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Journal FortKnox's Journal: I had planned to leave work at 1pm... 13

It is now 4pm and I am waiting for someone so it'll probably be longer. Today I was going to leave early, buy my wife's Christmas gift, cook a great steak dinner, and just relax, since I haven't had a holiday since Labor day (was on support over thanksgiving).
I'm taking tomorrow off and travelling... they can't stop me from doing that... however I start support on 12/26. Merry F'in Christmas...
Gah... today was supposed to be easy. Made a production build last night, was going to load the data through the fix this morning, watch the cron handle just one days worth and call it a day.
I come in this morning... first email: "the schema on the xml you are loading needs a tweak cause I forgot something." Its been shit city since then...

My only solace is the fact that I have over two weeks of vacation and holidays at the end of the year, and I'm cashing in every damn bit of it. Payin off credit cards and all that. Will be nice.
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I had planned to leave work at 1pm...

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  • And Happy Winter Solace to you!!


    • winter solstace - relief in the knowledge that from now on the days get longer
      • Screw that.

        If I wanted sunlight I would have become a landscaper.

        The ONLY thing the sun is good for is finding a nice shady tree in a secluded bushy area to make out under.

        And with all the development going on around here, that is darn nearly impossible to do anymore.

        Aside from that, rain and overcast cheer me up. I get depressed when the sun is out.

        I am from Seattle, I don't get people who can't stand the weather around here, especially the ones who are born in the area.

        If they don't like it they should m
    • That's got to be the absolute most entertaining spelling correction I've read in a long time.


      Have a happy whatever you're going to have.
      • Well, thank YOU!

        FK knows I love him -- and usually I let his transgressions of the rules of the English language slide without mention, 'cause I knew what he meant.

        But this one was just TOO choice. :-)

        • usually I let his transgressions of the rules of the English language slide without mention, 'cause I knew what he meant.

          And I appreciate it :D
          Naw, I left anyhow... told the boss I'd check the stuff from home tonight so I could relax. He thought it was a good idea... so I can laugh at it now :)
  • We just lose ours at the end of the year. On the plus side, they just changed our vacation policy this week to be "more competitive," so now I get an extra week of vacation effective immediately. Yay!

    Enjoy your Christmas! I'll be at work tomorrow :^(
    • I'm with a consultant company... usually we don't take vacation cause the client needs us (which is why I have mine)... this means they have to pay it off. Could be a state law, too...
    • Wow - Something I never would have guessed.

      Down here in the land of OZ out anual leave just carries over until we use it - although it is fairly normal to have 'deamin' where if you manage to aquire 3 months leave (don't ask how people manage that...) then you automatically go on leave.

      Then again if you add up all the different types of leave I can allowed to take each year I can probably get away with working about 10 months out of 12.

      Speaking of which I currently have 2 hours and 38 monutes until I go on
  • how'd you manage to get on the troll blacklist? Is that new or did I just not notice that you'd gained foe-of-a-friend status?

    And condolences on your Thursday woes.

    • I have been on it a while. Someone actually argued to get me off, then I participated in a troll tuesday for shits and giggles and got nailed to it again.

      I'm not offended... trolling the frontpage can be entertaining (just agree with the opposite of slashthink... and when I do, its usually my honest opinion, anyway).
  • "Merry FK'in Christmas"? :)

    What *I* mean is "Merry Christmas, FK!!"

    Sorry you're stuck there, but think about all them paid off credit cards. :)

  • I have a pager now! Yep, I'm the on call support guy, starting Saturday. As long as nobody calls on saturday, I'll be chilly-chill. WE're having the fam over for X-mas eve and I REALLY don't want to be debugging shit for the Early Integration team. Seriously.

    In the meantime, I've had this week off, which has been nice.

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