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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Gray?!?!? 38

What.... the.... f*ck?!?!

I look in the mirror today at work while washing me hands. My right side... like 5 big old, noticable gray hairs. I, literally, catch myself from saying "WTF!" in the middle of work (I got "What the f..." out before I realized I was gonna get myself in a pickle).

Its not the whole "graying before I'm 30" (I'll be 29 in Oct), its the whole "I'm balding, so the only thing I have to look forward to is my hair will be out before it has a chance to gray!"
So I get the worst of both worlds. What a bummer.

I swear... I'm gonna shave my head one of these days.....
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  • They are 23 and 24. One of them has been dying her hair for years, though, so she doesn't notice them much. It's entirely possibly that I myself have grey hairs, but that the nature of my hair color conceals them.
    • I used to know a girl who went mostly grey by the time she was 25. When I first met her she was 18 and had gone salt n' pepper enough that most people thought she was in her early 30's until she told them her age.

      She seemed to like it because she got treated as much older than she actually was. I lost track of her so I have no idea if she started dying her hair when she got older.
  • Wait...looking in the mirror while washing your hands...so you were in the men's room? And you could get yourself in a pickle for saying what the fuck? Sounds like a very boring place to work, dude. Geez, just yesterday I had an interview candidate using words like that.
  • that is the suck man. yeah... shave your head. really. its liberating... i did the shaved head thing for a while.

    my hair, on the other hand, well... i won't see my first grey till i am well into my 50's and i won't lose any of my hair. yeah... family history has been kind to the male side of the equation. sure the hairline may slide a little... but that's it. my dad, who is 62... has only just started going grey. another reason no one can ever guess our ages.
    • You get the balding gene from the mother's side. So quit looking at your dad's hair and look at your maternal grandfather's head. My dad has more hair than me!
      • yep, check... no balding there either. strong scotsman blood on that side of the family... thick hair that doesn't fall out :)

      • by ces ( 119879 )
        My maternal grandfather had nice thick hair right up until he died in his late 70's. Like blinder said gotta like those Scottish genes ...

        Neeless to say my friends who've started to go bald are rather envious.
    • A couple warnings about shaving your head:
      1) If you are fair-skinned or tend to burn easily, find a good sun-block.
      2) It requires heavy maintenance (aka shaving every day or so) to keep the clean look.
      3) It really won't "hide" balding - like a five o'clock shadow, a shaved head will still show the hair growth pattern.
      4) When you later decide to grow it back in, you are in for more shock as the number of gray hairs will have increased.

      (None learned from personal experience, but I have brothers.)
      • I started going grey at 19, and finally decided to take the plunge a few years ago. It's well worth it.

        Just use an electric razor, and, every day, after you've done your face, just keep on going up. You can even do yur skull in traffic with a cordless - its not like you have to see it to shave it ...


        1. No more grey
        2. No more combing it
        3. No more worrying about losing it
        4. No having to worry about getting the sideburns to match up
        5. When its really hot, just run your skull under the tap for a minute, t
  • And never have to pay for a haircut again.

    Ok, so I may be a bit (extremly) biased because my boyfriend shaves his head due to the same reason. Might as well help nature along and not cling to your last remaining hairs. He swears by the Heablade [headblade.com] line of products. Though he uses the shaving goo more than the snazzy razor, and usually defaults to the basic triple blade for both head and face.

    • Well, I don't pay for it now. It requires 1 clipper and 2 settings to do my hair (the top is pushed forward and short to kinda hide the receding hairline, the sides and back are a touch longer and pulled back). Wife does my haircut and will be the only reason I don't shave my head. I've gotten drunk in college and used clippers at the lowest setting to get my an 'almost bald' look. I have a wierdly shaped head, so it didn't work out.

