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Comment Re:Think outside the container... (Score 1) 199

I can't help but be a little amused at all the people saying cities could never ban Diesel because there's no acceptable alternative.
There is, of course, just not for long-haul trucking.

You could probably switch to turbine-electric and burn... well, whatever you wanted really, but the only thing which would have the same kind of energy density is jet fuel. That would only cost what, an order of magnitude more or something? But the good news, everyone, is that we're all going to be getting higher-grade fuels whether we like it or not. It's not going to be possible to get much better emissions out of internal combustion vehicles without them. The automakers want to see even higher-grade diesel fuel, and higher-octane gasoline.

Of course, if the Trump takes a Dump on CAFE somehow then we might well not get any of this stuff any time soon...

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 199

Natural Gas for trucks.
Electric, Natrual Gas, or Petrol for cars.

Natural gas? So, you're pro-fracking. Cars are more important than clean water. Nothing is good about petrol, either.

Even if it weren't ecologically retarded, natgas is not a viable replacement for diesel. We use diesel for long-haul OTR trucking for many reasons, but not least because of range. You have to make many more refueling stops for gasoline than for diesel, and you have to make even more for natgas.

Now, to be fair, it is possible to make natural gas from an ecologically friendly source — feedlot manure. Currently this is mostly put into holding ponds to sit and stink for a time before being flushed into a waterway. The smart thing to do with it is put it into tanks (or even into glorified ziploc bags such as the ones often used as water tanks now) and let it cook itself, producing methane in the process; it's going to do this anyway, but we can capture it and put it directly into any vehicle with a propane conversion which involves an O2 sensor. You can buy the conversion parts (the PCM, injectors, and fuel rail) straight outta China for around five hundred bucks.

Methane aside, there is also Butanol, a 1:1 replacement for gasoline. BP and DuPont own a company called Butamax which holds the patents for cost-effective commercial production, which were developed partly with our money. GE Energy Ventures owns a company called Gevo which would like to sell it to us, but Butamax sued them to stop production.

As for diesel, the best replacement is "green diesel", which is what you call it when you crack fats (waste or otherwise) in a distillation column such as we currently use for the distillation of crude petroleum. Like biodiesel produced by the transesterification of fats with methanol or ethanol it is a carbon-neutral fuel (assuming you get your conversion heat energy from a carbon-neutral source) but its other properties are more similar to petroleum diesel, like its gel point. It can be blended with 2-10% traditional biodiesel to deliver a fuel which can be used in any diesel engine and, which will actually extend the life of its fuel system with superior lubricity.

The best solution for reducing emissions in locations where it is excessive, assuming we're going to keep driving around like a horde of motorized lemmings, is battery electric. So sad, it only solves the needs of what, is it 80% of the population? Even if were only 50%, that would still be a massive victory.

Comment Re:So much for biodiesel use... (Score 1) 199

Diesel engines used to run without making ANY NOx. However, because of the political need to reduce CO2, they were modified to minimise CO2 regardless of the consequences for NOx.
Totally separately, if you don't have a particulate filter, the particulates are pretty bad.

Well, congratulations, you got that completely and totally wrong. You could not be more wrong if you were trying to be wrong.

First, NOx is produced any time you have combustion in the presence of nitrogen. Diesels produce more NOx than gassers because they have higher combustion temperatures. It's not unusual for someone to turn the fuel up on their diesel just a bit without understanding the consequences and melt a hole right in one of their fancy forged Aluminum pistons. This is why an exhaust gas pyrometer is a mandatory upgrade (if not fitted from the factory) for anyone who wants to increase power in their diesel. You can cook things very easily, mostly pistons and exhaust valves but also turbochargers.

Second, gasoline engines produce just as much soot as diesels. They produce finer soot, which is more dangerous. The class of soot which gasoline engines produce is collectively termed "PM2.5" or particles of 2.5 microns and smaller. This is the smallest common classification of soot particles, and it is by far the most dangerous because these particles are so small that your cilia cannot sweep them out of your lungs. They can only be removed by adhering to sputum which is then expelled by coughing. Diesel catalysts re-burn diesel soot, which is nice big chunky particles of 10 microns or larger, until it too is PM2.5. This makes them look a lot cleaner, but it actually makes them much more hazardous to health.

Diesels with clever injection systems but without catalysts are the most health-friendly internal combustion engines available which run on liquid fuels. The only internal combustion engines which are superior in that regard are propane engines (typically gasoline conversions, and not purpose-built) run on bio-methane, and lubricated with bio-based oil.

