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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Greetings from Maine 9

A quick explanation of my trip up here to Maine...
Travelling with two children, one carrier, two carseats, one large (checked) suitecase, three carry-ons going through airport security is an adventure to say the least. All of us (except Jenna) had to take off jackets and shoes... everything went through the x-rays... all in all about 30 minutes through security. Luckily no one was behind us until we had the last three bins going through x-ray. Yikes. We'll spend this week working on a strategy to go through security in Boston...

Boston... can be described in two words:
Dunkin Donuts.
Saa-weet Lord! You see one every city blook, usually two on either side of the street... if you manage to make it a half of mile without seeing one, have no fear, as they have them at every major gas station, too... not that I have a problem with that... Dunkin Donuts not only has the best donuts, but the best coffee, too. I was surprised to see a Krispy Kreme... and it was right next to a dunkin donuts... talk about having some serious nuts...
I was terribly disappointed to not hear a single boston accent in all of Logan nor at the Uno's we ate at...

New Hampshire consisted of a lot of trees and the shipping town of Portsmouth...
Maine was just like New Hampshire... until you realize that there was no one else on the road... very empty.

Anywho, I haven't had any big seafood, yet, but I'll be damned if I don't leave here without some lobster and sea scallops ;)

Hope everyone's work week is goin a'ight.
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Greetings from Maine

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  • Try tha laubstah, with some buttah. If ya pahkin the cah, don't fuhget ta put a qwata in tha metah, then join tha pahty.

    Ah, the Boston accent. Quite fun when you hear people with it.
  • Yup. And ditto on the coffee. Puts Starshmucks to shame.
    • You mean "CharBucks" - as they OVERROAST all the beans until they are little more than small granules of carbon.

      Fools think "Dark beans == STRONG", whereas the roasting process destroys the caffine (and will, carried to the extreme, the flavor).
    • Agreed, and about $5 cheaper, too!
  • You can't get thar from har.
  • I made the trek from the East Coast to Colorado with three kids in car seats. Silly me. For those of you who haven't seen the real studies: ALL children should be in car/aircraft seats. I even use them in my own airplane. The seat-belts were designed for adults --not kids.

    But Daaaamm! Security maggotroids at most airports do not seem to undertand this. It's hard enough removing your shoes going through most metal detectors with three kids. It's even harder doing it while carrying three car seats thr
  • Their coffee is like crack, I loves it.

    What's in the carrier, and animal?
  • I spent the first 23 years of this life in central, western and northern Maine. Then I moved to Los Angeles.

    Talk about culture shock. I used to consider a crowded road one where I had spend a bit of time in the passing lane. Rush hour gridlock of all 12 lanes on the 210 freeway changed that perspective rather quickly.

    The entire state of Maine has just over 1 million people, and most of them are concentrated at the southern end.

"We Americans, we're a simple people... but piss us off, and we'll bomb your cities." -- Robin Williams, _Good Morning Vietnam_