      I think the plan for me is grow out the goatee until its the way I li
  • I liked the colour , it kind of suits me , though i doubt i will naturaly go grey before im 38 or something .
    I wouldnt worry about it , Just shave it all off and have a goate ,its resonibly fashionable .
    Just for the love of god , if you ever have a bald spot , dont have a comb over , my granda had one of those and it was just silly .
    All in all , its nothing really to worry about .
  • I'm 27 and balding...greying...and have an oddly shaped head, shaving it would scare little children.

    Combover! ;)
  • I, literally, catch myself from saying "WTF!" in the middle of work (I got "What the f..." out before I realized I was gonna get myself in a pickle).

    Well, that's not so bad. At first I thought you meant you actually said "double-yew tee eff" out loud. Then I would think you have a serious problem :-)
  • I started getting lots of gray hairs in my mid 20s. What I started to do is cut my hair really short (less then a half of an inch). The short hair hides both the thinning and gray hairs, plus it is a lot easier to maintain. No more going to get hair cuts, combing my hair in the morning, or even drying it when I get out of the shower. I wish I would have cut my hair short sooner.
  • What you do depends on the shape of your grape.

    If you have an odd-shaped head, you better be prepared for a long grueling fight with grays, or dye it.

    Otherwise, shave it.

    Facial hair, as someone else mentioned (B.E.?) is a must.

    Otherwise you'll look like a tool.

    Swearing or not swearing is NOT a sign of professionalism.

    However, swearing like a sailor (or even better, a Marine stuck on a sailor's boat) is not kosher either. A well-timed swear word can be a powerful thing.

    If people get offended over the
  • I feel for ya on the balding/gray combo. I have had grays since I was about 22, but I have ultra thick wavy hair (if I let it grow) so for me I've always run the line, "rather have some gray, than be balding"....I'm all semi-salt and peppery now, but I know that I'll always have the full head of thick hair(just like my Dad, and his Dad....and so on...)
  • i've had grey hairs here and there since i was 16. it disappeared for a while when i was 21, but started reappearing in my mid-twenties. strangely, my grey hair seems to be distributed in such a way that people don't notice it unless they're looking for it.
  • Added the same entry earlier this year.

    I was lamenting about getting quite a few grey hairs on the side of my head as my bride and I drove out to pick up some groceries.

    She responded, "Oh don't worry. I like the grey hair. I'm what caused them, after all...".
  • The greying. I've had that for a number of years.. I blame the kids. I haven't shaved for a few days due to being sick. You can really see how much grey I have in my "beard". I don't seem to have the balding, which is nice. I've already threatened to shave the head if that starts up.

    But wait, there's more! Wait until you start getting the extra hair, that can not possibly serve any useful purpose. Yup, I'll be a silverback in a few more years.
    • Wait until you start getting the extra hair, that can not possibly serve any useful purpose. Yup, I'll be a silverback in a few more years.

      Whadayamean 'wait'? You musta forgotten I'm italian. When I shave my face, I have to shave all the way down between my clavicles (seriously). My back I've given up on....
  • I noticed my first grey hairs when I was 26 or so. I've got a few more now, but it isn't too noticable from a distance of more than a couple of feet except at my temples which are to the salt n' pepper stage.
  • ...but I love that salt and pepper look. When a man first goes grey, he worries so much about colouring his hair, that he misses out on that awesome between-normal-and-all-grey look (especially if he has naturally dark hair to begin with) that I, for one, find attractive.

    • I'll second that!! FK, you may recall (or not) that Hubby is *quite* salt-and-pepper -- he's almost gone gunmetal! The more silvery he gets, the foxier I find him.

      Seriously, let your wife decide how she likes it, and let her "appreciate" you for how much you value her opinion. ;-)

      • Count me weird too.

        BBB is grey both in beard and hair (and he's 2 years younger than me) and I love it.

        I, on the other hand, am a true redhead, and no-one but me and my bestfriend (also a redhead) can really see it.


  • She might not like the Mr. Clean look. :-)
  • Yea, I'm 25 and have about 3 on one side. What was worse is when one of my female friends pointed them out to me!

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