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Comment Re:fucking kids and millenials (Score 1) 82

Glad I'm over 50 and know what life was before interwebz. Still do. Its grand. Not being tethered to a communication device, coming and going wherever and whenever I want. You poor, POOR, self-imposed attention-deprived kids. Your life, your childrens, and theirs will never know the freedom mankind has enjoyed for the last 100,000+ years. I pity you. Truly.

I've seen my kids playing cards with their friends (and we didn't make them do it); so I say all is not lost.

Comment Perfect fit (Score 5, Funny) 123

“I can’t think of another company in a stronger position to be the leader for this new ecosystem and make the urban electric VTOL market real,” he says.

That's because of Uber's strong engineering track record, civic integration, and long history of co-operation with governmental agencies.

Comment they exist because there is a need (Score 1) 62

Taxis and hotels have become too expensive and a pain to use. Just like cable companies, they have a monopoly so service is lousy, too expensive, and they could care less. Alternatives are starting to wake them up, but rather than compete better, they use their protectionist schemes to chop back the competition.

Comment Re: Funny? (Score 3, Interesting) 209

It's the typical blather of the rich and shameless. All the bad things were just luck and all the good things were just their innate superior abilities and hard work.

Fact is, anyone can grab the brass ring if they can afford multiple tries, but most people are lucky if they can afford even a single try.

Nicolas Taleb, Fooled by Randomness great book

Comment Re:Futurist? (Score 1) 102

There is a lot of truth in this trolling. Wolfram was supposed to be the new Einstein. He did work on cellular automata that, while competent, it is not beyond what a competent graduate student would do. He moved into the computer algebra world, lifting ideas and thousands of lines of code from already existing system. His impact on science and mathematics has been negligible. The guy has been good at sucking the money in his company, blowing his own trumpet hard, and little else. He commands no respect whatsoever in the scientific community, who regard him as a useless gadfly.

Agree. I read "New kind of Science" thinking there would be some great insights. Nope. The guy did some interesting cellular automata bits, but nothing that deserved to be described as "New Science." He though that he was the only guy to see that dense complexity could arise from very simple instruction set. Guess he never heard of DNA.

Comment Dijon had IS attacks in 2014 (Score 1) 247

... and if you RTFA you would see he was offered 100 hrs community service, but he declined. So he had a soft exit and passed on it. Dijon had back to back IS terrorist attack in 2014 with people run down in the street and knifed. No way they are going have a sense of humor about his cute WIFI name; Kid deserved what he got..

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