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Comment how about tunnels? (Score 1) 180

If we are going to smoke some serious weed here, I propose this idea: tunnels.

Dig a bunch of tunnels, airplanes can land onto a shorter strip and go underground. You can have as many tunnels pointing in as many directions as you want and the cool part is that all you have to worry about is ... floods and the under ground zombie people.... but it will look cool

Comment and if people have different information? (Score 1) 65

I find that it is useful to do brainstorming when it is 2-4 people, each one having worked on a different part of the same system as an example, then it is more or less useful. At least it helps to avoid major mishaps, people who know their particular part of the system / problem can filter everybody's input through their knowledge and at the minimum provide reasons for why a proposed idea will/will not work.

Comment Some perversions are more equal than others (Score 0) 490

If you run a personal blog talking about that stuff, then fair game

Is it? Suppose, he was into homo rather than heterosexual subjugation... Do you suppose, they would've banished him just as well — even if he were open about it?

should not be anyone's business but his.

Of course...

Comment Re:Machines replacing bank tellers? (Score 1) 269

everyone to race to the bottom instead of having the ability (and the financial wherewithal) to be individuals

- yeah, I don't want any single person to benefit from any oppression of any other single person out there. Not one should be oppressed to provide anything to any one. To actually *earn* to be an individual is quite different from thinking you are an 'individual' because somebody was oppressed to provide you with this so called 'individuality'.

Whatever you said doesn't matter to me one single bit, I look at what you write here and I know exactly what sort of a monstrous prick I am dealing with.

Comment 13 times less? (Score 1) 155

What are we supposed to infer from this?

engineers in India's tech hub cost 13 times less than their Silicon Valley counterparts

So, the engineers in Silicon Valley cost less than somewhere else, but the ones in India are thirteen times MORE less expensive than the ones in SV? Or are we supposed to gather that the SV engineers cost something that we should all consider a good baseline, but that the Indian engineers cost roughly 8% of that amount?

Lazy writers, being lazy.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 5, Insightful) 283

Netflix's push for more original content is, partly, a result of the major studios effort to starve Netflix of content a few years ago.

Netflix decided to use the money it was no longer spending on licensing to the studios to buy or finance Netflix 'original' content. Much of the original content is even made by the TV production departments of the very studios that are complaining about Netflix. If the major studios had financed these productions, they would have made the first pass profits and then licensed re-runs to Netflix.

By breaking this model, the studios left a big chunk of the viewing (and paying) market un-served. Netflix stepped up to the plate and said "We'll take those profits that you are leaving on the table, thank you very much!"

The studios bosses need to read pogo.

Comment Re:Machines replacing bank tellers? (Score -1, Flamebait) 269

Of course it is, you slice of excrement, it is your personal private goal, to destroy individuality, to oppress the human and to promote the collective. It is personal profit for you in the most extreme way, you want a colony of like minded pieces of shit to live in harmony with everything. Fuck you, go die, explode of most vile diarrhea imaginable. The society will not be what you desire, the productive individuals in it will find ways to keep the likes of inhuman collectivist scum where it belongs, at the bottom of an individual shoe. I am being the most sincere right now: altruism is the most rotten, bile regurgitating type of a mental disease that murdered hundreds of millions and slowed down progress and sometimes even reversed it. But it cannot hold the humanity in its deathly claws forever, it will always fail as it always has failed in the history of this world. It takes time, sometimes more time than a single human can wait, but it always inevitably fails at the end and humanity takes another step forward.

Comment Re: Machines replacing bank tellers? (Score 1) 269

Of course they do, look at BTC - transaction automation to the maximum, decentralization to the maximum. Look at cars - automation of movement, decentralization of transportation. Look at manufacturing - automation of manufacturing and of transportation allows for decentralization.

Your example does not contradict anything, automation of a fuel pump may invite some scammers, that does not mean decentralization is not happening.

Comment Re: Uh, why? (Score 1) 206

If you think Vista was bad you're not old enough to remember NT 4.0.

I remember the sound system crashing on my Vista laptop, sending a horrible, unstoppable screeching through the speakers. Basically it was an audio snow crash. Yet everything else worked normally; I was able to save my work and shut the system down. And I remember thinking, "that was horrible, but so much less horrible than it could have been."

Comment Re:Machines replacing bank tellers? (Score 0) 269

You don't tell each other what to do but you want to control everybody else for your personal gain, a sign of a true collectivist is a good dose of hypocrisy. Atheism doesn't make you any more or any less susceptible to mass delusions, , USSR was based on atheism. I am an atheist, I am also anti collectivist and I find it rude to tell others what to do. You, on the other hand like to tell others what to do, that is your collectivist nature and atheism does nothing to get rid of that rudeness as you call it.

What you really are is an opportunist who sees people as resources to be manipulated and used to achieve your personal goals, which is why your stated ideology is that of some type of a socialist. You want others to drink the poison for you, be a sport, set an example.

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