Comment Re:Step 1: take famous API name, like NPAPI (Score 1) 21

Or create an app with the same name of an obscure library file, get the repository to remove the library file, piss off the author of the library file, and break the Internet at the same time.

Comment Re:About time... (Score 1) 75

How's your Spanish and Mandarin?

I used to speak Restaurant Spanish when I worked at The Old Spaghetti Factory as a spaghetti cook and backup cook for three years. As for Mandarin, I like steamed rice and double orange chicken at Panda Express.

Remember, it is better to sit quietly in the corner having everybody think you're a moron than to open your mouth and remove any lingering doubt.

Unfortunately, I look like a moron and there is no lingering doubt about that. I've learned over the years to play into that perception by letting people think I'm a moron and let them set their expectations for me at an incredibly low level. Whenever I excel at something that should be impossible, they are shocked and awe at my abilities.

Comment Re:About time... (Score 1) 75

If you can't determine the meaning of words or phrases within the framework of the context in which they're used you're the one with issues and nobody gives a shit about your arbitrary mere opinion, get it?

I read and understood what the OP wrote just fine — after I read it two or three times. For someone proclaiming to have a university education, I find it disturbing that person would write like a Millennial speaking out of his ass.

Comment Re:Thanks, Donald! (Score 1) 75

Believe it or not, they're now grooming Chelsea to be the next political Clinton operative.

If she's follows her mother's footsteps by running for Senate, serving time as a Senator (her mother served for eight years), and then running for president, I don't have problem with that. I just don't see her running for president in 2020 or 2024 with the Clinton baggage train following her. Undoubtedly, one of the Bush kids will have to run against her.

Comment Re:get your head out of your ass (Score 1) 75

if you're retarded enough to think everyone on the internet is going to proofread and use proper grammar and composition on a freaking forum then you're an idiot and need a reality check.

OP wrote like a Millennial talking out of his ass. For someone claiming to be a university graduate, I found that contradiction hard to believe.

[...] thinking you're superior by pointing out spelling/grammar/composition mistakes you fucking grammar nazi.

I've been on Slashdot for 17 years, I don't think I've ever been a grammar nazi. Do I get a virtual gold star for that?

Comment Re:About time... (Score 1) 75

I always find it funny when retards like this comments on the use of the English language, thinking it is the only language used in the world.

According to Wikipedia, English is the largest world language.

One of the most widely spoken and fastest spreading world languages today is English, which has over 900 million first- and second-language users worldwide. It is estimated to have as many as 600 million second-language speakers, including anywhere between 200 and 350 million learners/users in China alone, at varying levels of study and proficiency, though this number is difficult to accurately assess. English is also increasingly becoming the dominant language of scientific research and papers worldwide, having even outpaced national languages in Western European countries, including France, where a recent study showed that English has massively displaced French as the language of scientific research in "hard" as well as in applied sciences.

It didn't help that the OP wrote like a Millennial speaking out of his ass.

Why is it that retarded Americans actually think the "World Series" encompasses any significant portion of the world?

Other than the U.S., Canada and Japan, how many other countries have baseball as a sport? Sorry, cricket doesn't count.

Comment Re:Thanks, Donald! (Score 1, Offtopic) 75

Hillary! lost the Democrat nomination in 2008 despite having the entire process rigged for her.

Not quite. She favored the states that voted in primaries while Obama favored the states that voted in caucuses. By the time someone crunched the numbers in the Hillary campaign, Obama had enough delegates to lock up the nomination. It was Hillary who nominated Obama by acclamation from the convention floor. Something that no Republican would have done for Trump.

Hillary! almost lost the Democrat nomination - to someone who wasn't a member of the Democratic Party! - despite having the entire process rigged in her favor.

Not quite. Super delegates has been a standard feature for Democratic conventions since 1969. After Super Tuesday, Bernie Sanders had to win every primary election with 60% of the vote in order to win the nomination and he failed to get the votes. If super delegates were removed from the equations, Bernie still wouldn't have enough delegates to lock up the nomination.

THEN Hillary! lost the general election to a blowhard clownish demagogue despite having the entire media world covering up her negatives and all but openly pulling for her.

Not quite. The media gave Trump $2B in free advertising while focusing on and sometimes making up stuff about Hillary's email server.

I'm sure if Hillary! wants to keep running, the Republicans will be happy.

The Clintons have been good business for Republican fundraisers over the last 30 years. They will sorely be missed for years to come.

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