. I was in sixth grade, and we were doing a mock election, and a friend was upset that I had chosen McCain over Bush because supposedly Gore could beat Bush, but might not beat McCain. As I saw it, if it came between Gore and McCain, I wouldn't mind either way, but I didn't want someone who at the time seemed to be hideously uneducated.

      In V
  • how do you think hackett would have done?
    • Cincinnati is a place so conservative that its known as 'censornati' due to some of the extreme laws against adult stores/bars/etc... The whole Larry Flint getting ejected from Cincinnati is an example. Yet, the mayors have been extremely liberal, including a lesbian and Jerry Springer (who was thrown out of office when a check bounced that he paid a prostitute with).

      So, in Cincinnati, everything is pretty much random as far as voting, so I have no idea.
  • The fact you never voted in a primary before now, or that you voted in the GOP primary? :)

    Does voting in a primary actually make you a member of that party? I thought paying money made you a member.
  • In Ohio, you do not declare a party when you register to vote.

    Huh? WTF? You normally have to declare your allegiance when you register to vote? What happens if you change your mind? Or any one of a million things that might cause you to vote for someone else. Does this mean that your political views are kept on a register somewhere, and hence can't be kept to yourself?

    (Wikipedia has just given me a primer on what primaries are, but it still doesn't make sense -- surely the party members should get to de

    • You claim a party in most states so they know which primary you will be voting on. You can vote for anyone you like in normal elections. But if you are republican, you can only vote in the republican primaries.
      If you change your mind, you simply switch registration, or simply ask for the other primary sheet, which will change your party.
    • Actually, in most local races the candidates themselves decide if they run or not. It is only in certain major elections when we hold primary elections.

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