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Comment Re:Low bar (Score 1) 115

So, contrary to your statement, yes, Apple managed to hit the bar set by their competitors.

At the prices Apple charge for their laptops I expect them to far exceed the bar set by their far cheaper competitors. If they only meet it then there is nothing to justify the far higher prices...which is a big part of the problem with the new MBPs: they are average laptops with an insanely high price.

This is an early-Production issue, and will be quickly fixed with a software update.

Remember, the new MBPs boast much louder (and better-sounding) speakers. I would bet that they have upped the amplifier-power as well, and testing this particular thing slipped through the cracks.

An understandable growing-pain, considering it is a fairly obscure thing to test.

I don't even want speakers in a laptop. I never use them. Put batteries in the space otherwise taken by the speakers please.

I'm sure that Apple should act on the .0005% of the laptop-buying public that agrees with you.

Well it worked for headphone sockets on the iPhone.

Comment Re:Wait until they find out (Score 1) 113

>I'm actually surprised by this point that the whole business market hasn't gone thin client/RDP by this point.

We have (at least in my mega corporation), but we're using normal laptops hooked to big monitors as the thin client. All real work happens on Linux boxes via VNC. Thin clients were a promise that never got cheap enough to be justifiable when you could buy a PC for less.

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 555

Biased in this context means the funding body (such as the US government) only funded and authorized studies that were looking for problems with pot consumption. If you fund 20 studies like that each treating the significant threshold of 5%, you can expect to get one significant claim even when there isn't a problem. Add to that the knowledge of researchers that they will get more funding if they find problems, they are going to ensure they find problems even when they don't exist.

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 2) 555

I think he's inferring that denial of science is biased based on the perceptions of the person doing the denying. People who drive an F350 King Ranch Ford Pickup are more likely to deny climate change. Stoners are more likely to deny Marijuana causing a lowering of blood flow to the brain. I suppose there could be some overlap in those two examples.

I used to drive an F350. I'm no climate change denier. Maybe that's why I sold it for a tiny convertible.

I tend to be skeptical on this because
A) Pot research has a history of being biased
B) Causality. It doesn't seem like a good study to show causality.
C) It's the first time I heard of such a thing as low blood flow in the brain. Why is that bad? How is that bad? If it's bad why doesn't it show up in epidemiological data?

Until the story and data all line up, I'll stick with 'I don't know'.

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